Updated–Independent Humane Observer Elyse Gardner: Preliminary Report and Update

Independent Humane Observer, Elyse Gardner:

Elyse is a licensed court reporter and officer of the courts of the State of California, an equine science major, musician, and horsewoman. She is here for the horses. She represents the American public. As such Elyse is the only independent observer who does not have an ongoing or previous working relationship with the Bureau of Land Management. Elyse has no potential conflict of interest when writing reports for the public or making recommendations for this and current BLM roundups.

For the first two days of this roundup, in the midst of media day, protesters, and great public interest, Elyse was accepted in the humane observer status she’ was asked to perform by wild horse advocates and In Defense of Animals.  BLM rose to meet this new unexpected request and was initially gracious, providing  Elyse an up-close view to the “processing” (working horses into chutes, freeze branding, PZP application, health inspection, etc.).  However, her access suddenly decreased dramatically on Day 3 following some unfortunate incidents that she witnessed in the processing area on Day 2. After the crew was unsuccessful in pressing a frightened, very reluctant horse (Floyd, a 4-year-old blue roan bachelor stallion) to go into the narrow shoot after shaking flags at him (plastic bags tied to the end of sticks which make a very frightening sound and motion for the horses), slapping him with a blue paddle — including a couple of slaps to the face — pulling him via rope around his hindquarters, clapping at him, one of the contractors said to Elyse that he could get that horse in there in 30 seconds but wouldn’t do so in front of a camera. However, evidence exists that a “hotshot ” was used on Floyd following the video clip you see here.  He screamed, kicked out and did not move.

Elyse recognizes that BLM and the roundup contractors did their idea of what is best under the circumstances, which only goes to prove that the methods of horse handling employed during the roundups and subsequent processing are frightening and harsh for the horses even when everyone is doing their idea of what is best.   See the video of  this incident below, which speaks for itself.

Elyse was not surprised when she was denied access to the processing area the following day.P1020604-= Elyse Gardner

As a result Elyse has been told by Field Manager Jim Sparks that in order to be allowed access to the processing area, she would be required to sign the Individual Volunteer Services Agreement, which is a document of the Department of Interior: Bureau of Land Management of the United States. Upon signing this document Elyse would essentially be made a volunteer employee of the BLM for the duration of this roundup. This Agreement details that the release of any film, video or reports (i.e., any work product Elyse compiles) automatically becomes the property of the United States, constructively requiring Elyse to relinquish her rights over her work. She has declined to sign this document, thereby losing access to the processing area.  This is a tremendous loss for the horses.  Her ability to observe and to be a presence for them has all but been removed.

Elyse’s objective remains to be the eyes, ears, and voice for the horses. Elyse was granted full access to the processing area for the first two days of the roundup when media and larger numbers of observers were present.

Currently Elyse is allowed approximately 30’ closer than the general public on ‘greasewood knob’ which overlooks the corrals. However she is still 150-200’ from the horses being processed and cannot see well enough to observe all the horses and humans in that area. At this time (11:35am) band stallions have been put together and are fighting in the corrals.

Elyse’s concern remains getting to see the incoming horses from the helicopter drive as soon as they arrive, or within ten minutes to assess their condition as well as being allowed to observe horses being processed.

Conquistador and his mare

Conquistador and his mare

BLM officials had stated they would “do what they can” to give Elyse closer access to observe these horses. This turned out to be meaningless. Knowing Bolder and his band had been driven 10 to 12 miles down the mountain in 90 degree-plus heat, Elyse was eager to confirm the Cattoors’ representations that these horses are not “run” down the mountain. However, she was not permitted to get within clear view of these  incoming, exhausted horses to document respirations, sweat, or injuries to foals or adults. She was not permitted to see the processing of horses except from a distance.  In fact, the small group of wild horse supporters were never told the horses were being processed until Elyse asked about the sound of a pawing horse.

She was given the same opportunities to view the horses as anyone else; thus BLM thumbs its nose at the “humane observer” desigation.  After Cloud’s capture at 4:00 p.m., the Wild Horse and Burro Program Chief, Don Glenn, escorted Elyse out into the Greasewood area where all Elyse could clearly see were three cowboys sitting on top of the fence where the newly arrived horses were, a very inappropriate behavior when in the presence of wild horses, newly arrived or otherwise.  They were sitting on the fence talking, seen through Elyse’s zoom lens.

When she would ask, “I renew my request to get close enough to observe, to do my job,” she was told by Montana Field Manager Jim Sparks, “You know what you need to do,” urging her to sign the “volunteer worker” agreement. The only close access this humane observer was given today was first thing in the morning when the public walk-through was conducted.

The following is a preliminary report:

For a multitude of reasons it is clear the BLM is doing its best to make this an exemplary roundup.  This only proves the point that roundups are dangerous and destructive to horses and their families. The BLM and contractors are trying to make this a good roundup, but ugly things happen and they don’t want Elyse to see it; they don’t want us to see it; they don’t want Elyse’s presence to remind them that the world is watching.   Nevertheless,  An independent humane observer must be present at every roundup of our American wild horses.

BJ Star in chute 9.5.2009

BJ Star in chute 9.5.2009

Blotting wound

Blotting wound

BJ Star or “Sand,” daughter of Red Raven and Blue Sue with a scraped face. The crew blotted the wound with a cloth

Great Star (b. 2006) came out of the chute window and was hung up. This is ten minutes after another horse in Trigger’s band did the same thing. Great Star was obviously shaken up after the ordeal. He was allowed to rest for a time before going through again. This second video shows a horse moving through the chute.

Ichilay with rope around neck in chute 9.5.2009[/caption]

Freeze brand on grullo

Freeze brand on grullo

The APHIS veterinarian on site touched horses with the butt end of a whip while they were confined in the chutes.  He states his concern that the horses might injure themselves (by kicking out or otherwise struggling) and explained that he aims to distract them.   Elyse observed that the foal was quiet other than whinnying, calling anxiously for mom.

Dr. Thompson pokes black

Touching black foal with butt of whip

Dr. Thompson pokes grulla

Touching young grulla

On Friday, September 4th, “Media Day,” the temperatures down low were in the high 90’s (f), and the helicopter was grounded before noon because of the heat. On Sunday, September 6th, the temperature was about 97 f and the helicopter went back up to the mountaintop after the first group came in to continue bringing horses all the way down the mountain until 3:10pm.
Flint, Jasper and Feldspar in the rear of the group

Flint, Jasper and Feldspar in the rear of the group

These methods went on with Floyd for over 15 minutes. The woman swinging and slapping with the blue paddle is a BLM employee who has been with the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program and processing horses for 28 years.

