humane observer access update- day six

Independent Humane Observer Elyse Gardner was granted increased access to observe horses being processed today after coming to an agreement with the BLM to sign a modified version of their Volunteer form that is now essentially a safety

P1020604-= Elyse Gardner

 release waiver . However, Elyse was not given the same level of access as she had the first two days of this roundup. She could not count the horses’ respirations, even through the binoculars that BLM suggested she use for her observations. 

The BLM did remove all personnel not essential for processing horses from the chute area today, and that is appreciated.

Read Elyse’s preliminary report here 


7 Responses to “humane observer access update- day six”

  1. Morgan Williams Says:

    Yipee! A modified agreement! Way to go Elyse! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Keep going Elyse. Hit ’em hard and hit ’em low. Get your way. The public needs your work.

  2. Nora Morbeck Says:

    Processing question/comment — While this may be a bit off topic, I’m curious about the contraceptive injection given to mares prior to release.

    What are the immediate ramifications of this shot? Some mares being processed may be pregnant. It doesn’t appear that they’re being pregnancy tested — which would be practically imossible on a wild mare. So, all mares are being given the contraception? Does the chemical cause spontaneous abortion? If so, what protocols are in place to assist mares that are miscarrying on site due to the contraceptive injection?

    On the flip side, what are the birth defects that this injection caused in foals carried full term?

    I caretake a domestic herd and am familiar with the “morning after shot” for mares accidentally exposed to stallions. This shot essentially causes miscarriage, so mares need to be monitored carefully after administration of the shot. It must be given within a few days of the exposure, as aborting a fetus after a certain stage in pregnancy presents dangers to mares.

    While there are certainly more pressing concerns at the moment with this round up, I think the BLM could be asked to explain to the public how these injections work and what the consequences are when given to already pregnant mares.

    Is there anything being observed on the ground with regard to this issue?

  3. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    Is there anything being observed on the ground with regard to this issue?

    Of course not. I think they would be happy if all the mares died or became infertile.

  4. Nora Morbeck Says:

    Shirley — I completely agree! It seems like the BLM and special interest groups (cattlemen, loggers, etc.) would be happy if there weren’t any more wild horses.

    I did a little research. If the information is up to date — the PZP injection seems “effective,” from the standpoint that it prevents most pregnancies and doesn’t appear to harm foals.

    Bad news? Which mares are getting the shot? How is that choice being made? Is the BLM responsible for herd genetics now — which lines are lost and which are perpetuated? It seems kind of “willy nilly.” I’d like to know what the plan is …

    Also, I read comments by Ginger about out of season births. This is a concern. Why are there newborn foals right now on the range? Is this the result of past contraceptives wearing off and mares going into season in mid to late summer?

    There are a few understandable reasons for late season foaling, but usually babies are born in the spring. Young foals usually don’t make it through hard winters.

    There doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing exactly how long PZP lasts, so there’s no way of knowing when wild mares may come into season for breeding.

    How do we keep remaining herds healthy and viable? Not that I’m likely to get any answers, but I’ll keep asking the BLM questions — along with making continued demands to release older horses like Grumpy and stallions like Conquistador.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Look for your ideas in the bill and see if they are there. If not, contact the people who sponsored, wrote the bill with your ideas:

      find the bill through this website (or any other like this you know of)

      I think if you look for the wording of H.R. 1018 (which they recently passed, you will have pretty much the whole bill.) However recent proposed amendments, etc. to the bill suggest it is being “watered down.” So far it is my understanding to support this bill “as introduced.”

  5. Mari Dickson Says:

    The roundup of the historic Pryor Mountain band of wild horses is yet another example of the callousness of the corrupt BLM. Where does this brutality begin?…..with Ken Salazaar (Secretary of the Dept. of Interior) or with the president, himself? After all, the president appointed the Secretary of the Interior and has every right to oversee his cabinet’s decisions.

    Personally, I could not adopt any Pryor Mountain horses, even for a nickel. They all have memories of their life in freedom. I could never look at one of these horses without feeling their so sorry for their domestic existence!!

    These horses live where even cattle do not graze. I would like to know the purpose for this roundup, other than the BLM’s agenda to rid the West of wild horses.

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    back on post, mar

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