Morning Star’s band rounded up

Morning Star's band on their way to water 6-2009
Morning Star’s band on their way to water 6-2009

The helicopter didn’t go out until later in the morning today and they have brought only Morning Star’s band down the mountain so far but the helicopter has gone back up for more. None of Morning Star’s family are to be removed. They ran these horses 10 miles down the reason in order to give the mares (Audobon b. 2000 who was given PZP as a young mare and then foaled for the first and only time out-of-season in Sept. 2007 due we believe to the PZP; Felina, a red dun mare; and Gaelic Princess, a beautiful three-year-old grulla daughter of Electra*). It costs $7000- $8000 to hire the roundup crew each day, regardless of the number of horses that they bring in and that it costs $275/dose of the 2-year PZP drug which can not be delivered via field dart.

*Electra, Cloud’s 12 year old sister, is slated for removal. In a double tragedy, this would leave her band stallion, Prince, alone.


25 Responses to “Morning Star’s band rounded up”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    . . . I know. . .and the toilet seats cost $600.00. Not to be cute, but I worked in finance for 12 years and I know that prices are negotiable. “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark,” on this one.

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    $8,000 a day to needlessly round up our publicly owned wild horses that are perfectly healthy living just fine in the wild that is egologically sound. Terrific. Now they are being honest about government waste after they testify in court about all the reason why round ups are neccessary. All the waste of taxpayers dollars during a time in America where unemployment is at 9.7%, thousands of families are homeless due to foreclosure, food pantries cannot keep up with the demand from the hungry, millions of American cannot afford to see a doctor, etc, etc, etc. Brilliant leaders we’ve got in this country. Just brilliant.

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    These horses must be preserved and managed in the wild.

    Dollar bills are not any rationale to destroy horses. Not destroyed so congress can look good by saving taxpayer money. That’s like closing the gate after the horse leaves the paddock, cause, baby, that train has left the station!!!!

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The money is moot. The horses are suffering. It could be worse/could get worse. We have to be strong if there are more betrayals. It is not over. The passion you feel to help must be put to the best use possible to help change all this insanity.
    Please consider going to Washington. We must do this before the entire nation. We can win there. Divided we have been ineffectual. This has not just begun. It has been brewing for years I do not know how many statements, comments and petition I have signed in 5 years. It made dents. It stopped some roundups that are coming back now to make up for lost time. They are shoving this down our throats. Progress is minimal. We must do more. We must go to Washington and stand up to them and stop this. Mar

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Please, tell the readers how we can join forces to march on Washington. How does such thing get organized? I know your going in the right direction, but how do we get there?


    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Yes, the monetary waste is secondary to the suffering going on this very minute with all wild & domestic animals all over America. Your point is valid. However, government waste (in time, money & effort) is a big issue to the thousands like me unemployed with no end in sight. Unemployment benefits are hard to get. Bills are unpaid. Food can’t be bought. Even low paying jobs are hard to find for professionals like me. Those employers don’t want to waste time on professionals still seeking employment in their field. I am trying balance my concern for man & beast right now. I know that keeping my thoughts outside of my own little world will help me survive my own hardships. I am using a friend’s high speed internet connection to stay abreast of the Cloud Foundation & the Pryor Mountains round up since last week ( in between relentless job searching).

      I hope this helps you understand my comment a little better.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      The reason money isn’t moot in this case is because people in Washington to the wo(man) have to justify expense in every single decision they made, every form a bill will take, especially now in the financial meltdown environment. Money is used as a weapon to shoot down good ideas, and these discussions get confusing and nasty in the sessions you can watch on the webcam. People who sponsor a bill can’t just sit there and feel good, they have to think on their feet, and use debate skills to decry the verbal flack about money and costs that comes out of the people who want to block the legislation in these issues. A committee will be very sensitive to a bill that cannot be justified as cost-effective. Money is definitely not a moot point in Washington. If this is to have a legislative ending for the good, the money(costs) argument must be made in a substantially convincing way to support the bill for the wild horses.