Shortly after this short video was taken, an electric cattle prod, a “hotshot,” was used on Floyd once that Elyse could see.  Hotshots are said to cause “significant pain” (Wikipedia).  One member of the crew had told Elyse, “I can get that horse in there in 30 seconds , but I won’t do it in front of the camera.”  He said he wanted to use a “hotshot.”  When he later used it, Floyd cried out and kicked, but he did not move forward any further.  We have no way of  knowing how many times Floyd was hotshotted or on how many other horses it was employed because Elyse was denied this level of access the day following these videos.

The contractors, the Cattoors, are skillful with their helicopter and appeared to be bringing the horses in as gently as possible in this uusal roundup so scrutinized by the media and Amercan Public.  Nevertheless, with no humane observer(s) up on the mountain, we can only see the helicopter on the final approach to the pens and have no way of knowing what the horses experience on the long trek down the mountain other than to document their condition.  The horses often suffer exhaustion and injuries from such unusually long and pressured treks. One horse colicked, another seized up (“tied up”), and most all the foals were so footsore they could barely walk even days after being released.  A veterinarian treated the colicking and “tied up” mares.  Both appear to have recovered from their marathon ordeal.

Fiesta, Cassidy run in among others at 3:08pm

Fiesta, Cassidy run in among others at 3:08pm

The video below shows Cassidy’s respiration rate, a 1997 mare, 32 minutes [correction] after coming down the mountain and waiting in the corrals. This was one of the few times Elyse was given access to new arrivals within 15 minutes.  Cassidy and her 11-year-old band stallion, Stiles, are slated for removal.

Fiesta (a four-year-old bachelor) was in the same group as Cassidy, arriving in the corrals at 3:08pm. The video below shows his respiration rate and stress level  35 minutes later [correction]..

Photos/Video by Elyse Gardner except where noted.

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  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    See this link for an article entitled, “New EU Rules May End Slaughter of American Horses.” It discusses the desire of the end-users of horsemeat to have sort of an organic eating experience rather than ingesting horsemeat from horses who have had various shots and treatments. This subject is very technical both from biology standpoint as well as political standpoint, however, I think that basically unless Mexico and Canada provide some response or other, they will be “cut off” from the market in EU. EU would accept only zebra meat — oh I remember I heard this on radio on the wild horses issue last week — people were talking so fast you had to have a background in the subject to follow, but the Mustangs might be more appealing than domestic horses for slaughter because they haven’t been getting shots. Maybe BLM knows the market is about to dry up and wants to get as many in the pipeline as they can before it is too late. See article at:


    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Apparently Canada is on board with a 180 day quarantine agreement.

      This may be why the horses are going to Nebraska instead of south.

      Maybe they are headed for Canada.

      Who will follow them.

      All our hearts will follow them.

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Dr. Thompson does not look well.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      The problem I have with Dr Tompsons explanation was that he was seen “poking and prodding” the horses through the wall and only stopped when he realized his actions were being photographed.

  3. Morgan Williams Says:

    A rope pulled tight, lifting the head but not the neck along with it, at the base of the skull can collapse a horse’s windpipe. The damage may not be evident immediately until the horse is release into the wild at a gallop and starts to suffocate. Some vet they have on hand. Has anyone seen his license to practice veterinary medicine?

    Every person involved is being paid in money obtained from illegal activities and bloodshed. Nothing good can ever come from these earnings.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Horse people on this blog like you can enhance info about horses we need to know like you have done. Thank you.

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        I took another look at the photo to make sure I wasn’t talking out of my hat. The rope appears to be in a slip knot. That is a lot of force and choking action going on. Even if it was just a loose rope (2 ends being held by the handler), the rope is going straight up with jerky thrusts to hold in the horse from bolting out the chute’s window. The rope could then be ripped under the horses neck, cutting the flesh as the horse bolts when the chute is opened. A horse is strong, but a windpipe can handle only so much force.

        However, I don’t want to undermine the person who wrote the update on the blog in the statement “The crew was remiss in not using the neck rope initially.”. I am just speaking from what I know of the equine anatomy, my training and from years of experience. I would not want to add any needless pain to the Cloud Foundation by second guessing their words. The neck rope method could be viewed as the lessor of two evils: breaking a leg from fearful jumping out of the chute or held in place by a cotton rope. It is the inexperienced, uncaring, self absorbed, “do what’s good for me” handler that makes all the difference.

        The focus now tonight is that all observers have been suddenly barred, Cloud & his band are in captivity and no one knows what band was being herded yet after the viewing ban was enforced.

        Dear God, please help.

    • Anne Says:

      hi my comment is: Interesting what you say about the rope causing damage to the windpipe;

      my first impression of this pix when I first looked at:

      I was appalled ! then I was worried; today I am angry

      no horse would escape from the “chute IF they would keep the windows and doors in the chute closed:

      in the great star scrambles thru chute video; looks as if “Dr. Sanford left the chute open purposely !

      so the great star would try to jump out case in point


      how stupid ! anne 1951 usa

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Right On (as they used to say in my time).

    Dr. Thompson must be on locoweed

  5. Julianne French Says:

    I am so shocked. Even knowing the humane observers were there, they choke the horse with the rope and the vet harass and pokes the horse. That alone is against the law. Then the animal, tauted and frightens jumps out the chute.

    What’s with the noisy chute. Was it built for deaf wild horses? Obviously not engineer with a brain would have built that noisy contraption for wild horses? It provokes the frighten animal. What are they thinking. They should not be allowed to use that electronic chute. Stop it now!

  6. Christine Says:

    Well, now I know exactly why my mustang was so nervous around men, God rest his soul.

    • Anne Says:

      yeah; too bad; the very people who claim to be protecting these magnificant mustangs…

      actually cause Traumatic stress to these great horses

  7. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    I just finished re-mailing all the persons on the links given by Ginger. I hope it does a little good. My fingers are getting very good at typing again. As an 81 year old with arthritis, I still think I could choke that Vet?!!

    I am going to hug my horse tightly today. Its a little hard as I don’t see any responses from the many friends I have e-mailed. I also put at the bottom to let me know if they did not want me top email about this situation.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      You’ve got good friends here, all pulling for Cloud & the Pryor Herds. We care. I am with yah girl.

      You remind me so much of my Mum. Even with her arthristis and bad legs, she would have been all over that vet like flies on manure. Mum is in Heaven, doing everything again that she missed when her body was good and healthy. My Mum was my greatest influence with love for God’s creation and advocacy for the Mustang.


