Humane Observer Preliminary Report Updated

New videos, photos and information added to the Independent Humane Observer’s preliminary report. This was possibly the most watched, most scrutinized roundup that BLM has ever done and still, so much went wrong for the horses. Click here to read updated report. 

Exhausted state of young bachelor stallions 35 minutes after entering corrals [correction in time].


2 Responses to “Humane Observer Preliminary Report Updated”

  1. Marlene Says:

    I came across the cloud foundation website by pure accident while I was at work on 8-25-09.I have been following this story everyday faithfully since then.As soon as I get to work and turn my computer on I check out what’s going on.Needless to say the tears come without warning and my day slips into depresion and sadness.I personally believe that with all this hype and everyone following this story from media,protesters and activist you also know that the BLM will be making alot of money off Clouds offspring as well.The people that will be at this adoption will most likely go for the foals and yearlings.I bet anything they’ll be some heavy bidders on them.It’s a real shame how you can rip these horses from their freedom,families,cause a public outcry to save them and no one listening(thanks President)! How much money does the BLM get out of this?Above and beyond the adoption fee?Would luv to know what’s in it for them.Wouldn’t you.I’m from Illinois and I’m thinking about taking the trip there just to see this fiasco in person and maybe voice my opinion without getting thrown in jail.

  2. Anna White Says:

    what is the BLM doing? anyone can see this poor horse is suffering from some type of exhaustion and is having difficulty breathing evidencesd the hind quaters and the nostrils being open; THIS WILL STOP !

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