  5. Julia Scadden Says:

    How is that picture not isurprising? This whole ordial has ruffled my feathers.

    Have they not noticed that the PZP Drug is not helping? foals born out of season are not good.

    This just proves what America does to the native creatures that roam its country. Look at the buffalo and the Native Americans, what happened to them? They were pushed aside like trashed and killed off in hundreds/thousands. America would not be America without thses animals. I would pay thousands od tax dollars for them, to save them. To me, they are ruining teh repuation of our country and name as Americans.

    Can’t we open a park or some thing like Custer or Yellowstone and put them in it, with BLM fra away from teh managment of them? There must be a way.

    Our country is “managed” by idiots.

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Pretend there are no spaces; I am at; light print 1949 at earth link dot net. My blog is at www dot my space dot com / margo wolf. It will basically be the same info
    that is here plus some editorial/additional PMWMC news. But I want to see if people can come together and do what we need to do. Confront Washington and change the laws adequately to be sure the horses are safe for generations to come. I am unemployed but for my self appointed advocacy for wild horses, Buffalo and wolves, whales, the ocean, rivers, wildlife, Mother Earth, Etc. I am getting behind in things but this has taken the front burner. I have been an advocate since I was a girl who wrote to Wild Horse Annie and I stayed with the horses all my life. I am not sure how I can get money to drive to Washington and back but I think we can pair up people with money and those without. I understand where you are coming from about accountability and money for a horse budget. Yet, BLM would not be in the position they are if they had decided to leave horses where they were. They broke the budget against the wishes, made well known, of people like me and you. I am a journalist, self employed, a horse woman, sometimes employed, and many other hats I wear to make money, occasionally, on my own. Horses have shared my life and I have seen them coming back. I am glad. This is a fight we can win, and we will just do it, because we have the will to. Help we will find. Roger has been staying out of my way if that is possible in a 21 foot goose neck trailer with two cats. I have bald tires. But if we get new ones soon, I will be able to drive to Washington. There must be a person who coordinates the use of the National Mall in DC. I have not been there in over 50 years. I am 60. I believe in what we have to do. Mar

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      After listening to Ginger tonight on the radio, I am going to reign myself in to wait & watch for the next step. I have never been involved in any national issue or interest group this large. My best bet is to be learning from Ginger, Makendra, the Cloud Foundation people, Front Range Equine Rescue, Carol Walker, Valerie Kennedy, Elder Bogess, Chaiman Grijalva and other experienced people. God has a divine plan and is giving lots wisdom to the right advocates. Ego and pride will keep from gleening.

      You have brought up many good points.


  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Janet, I did not mean in relation to the bill. I am aware of the process. I am poor but I get things done because I work hard to accomplish what I set out to. The Interior Department has squandered money which will undoubtedly trip us up. But we are not asking for money yet. We want law. First. I doubt that we can ever expect much money, but we have much to accomplish. Money matters. But there will never be enough for everything. We may be lucky and start the ball rolling on a network of volunteers who can get up in the Pryors and make some catchment basins for water so the horses can use more of their range. Obama wants volunteers. So, Volunteer. Put yourself where your name and words go.

  8. jan sterling Says:

    what worries me is they will take the stallions and geld all of them or they will be shipped for slaughter – blm will not let people adopt older stallion – even if person wants it left that way – and as for reaching people without computers, back in the 1970’s when the first wave of protest was filed, people wrote letters, including thousands of school kids, well obama wants school kids to write him, let them write to their congressmen and the blm and protest like they did in the 1970’s – something must be going on with the media because i have not seen one report on the news

  9. jan sterling Says:

    i agree – i dont have money to donate – you will have to go after people who have the means and love horses and animals in general – lots of those in hollywood, but i am retired senior and i can write email – have emailed about 200 different people i dont even know – horse groups, artists, people i see on tv that i know care about animals – found 2 senators that vote for animal rights must be more – the internet can give you info like this but it will take people writing letters to representatives to get the word out – as for who is behind this, i would say people from the prior administration, they knew the oil and minerals were there

  10. Angela Sellitto Says:

    Could someone tell me more info about a trip to DC? I’ve been calling the BLM, the white house, the dept of the interior, and my senators. I have also used social networking (facebook) to spread the word. I want to do more though.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I don’t believe anything official has been formed to gather people for a march on Washington. It is a an idea that been posted multiple times on this blog. It’s a great idea that will take a really good organizer to pull it off.