  8. Morgan Williams Says:

    Wish Floyd would of had a little more room, so he could kick high enough to give the female BLM worker a good “swat”. Knock some sense and respect into her.

    All those jokers standing around chuckling, while horses suffer without an ounce of mercy.

  9. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    Thanks, Morgan. I guess it takes us old retirees with time to spare to put up a howl about this awful happening. I guess I’ll just keep writing and writing.
    My horse rode very well today. She didn’t even try her usual “let’s run away” thing.

  10. humane observer update- day 6 « The Cloud Foundation Blog Says:

    […] Read Elyse’s preliminary report here  […]

  11. sabinalouisepierce Says:

    my PMU foal came out of the meat brokers hands in Canada had a hot shot used on her several times at the auction house in the ring and before and afterwards that i saw , who knows how many times before?.. She is 11 now and deftly afraid of trailers and dosn’t like men.. go figure!

  12. downhomesunset Says:

    -That mare breating so hard and fast-I have never seen any of my horses’ breathing like that but we dont gallop for 10k either! We do go riding in the rocky mountains in Alberta but we always give our horses several rests on the way up and stop for lunch (us and them) at the top!. We take thier bridles off and hang them on the saddle horn and tie thier lead ropes loose enough to graze easily but not too loose to trip.This is sometimes with groups up to 40 and we havent had a horse walk away yet. perhaps they enjoy the peace, tranquility and view as much as we do!

    -that vet cant be more than a days worth drive for me-Im gonna tie him in a chute with a stranglehold and poke him with the butt of a whip-anyone want to come? I did not observe anyone giving the horses a local before they freeze branded them….did I miss something? When I had my mare freeze brandedthe vet gave her a local and then cheerfully chatted about her and my other girls untill he was sure it had taken hold..

    -why freeze brand under the mane? so that they can gallop them all down again, terrify them into the chute, crush thier windpipes so they can flip up the mane and go” oh you can let this one go!”? I know it is not as esthetically pleasing, but why not do thier upper forearm so that they can see it before they chase the horse or even a whole band down to just let them run up again? I do not need to ask anyone if they think this is stupid, IT IS STUPID!

    The whole thing is stupid and I cannot type anymore because I am just seething……

    • Anne Says:

      they do that so they can “shave the mustangs mane;

      this gives the BLM a feeling of power and authority;

      I would do the freezebrand on the hind quaters?

      ps I looked at a pix of a poor Mustang mare;

      a. her mane was shaved b. she had a huge freezebrand on her mane which marred her beauty
      c. she had a green platic rope with a metal tag on her

      Truthfully? The pix reminded me of WWII “atrocities…

    • Anne Says:

      they do that so they can “shave the mustangs mane;

      this gives the BLM a feeling of power and authority;

      I would do the freezebrand on the hind quaters?

      ps I looked at a pix of a poor Mustang mare;

      a. her mane was shaved b. she had a huge freezebrand on her mane which marred her beauty
      c. she had a green platic rope with a metal tag on her

      Truthfully? The pix reminds me of WWII for mustangs

  13. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    mimicking the way mares will quiet foals by nuzzling them.
    How can you mimic a nuzzle with the end of a stick???
    I’ll give him 1/2 of the “benefit of the doubt.”

    • Anne Says:

      that is Dr. Richard Sanford; he also shoots mares; (even if the mares are late gestation so dr. sanford shoots: “two…two…two mustangs in one !

      question: when Sanford hauls the magnificant mustangs he has shot “point blank”; including the late gestation preg. mares;

      ya think sanford gets 60 shekcles of silver instead of a mere 30 sheckles? does sanford get “an extra 30 sheckles of silver from the rendering plant:


  14. John M. Hutcheson Says:

    I am an Infantryman of long service and have got to say that this removal on the Pryors ranks right up there with the end of WW I when the government would not provide transport for the horses home and soldiers had to lead their friends to the trench and shoot them in the head.

    The problem, as I see it, is that the BLM is an agency that works to
    accomodate comsumptive users: mining, oil, gas, grazing, timber and the
    horses don’t fit in that sphere so they have no place at the table and lose
    out. BLM is the literal “fox in the hen house” and the horses are the

    In the BLM’s sign on Pryor Mountain are the words:
    “Report Violations of Injury, Harrassment, Death or Removal to the Billings Field Office.” Right now they themselves are inflicting injury, harrassment, death and removal in violation of the very spirit of the law Congress passed. And as evidenced in their testimony in the Colorado Court proceeding, they consider themsleves above the law.

    BLM would not wait even after Congressman Rahall of West Virginnia and Congressman Grijalva of Arizona, asked them to do so until the GAO report could be presented to Congress. Their specious rationale for the removal on the Pryors will not stand up to the light of day that only the media can bring to bear.

    The Pryor herd is acknowledged from all quarters, read National Geographic, February 2009, as a genetic gem, so from a public relations standpoint alone the smart move would have been to leave the Pryors alone. But they just are hell bent for leather to make one size fit all, to kill them all and to show us that they can exercise power.

    If we do not collectively band together as horsemen, the only place you will be able to see a wild horse in the near future will be either in the pages of old issues of National Geographic or in the death camps BLM is
    running (where they are holding an estimated 30,000 head)…that is until
    they can send them all to slaughter.

    Do not underestimate the power of your letter to Congress, your financial contribution to The Cloud Foundation, and your voice.


  15. Humane Observer Preliminary Report Updated « Says:

    […] Observer Preliminary Report Updated By thecloudfoundation New videos, photos and information added to the Independent Humane Observer’s preliminary repo… This was possibly the most watched, most scrutinized roundup that BLM has ever done and still, so […]

  16. Dale Goodrich Says:

    Legal action is the only way to stop abuse. I will donation funds to start a law suit against Cattoors’ group. If we put a helicopter in the air and run a wild animal 10 miles we would be shot down and put on trial for animal abuse. So why aren’t they being held accountable?

    • Anna Says:


      A criminal lawsuit has been filed ! against the BLM for:

      “Cruelty to Animals; based on: “not providing Hay to sick or injured Mustangs; instead lets them “die in sandpits…

      Illegal 100% ! BLM…You are going “down…your ship sunk!

  17. jan sterling Says:

    was watching glenn beck on fox news tonite – boy he told it the way it is in washington – they all have their corrupted agenda and to h____ with the rest of us americans – the only way to clean up washington and get it back on track for the people is get rid of the crooked people in govt frm president on down – i emailed him and asked if he could have fox news post any info about the blm and their illegal wild horse roundups – he sure told it like it was and now the way washington wants us to think dont think they want us to think anymore either

  18. Char Says:

    Uranium, is it holding our wild horses hostage and who is behind the plan?
    Nor would we cast aspersions on a company that holds the rights to explore for uranium throughout the Pryor Mountains because it’s parent company is owned and operated through a convoluted trail that points to a middle eastern firm with dubious connections where the company officers/advisors are already in trouble with world-wide trade commissions for stock scams and multiple other violations of law.
    Gosh, the thought never entered our minds.
    But we do raise our eyebrows at the fact that when this uranium mining company begins to make sounds that it may want to conduct aerial seismographic surveys over the Pryor Mountains the BLM suddenly deems it necessary to round up all of the wild horses in the area for an alleged much needed gather, something that they have not done in over a decade (the American public is banned from their public land during the round-up, something to hide?). And why, because of over grazing and the horses, allegedly, are suffering for it. All of this in light of the fact that it has been graphically documented that the horses are in good health, the area is not over grazed and the BLM’s own studies are riddled with multiple errors and if challenged in a court of law could be found to be illegal.
    Yes, we do have a problem with this, and so should you.
    So let’s step behind the bar, mix-up this entire concoction up and see what we come up with. Yum yum, we bet it tastes pretty special to some people but to others it will have a distinctive odor about it.

    The BLM mixes a deadly concoction for our native, American Wild Horses
    First, let’s mix in one part BLM, the agency that is charged with protecting our wild horses yet indiscriminately decides to conduct deadly stampedes to corral and then sell them off for next to nothing to killer buyers who truck them down to the brutal slaughter houses in Mexico where they can make a ten-fold profit; tasty little morsel, there. (Let’s ignore the fact that they now have over 30,000 wild horses confined and living in pens that they wanted to kill, last year, yet they continue to gather more)
    The next step is to pour in equal amounts of a company called Skyline Uranium Corp. formerly known as Uranium Mining & Exploration Projects that is owned by a parent company referred to as Fortress Financial Group, Inc. which engages in issuing prepaid debit and credit cards and was formerly known as the Great West Gold Inc. which itself was recently acquired by Moneyworx, Inc. through a reverse merger transaction while the company officers work on the staff of one of the biggest law firm/companies in all of the United Arab Emirates. Phew, did you catch all that?
    Now pour in a generous amount of the U.S. Federally owned Pryor Mountains, formerly rich in uranium and gold , and shake vigorously.
    Don’t forget to crush in some tree hugging do-gooders, strain out a few wild horses and garnish it with just a slice of bribery and then pour this concoction over a heaping pile of ice cold elected officials, wow…what a drink; a true recipe for collusion and corruption. One that is already in the glass and being toasted by the covert, limited parties involved. Mighty tasty, eh?
    Now we are not postulating, here, that imbibing of this beverage is either right or wrong; but we do think that because you, the American public, is paying for the bar tab you should at least be aware of what you are paying for, it’s only fair.
    If this tastes good to you, then pull up a stool, take a sip and lose your soul.
    If it smells like horse poop to you, and it should, pick up the phone, hammer on the key board and let your opinion be known.

  19. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I never want to forget any of this. mar

  20. Gail Salatrik Says:

    Why aren’t all the horse lovers out-raged about what the BLM is doing??
    Can’t understand why after rounding up 30,000 horses or more, they continue to round-up. Didn’t they(BLM) want to euthanize these very animals due to their mis-handling of funds and not being able to feed them all? They should be rounded-up and hotshotted where it would do the most good and I think you know where that is. It breaks my heart to see what is going on.

  21. Radio Show Interview & Update on Horses Removed « Says:

    […] and the work of so many to keep these 4 bands together in addition to the bachelor stallion, Floyd.  Conquistador is with his mare, Cavalitta, and Shane, Bo and Trigger are with their mares. […]

  22. Anita Colman Says:

    hi Elyse,
    I commend you for your work on behalf of wild horses.
    Have you tried to reach out to any celebrities to help with the campaign against the roundup? Robert Redford comes to mind.

    Have you contacted PETA?
    thank you for all your good work,

  23. Anita Colman Says:

    Hi Elyse,
    I just thought of another celebrity that might help with a campaign to oppose the round up of wild horses. The ASPCA use a song by Willie Nelson in a very moving tv commercial about unwanted animals in shelters. I’m guessing he donated the rights to the song because he supported the organization,.

  24. Cathy Kindsfather Says:



    Our beautiful wild horses……. : ( …….BLM is a monster.
    When I see them in these videos, they look like sub human people, same as the evil cold beings in industrial farming of pigs and other animals seen on peta films abusing animals. Scary folks. We must keep working and praying to save our wild beauties!!! Thanks to all who are active in the cause.

  25. Cat Kindsfather Says:


    Thank you so much. A whole lot of education there! I think this is the link I followed a fe days ago that gave account of horrors in the past. This mail just came, agan, from Word Press via cloudfoundation.
    The foals left alone in field for 3 to four days and mares aborting during round up as it was done during foaling season. I think this was in 2006 0r 2008. I will check it again. Also they hog tied foals and left them in the hot desert alone!!! I saw the photos and the vet confirmed this. Many died or were close to death. ANd Salazar says we should not demonize???

    Thanks again for broadening my education and further dislike for the agencies that are involved in these horrors.

    Cathy / Cat

  26. diane lee Says:

    I am apolled, hurt, discusted with the blm and how they are being paid and allowed by the government to kill our wild horses and heritage. why aren’t they rounding up the bobcats, the mountain lions… no not them either, they are all gifts from god. i ask god to interveen. and he will. you know dam well that more than half of these horses will die, be uthenized or be sold to other countries. i wrote congress, no comment, no humane response, its about money, greed, and more money and greed. divided we will fall, fail and die. why do they want to eliminate wild horses. they have been around for thousands of years, check it out. another thing, why is the government denying pickens to sancturize these magnifcent animals to save them. why. i am sick to my stomac about it, and more. i grew up mostly in northern nevada, owned a horse, they all have their natures life, how can they destroy that. they were our work force, they were our transportation, they rode us through wars, they are our heritage, they worked on our ranches. they can live without us, the select few, we can’t let them go forever. please help, please say yes to pickens, gracious and earnest help they want to do. they want to save our wild horses on their own land, don’t let them be extinct. i would help if i could.