      Just my thought here —- Perhaps, right now the focus is to stay on task with Ginger, the Cloud Foundation and The Front Range Equine Rescue. Keep calling the media to alert them & possibly get a crew out to witness the horrible crimes being commited against the Pryor Mountains Mustangs. The older stallions need to be release. No Mustang should be sold for slaughter. Young foals need to be considered “hands off”. As many as possible in the pens need to be released or available for adoption to the right folks. The media needs to spread the news of the illegal activities being done by the BLM, the waste of taxpayers dollars and WHO exactly our government contracts with to perform roundups.


  11. Lyn McCormick Says:

    I can’t be at the Pryor roundup site right now because I rescued 6 mustangs from the BLM pens 3 yrs ago. They live together, happily, with other domestic horses who we rescued for various reasons. We are in the process of training them as saddle horses because that is the best hope that they have for a secure future if its not with me for the duration of their life. I have been riding all of my life and training horses since I got my first horse in 1972. He was half mustang. It is not feasible to expect that the average horse person is going to be able to successfully train a wild horse, even with 90 days professional training, especially if it is a young or an older horse, for all the obvious reasons. Even with all of their training, I would turn our mustangs back into the wild if it was possible. It has been the most extraordinary experience of my lifetime career with horses. They are exceptional individuals.
    The big issue is, of course, keeping all of them in the wild by keeping the government accountable to us and the real science of managing wild horses, not the pseudo science tht suits their political agenda.
    So, I think everyone who has written to this Blog has great ideas. How do we unite under one umbrella and become a powerful force for change like other well organized factions ? If we have to fight special interests for what is rightfully ours then WE need to become a special interest group. I think marching on Washington about the time the ROAM legislation hits the Senate is a good start. Lets do it !

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Hat’s off!!

    • Anna Says:

      hello from Anna

      a very serious question since health and diet are correlated;

      since you say you are a Mustang owner etc

      What type of Hays would you say are best for a Mustang; and do you think just ONE type of Hay and nothing else; not even pasture: is nutrionally adequate; esp. if the Mustangs are fresh from the wild; woulnd’t the stangs require a varied diet ? anne

  12. jan sterling Says:

    thats why u need to set up a website and allow people to become members – i gave as an example that a friend did to get back a tv show

    he is the one who posted who to write to and how to do it

    people who loved jericho that got cancelled on cbs did the same thing – they got their show back

    you can set up a group for free on yahoo – call it savethemustangs@yahoogroups or something like that and have membership and that way you set up what to do and people to get in touch with – hard to do on here as its like a message board and you have to go thru it all – on savesurface, john set up different topics within the website so people could post their opinions on different subjects yet all related to the show – and john put in people to get in touch with and there was places for people to post pictures and stuff – so if someone wants to set up website to to savesurface and see how its set up

    my question is how do we get rid of salazar head of the interior dept – he is so anti horse, anti wildlife –

  13. jan sterling Says:

    was watching pbs last nite and saw a small clip for new show coming up on cloud in october – has ginger been able to get back up and ck on the horses and see how they are doing – worry about those little babies

  14. jan sterling Says:

    hi – found another person to email – so you all do it too – – he is on tv and loves wildlife – think he works at one of the zoos in the east – happened to see his show on tv today and emailed him

  15. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Just getting back on these posts. Mar

  16. Anne Says:

    What the BLM calls the Wild Mustang herds; are acutally little close knit familes beautiful living breathing mustangs
    terrible to see them being rounded up and genetics go ! aw

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