  27. diane lee Says:

    I am apolled, hurt, discusted with the blm and how they are being paid and allowed by the government to kill our wild horses and heritage. why aren’t they rounding up the bobcats, the mountain lions… no not them either, they are all gifts from god. i ask god to interveen. and he will. you know dam well that more than half of these horses will die, be uthenized or be sold to other countries. i wrote congress, no comment, no humane response, its about money, greed, and more money and greed. divided we will fall, fail and die. why do they want to eliminate wild horses. they have been around for thousands of years, check it out. another thing, why is the government denying pickens to sancturize these magnifcent animals to save them. why. i am sick to my stomac about it, and more. i grew up mostly in northern nevada, owned a horse, they all have their natures life, how can they destroy that.

  28. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    I actually called the congress persons phone #. It was a pleasant surpirse. The phones were quickly answered by a REAL person. They listened to my pleas for H.R. 503 (which will be voted on again in early Feb.) and they took my name and were very nice. I think maybe phoning is a way to go.

  29. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    I have to say that when I got an e-mail from this site about a new comment and went to the link provided, I thought it was all old stuff as the September comments came up first. Maybe it would be better to have the newer ones first and we can back track to the original ones. I’m not really dumb, but I did miss several comments by closing it out when I saw the old dates!

  30. Gail Salatrik Says:

    It is a real shame that we, the people are paying for these round-up with our tax dollars, but can’t have a say in what’s being done to our magnificent wild horses. And to think money doesn’t talk, or pay people off { money from the cattlemen, oil industry and loggers}
    I have sent my letters to the president,blm & senators. We don’t even know if they read them or not.

  31. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    And here is what one person did to win the trust of a Mustang.

    “Just wanted to let everyone know that Texas Equestrian Center
    (www.texasequestriancenter.com) now has both 2008 & 2009 Extreme
    Mustang Makeover Reserve Champion, Clint Bailey, training at the farm
    along with dressage trainer, Mimi Danko Burch, 2009 SWDC PSG Champion.
    Clint actually won his title in 2008 by jumping his Mustang thru a
    ring of fire bridleless (after only a 120 days of training)! The
    competitors are given a wild horse (no choice is involved) and they
    have to win the trust, touch, gentle, break to ride and be ready to
    compete the Mustang given only 120 days. Clint’s amazing
    picture-perfect jump appears on the cover of The Extreme Mustang
    Makeover DVD and the footage appears on facebook. His home page is
    http://www.clintbailey.homestead.com More info is listed in the following

  32. Amsterdam Escort Agency Says:

    look forward to your incoming updates. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the extraordinary clarity in your writing. I will at once grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your business endeavors! Escort Agency Amsterdam

  33. Anna Says:

    I guess the stoopidest thing i ever read about the BLm doing besides rounding up healthy horses and saying they are thin is:

    The BLM rounded up the last SIX REMAINING WILD BURROS IN THE MOJAVE DESERT last year !

    How stupid can a group of adult men and women get ?


    so do you think the world is a better place with 6 less Burros in the Mojave desert?

    I think the world is a worse place with 6 less burros desert!

  34. Anna Says:


    • Anna Says:

      Correction: “Captive Horses die daily and the BLM wants to capture Thousands More…

      This is the article I wanted people to see; esp. the pics the “Foals lying in the hot desert sun with no shade! ps the pix of the “downed foals is pretty freaky! (if you cannot find article; contact R.T.Fitch)

      Captive Wild Horses Die Daily and the BLM wants to Capture Thousands More

      Posted by R.T. Fitch in Horse News, The Force of the Horse, Wild Horses/Mustangs. 24 Comments

      Commentary by R.T. Fitch – Author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart“

      Frustration Mounts as Captive Wild Horses Continue to Die under the BLM’s Care

      Captive Calico Mom and Baby – Photo by Elyse Gardner
      The number of deaths continue to grow as the captured Calico Wild Horses slip away one by one; there has been a death every day for the past three days.

      By their own reports the BLM states that a yearling male was “euthanized” due to poor condition from diarrhea and colic on the 6th. The 5th brought the death of a young male due to complications from the controversial gelding process and the 4th recorded the death of a yearling filly found “dead in her pen” from unknown causes. And the mares continue to foal, daily, in their crowded manure strewn pens with absolutely no protection from each other or the elements.

      In total the catastrophic death toll stands as follows:

      Fallon Facility 84
      Round-up Site 7
      Aborted Foals 39
      TOTAL 130
      It does not take many mental gymnastics to deduce that the recent deaths are exclusively the result of being held captive and the poor medical care being administered by the BLM’s unlicensed vet. These animals would still be ALIVE if they were left alone and free on their rightful land.

      By Nevada state law the agents of the BLM and their contractors would be brought up on animal cruelty charges. If not for the fact that Fed trumps State we would have on our hands an animal cruelty seizure case bar none. If the BLM held themselves to the same laws and standards that they require of the public they would all be placing themselves in jail for “chasing, harassing and removing wild horses” from their federally “protected” preserves.

      But the wild horse instrument of death and extinction, the BLM, runs without control, rule or logic. Their updated “gather” schedule has been released and they not only play with their own numbers but they plan on “Zeroing Out” as in totally destroying and forever removing from the face of the earth multiple herds.

      -Bordo (NM) – field office doesn’t report this many horses in HMA

      -Moriah – to be completely zeroed out as per BLM

      -Winter Ridge- to be completely zeroed out (see IDA alert: https://secure2.convio.net/ida/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1482)

      -West Douglas (CO) — this is the plan according to BLM despite Federal Judge’s ruling

      -Twin Peaks (CA) — BLM reports that population of mustangs has doubled in two years and burros have increased by over 20%/year

      We need, at the very least, a temporary moratorium on this madness and we need it now.

      The BLM proves, even to itself, that it is a broken system and this is not the way to manage our native wild horses. We need real numbers, real facts and knowledgeable people to guide and direct the best way forward to ensure the future safety and welfare of our iconic wild herds. This insanity needs to cease and it must cease soon, before all of the horses are dying in pens and none roam free on their rightful lands.

      We must stop this, now.

      Tentative 2010 Gather Schedule
      Herd Management Area Gather Date Planned Gather Number Planned Removal Number Office of Adminstrative Jurisdiction
      Burros outside
      HA or HMA 10/1/09 –
      9/30/10 45 45 AZ
      Murderers Creek
      FS & BLM 10/01/09 – 9/28/10 100 100 Ochoco National Forest
      Ligget Table 10/01/09 – 2/28/10 60 60 Prineville, OR
      Calico Mountains Complex 12/28/09 – 2/28/10 2,787 2,523 Winnemucca, NV
      Black Mountain 1/4/10 – 2/20/10 100 100 Kingman, AZ
      Big Summit – FS 1/14/10 – 3/10/10 15 15 Ochoco National Forest
      outside HA or HMA 3/10/10 – 9/29/10 50 50 Ely, NV
      Cibola 5/26/10 – 5/29/10 100 100 Yuma, AZ
      Black Mountain 6/1/10 – 6/4/10 155 155 Kingman, AZ
      Bordo 6/1/10 –
      6/10/10 147 147 Socorro, NM
      Owyhee 7/1/10 – 7/18/10 620 620 Elko, NV
      Confusion 7/13/10 – 7/18/10 230 200 Fillmore, UT
      Rock Creek 7/19/10 – 7/30/10 527 427 Elko, NV
      Stinking Water 7/1/10 – 7/6/10 100 60 Burns, OR
      Cold Springs 7/11/10 – 7/16/10 156 81 Vale, OR
      Moriah 7/20/10 – 7/22/10 72 72 Ely, NV
      Winter Ridge HA 7/18/10 – 7/24/10 200 200 Vernal, UT
      Hill Creek HA 7/25/10 -7/31/10 250 250 Vernal, UT
      Lahontan 8/1/10 – 9/30/10 68 58 Carson City, NV
      Jicarilla 200 200 NM
      Piceance/East Douglas HMA 8/1/10 – 8/11/10 340 300 White River, CO
      West Douglas Herd Area (HA) 8/13/10 – 8/16/10 100 100s White River, CO
      Devils Garden 8/2/10 – 88/9/10 200 200 Modoc National Forest
      Frisco 9/1/10 – 9/3/10 100 70 Cedar City, UT
      Conger 9/4/10 – 9/8/10 110 80 Fillmore, UT
      Twin Peaks

      8/11/10 – 9/21/10 302 205 Eagle Lake, CA
      Twin Peaks 8/11/10 – 9/21/10 2,301 Eagle Lake, CA

      8/20/10 – 9/30/10 932 746 Elko, NV
      Murderers Creek 9/22/10 – 9/28/10 100 100 Ochoco National Forest

      7 Worthy Opinions


      Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

      BLM employees face charges in 3 Wild Horse shooting deaths
      Rising Wild Horse Death Toll Story goes Mainstream, but with a Hitch
      Stress is Killing the Captive Calico Wild Horses

      24 responses to this post.
      Posted by Frank Mancuso on May 7, 2010 at 8:00 AM

      The BLM has oversight of the Gulf oil spill that eventually will kill millions of ocean creatures. It also has oversight of our public lands and is desperately seeking energy there. Our Mustangs aren’t much more then land creatures that happen to be in the way. The BLM is not an animal management agency it’s a land management agency. Our Mustangs must be managed by a animal welfare agency that trumps land management with authority to enforce the 1971 mandate and law.

      Posted by Laura Houston on May 7, 2010 at 9:00 AM

      your death numbers are the number BLM reported. need to add the dead mustang in the cattle guard and the ones they killed in the field during the helicoptor runnings, to the blm reported deaths.

      How many mustangs was Cartoor paid for to round-up during the past 10 years? Take that number and subtract it from the adoptions and holding pen number and thats how many they really killed .

      Posted by Morgan Griffith on May 7, 2010 at 9:44 AM

      Frank I am in total agreement with you. I cannot fathom that our WH&B will ever be safe from this large conflict of interest.

      Posted by Morgan Griffith on May 7, 2010 at 11:11 AM

      Think of all the gathers and all the deaths the BLM listed–then think of how many more there really were. Mind-boggling and sickening.

      Posted by savewildhorses on May 7, 2010 at 12:10 PM

      I really think the Fallon facility needs an intervention. I don’t understand why horses are not being treated, especially young foals and colts. As the heavy handed round ups are the only policy the BLM implements to manage our horses, it seems euthanasia is the only “treatment” the BLM vet does. I also need to know if the foal whose mother died has a surrogate or if they euthanized it. I am getting no answer out of John Neill. Sorry, but 2 people visiting for an hour on Sundays is just not cutting it.

      Posted by Lisa LeBlanc on May 7, 2010 at 1:03 PM

      At the risk of sounding pathetic (which is by no means how I FEEL), what exactly can we do? Storming the Bastille will get us arrested, and give truth to the lie that we are EcoTerroists. Appealing to the BLM & it’s governing agency, with facts & science in hand, is falling on deaf ears. It seems any Comments issued to field offices from Advocates are summarily round-filed.
      I have friends in Northeastern Nevada – NEVADA – who were unaware of the scope & devastation the Calico roundup caused; all they had heard or read about were the foals who were run until their hooves sloughed off.
      We seem to be contained in a bubble and not much information is getting out past Advocates, our sympathizers and the Bureau. For us, this is a national disgrace, a continuing abuse of power for special interests with no consequences or accountability.
      And no matter how ‘evil’ we may find the Bureau, there has to be at least one agent who finds this as reprehensible as we do.
      We need a broader media outlet (Good Morning America obviously AIN’T it). We need partners within the Bureau, who will take seriously the science & data Field Advocates have gathered. We need something more because we have little patience left.
      I want it all and I want it now.
      (Ok! That feels better!)


      Posted by Laura Leigh on May 7, 2010 at 3:27 PM

      The “science” from field advocates is being gathered.
      Spread the word about Herd Watch. We need support and volunteers in the field to do exactly what you are talking about.


      Posted by R.T. Fitch on May 7, 2010 at 3:56 PM

      Click the radio button on right column to learn more about “Herd Watch”

      Posted by Morgan Griffith on May 7, 2010 at 3:51 PM

      I know it feels like we are preaching to the choir but I can tell you that I know some really strong slaughter proponents and I was able to turn them around to our side. It’s slow but it’s coming. Too slow I agree

      Posted by Laura Houston on May 7, 2010 at 3:56 PM

      “I have friends in Northeastern Nevada – NEVADA – who were unaware of the scope & devastation the Calico roundup caused; all they had heard or read about were the foals who were run until their hooves sloughed off.””

      I agree most all the info over the past many years has been either filtered through the BLM (most all news stories) or sent to the BLM where we know they hate wild horse lovers and do anything they can to ignore them or deny access.

      The pictures and one youtube Vid of those poor lame colts was really about the only PICTURE of BLM abuse that got to the public view. rest is all hidden on blogs the public just doesn’t read or see. There are not enough uncopyright pictures of BLM abuse for people to USE to post in public. Words are not enough to help the public to understand. we need to show the public with pictures how very bad the BLM is.

      Posted by Frank Mancuso on May 7, 2010 at 2:55 PM

      Our hands are tied and our comments to the BLM fall on deaf ears. We must seek legislators willing to take our Mustangs away from the BLM and establish a Wild Horse agency (or wild life agency). We can effect elections. Our Mustangs must be managed by horse people not oil men.


      Posted by Lisa LeBlanc on May 7, 2010 at 4:35 PM

      I totally agree, Frank. There should be a single agency responsible for the welfare of the Wild Ones and the land they occupy, with no obligations to livestock or mining interests, simply responsibility for the Equines and the ranges they occupy.
      The Bureau has admitted they are stressed to the rafters with responsibility; they are not the Bureau of Wild Equine, Livestock or Wildlife Management. They are the Bureau of Land Management .There are agencies whose sole purpose is the welfare of wildlife or fish and game. There are agencies for national parks and forests. And I’ve been told there are agents in the Bureau who have tried to act on the Equines behalf, but it’s tough work, breaking traditions nearly a century old, and they get shut down.
      The Wild Horse and Burro Act has been amended a few times, not to keep current with multiple use but to chip away at the original intent. A specialized agency could possibly prevent Herd Areas from being parceled away; in-house and on-the-range research, specific to a particular Herd Area, could determine the ACTUAL health of that range and eliminate a blanket round-up schedule, saving the Taxpayer a chunk o’ change. Familiarity with herds and bands is essential to determining exactly how to reduce a herd, if in fact that herd is in actual jeopardy and not just annoying the status quo. And it would cost us no more than the historical amount of money already allocated to the Bureau, an amount the Powers seem unwilling to account for in terms of Wild and Captive Wild management. Yes, it costs to keep Equines in holding facilities. But how, exactly, is the money spent for those still on the range? (No vetting, grooming, supplementary feeding or range repair as it benefits the Wild Ones. So where the Hell is it going??)
      Forming a separate agency, however, would be about as easy as repealing the Mining Claim law. No one who benefits from current methods would want it.

      Posted by Valerie Wehmueller on May 7, 2010 at 4:24 PM

      Sometimes, I wonder WHY these people hate these wild horses so much!!?? Or, maybe, it’s us, the wild horse (actually, ALL horses!), advocates? Are they doing this just because of greed, or, is it pure hate & determination for them to “win” no matter what, & do exactly the opposite of what we want?? It’s almost like the more we protest, make our voices heard, & fight for our cause, the faster they continue to round the horses up, &, not care how they suffer or die. How can they (BLM, & followers), hate & despise a creature so wild, free & beautiful??


      Posted by jan eaker on May 7, 2010 at 7:16 PM

      Part of it is greed, part of it is they have been operating like this for a long time, without much getting in their way, so they are used to doing what they are doing with little interference. So, all the attention focused on them was at first, dismissed as not ever going to amount to anything.People would get tired and go back to doing whatever it is they were doing; I think they expected the scrutiny of the Cloud roundup, I don’t think they were expecting it to continue and increase for the rest of their roundups. However, I do believe that as more Americans find out about this, they are getting more calls, emails, comments, etc; lawsuits are being filed and they have to deal with them, I want to see what happens with the West Douglas ruling, becuase I am tired of BLM acting as if they are above the law, if any of us who own animals treated our animals as they do these horses, we would be facing jail time, why are they allowed to continue to do this and have no ramifications for their total disregard for basic horse care???? that is one thing that is frustrating me,
      They are still planning to let other offshore drilling start even after this total disastrous event in the Gulf, what Salazar and the present administration is thinking is beyond me. New reports from the workers who survived the blast and fire tell of warning systems that either failed or were turned off. A loophole in the law allowed BP to bypass having the equipment in place to deal with a total failure of the drill; AMericans need to understand what is going on with how OUR land, OUR horses, OUR wildlife and resources are being “managed.” All of this will affect our and all our children and grandchildren’s lives.
      If BLM/DOI is overwhelmed by the “managing ” of the horses, then let them stop this madness and help us come up with an agency/entity that will have the wild horses’ welfare as a priority.

      Posted by Morgan Griffith on May 7, 2010 at 11:34 PM

      I’ve always thought that it is because they are wild and free that the government hates these horses so much. Just like they try to squash us because we dare watch them and make them a focus–because we too are wild and free but they can’t gather us up so they take it out on those we love. The government just cannot tolerate anything wild and free–nothing can escape their power grasp and control. If they could only get the horses to stand in line and pay taxes then the gov’t would declare a victory–until that day the govt will continue to hate them and use them as a substitute for how much they hate us. Too bad get use to us we don’t quit.

      Posted by equus5 on May 8, 2010 at 3:09 AM

      Reminds me of the “freedom” speech around the campfire in the movie Easy Rider.

      Posted by jan eaker on May 7, 2010 at 7:59 PM

      Well, R.T. add another death today, a yearling gelding, euthanized because of a fractured leg, why will they not alleviate the horrible overcrowding in these pens?

      Posted by Laura Houston on May 7, 2010 at 8:01 PM

      This is so upsetting, with the BLM the quality of their management sucks.

      Their rejection and downright emotional abuse of the public they deem, ‘troublemakers’ is very troubling. They have a 40 year history about the same, only thing different in their management over 40 years!! is the HMAs are much smaller and the BLM is not directly running them off cliffs or shooting them.

      It may take a couple people riding their mustangs in big cities carrying a picture of dead wild horses in cattle guards or wrapped in barbed wire, to get noticed. To start changing before its to late.

      Posted by Laura Houston on May 7, 2010 at 8:13 PM

      How much is the costs now with just this one group? seems like they could have taken each and every youngster and placed it with a private trainer, paid the private trainer the full fees for train and board.

      By now for much less money had a nice healthy well trained, ready to ADOPT colt. Instead they spend gobs of money to give the wild horses- lesson after lesson in how humans scare you in all ways. Lessons in how to be a well trained slaughterhouse/feedlot horse.

      Maybe Obama will dump Salazar over the oil mess and someone who cares about the horses will get in before it’s to late.

      No wonder the BLM refuses to put up a cheap camera or 2..they are ashamed of the conditions.

      Posted by Verna Penny on May 7, 2010 at 8:14 PM

      I too feel overwhelmed. I call, write & email, call write & email. Still, nothing! I have done this for several different issues I care about and never have I felt so overlooked and dismissed as a constituent and citizen, as I do when it comes to the horses, be it the mustangs or slaughter. There is a better way, but it seems they – the Gov’t – wants no part of hearing about it. I do know my vote holds power and I fully plan to unleash that power on election day. I also agree about the photos. Yes, they are heartbreaking, but that is what it is going to take for those outside the circle to actually see what is going on. More media and more education. My local stations won’t even look at the issue because it is “not of local importance.” But, I keep sending them info anyway in hopes that someone who has the same passion we do will decide it is news worthy. Until it is over – I continue on – for the horses!

      Posted by savewildhorses on May 7, 2010 at 9:38 PM

      I think only 2 things can stop or slow down these round ups. A 60 Minutes/Frontline type of expose or individual lawsuits against each one of them. I think we need to go the Western Watersheds route and sue. They say the public comments have no impact whatsoever. Perhaps lawsuits as incessant as the round ups might get someone’s attention.


      Posted by Frank Mancuso on May 8, 2010 at 7:57 AM

      2 good points, media and Federal lawsuits, but a Senator willing to propose legislation to take them from the BLM and place them in the care of horse people would seal the case. May be a lawsuit to do just that without erasing the 1971 Act just removing the BLM.

      Posted by Anna on May 8, 2010 at 7:36 AM

      hello; i think the pix of hte mares and the 3 foals lying in the hot desert sun is :pitiful…to leave sick Foals to literally “lie out in hot desert sun with no shade ; no milk bottle and OBVIOUSLY these LIL FOALS ARE TOO WEAK to stand up to nurse; SO WHY DOESN’T BLM FEED THEM BOTTLED MILK?

      because the BLM doesn’t care how many foals perish; in fact they may be killing the foals purposely!

      even the HSUS say the Mustangs have to shelter FROM THE RAIN; WIND AND HOT BLAZING SUN

      Posted by Anna on May 8, 2010 at 7:38 AM

      ps in my opinion; the little foal in the foreground who’s Mother is lying over her protecting her: imo this little foal is “long gone; in other words this little foal “has died; you can tell by the foals mouth; if you magnify the pix of the foals lying in the hot desert sun placed there by the BLM; if you look at foals; mouth; you can see the foal has perished because teh foals mouth has already begun to Rot !



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  35. Anna Says:

    Update: the little foal in the pix of the 3 foals by Elsyse;

    In my non professional opinion; the Foal lying in front of his mother has already perished when the pix was taken;

    you can tell if you Magnify the pix and look at the Foal’s mouth; the foal’s mouth is either rotted or malformed;

    It is my opinion this Foal was born with a “malformed mouth and possibly malformed eyes; look closely at pix;

    The CAUSE of this Malformation of the Foal’s physical form:

    a. A deficiency of BetaCarotene; which causes poor eyesight
    b. a Deficiency of Thiamine Vit. B1 which causes weakness
    c. a deficiency of Folate; which causes “malformations…

    The no. 1 reason the Mustangs have these Nutritonal deficinecies in my opinion and which is why

    they cannot gain wieght; cannot gain muscles; are weak is




    The Long stemmed forage has BETACAROTENE
    short stemmed forage does not

    Compare short stemmed forage to white rice
    and long stemmed forage to brown rice

    everyone knows only Brown Rice retains Vitamins and min.

    so the BLM creates Nutritional Deficiencies in the Mustangs @ Fallon by feeding only;

    short stemmed Alfalfa; Orchard or Rye grass which is awful

    just like if you magnify the pix of the Foal and look at the foals mouth that is awful

    either the foals mouth did not form right so the foal could not nurse or the foal was too weak and could not nurse;


    whereas the Mustangs were healthy on the range previous;
    anne usa 1951 stop the madnesss..speak out; if you dare!

  36. Anna Says:

    yeah; nutritional deficiencies brought about by the Vet. feeding the Mustangs only ONE type of Hay; two at most

    which is a rather poor quality hay: orchard grass is;

    so until the BLM gets a better quality hay; the Mustangs @ Fallon will continue to perish; due to malnutrition;
    whcih causes the horse to not be able stand; “Malnutrition

    is making these mustangs sick; Native grasses are better !

  37. Anna Says:

    like for example Sanford said;

    lil one day had a fractured leg; he made this diagnosis

    without even looking @ the Foal; with no X-ray

    Sanford made the diagnosis of One day thru a Telephone !
    (even John Neill said: Sanford did not look at the foal 1 day

    how can they make diagnosis with no x rays ? crazy? imo a

  38. Shirley Says:

    Anna, I thoroughly agree with you that the BLM is crazy and wrong for rounding up the Mustangs (and Burros) ; But I think you are wrong in saying what the BLM is feeding. (I don’t mean that they are feeding good hay. It is probably old.)
    Rye grass has about 8 X the amount of Beta carotene as does Timothy hay. Rye grain is no good in nutrition.
    Alfalfa has Beta carotene also and is an extremely good feed. I have to say I have never heard of long stemmed and short stemmed hay. Not sure what you meant.
    Lack of Vit. A can cause weakness as well as eye problems as you said.
    I don’t believe Vit B9 (Folate) has ever been the link to malformation. With the exception of Human Moms who lacked it and it was linked to baby spinabifida.
    Those horses need to be out where they can pick and choose what the need to eat.
    (please help me on the short-long stem thing)

  39. Anna Says:

    I don’t believe Vit B9 (Folate) has ever been the link to malformation.

    wrong; a lack of Folate can cause genetic issues and a lack of Vitamin B6 in the diet can cause “Club Foot;
    Rye grass can contain Ergot; Ergot causes miscarriages; a.

  40. Anna Says:

    ps short stemmed hay is hay harvested before the seeds form in the grass stem

    long stemmed hay is hay harvested after the seeds have formed

    so short stemmed grass does not have seed heads

    long stemmed grass does; making nutritionla content high;

    ps BLM does not use Alfalfa and if its not the type of Hay

    then what would you say caused 90 mustangs to perish?

  41. Anna Says:

    I meant to say BLM does use Alfalfa: I never said Alfalfa was not good: I am for Alfalfa…

    I said RYE GRASS HAY is no good because Rye gets Ergot:
    (Ergot is a fungus causes miscarriages; found on Rye Hay;

    so the Rye Grass with Orchard is a bad combo for Mustang

    so why do other people think 90 mustangs perished; if not the Hay? Mustangs don’t keel over for nothing ya know

  42. Anna Says:

    ps this is because Rye Grass creates what is called: Rye Staggers or Staggers; where the equine walks off balance;

    this is caused by a fungus which lives in Rye Grass often…

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