Pleased to Announce the Roundup has been Stopped

The BLM has stopped the roundup early and will release some of the horses. The BLM has decided to take more of Clouds offspring. The BLM is not honoring our request to release the older horses. More to come soon.

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96 Responses to “Pleased to Announce the Roundup has been Stopped”

  1. Holly Says:

    I do not understand why they will not release these senior horses. What is their problem?????

    • Dawn Says:

      We have asked the same questions and we have not gotten any answers. All horses will be placed up for adoption. Any horse not adopted over the age of 10, will be placed up for sale. The sale authority doesnt limit of animals or what the animals are used for. The adoption and sale will be held Sept 26, 2009 Britton Springs.

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    Then the week old foal has escaped round up. I am very grateful, but, still….. the old stallions need to be release. Cloud’s entire band needs to be released. Heck, every single mustang should be busted out of those corrals. I know that’s not reality.

    The young foals with sore feet should be given some vet assistance before release. There are boots available, glued to fit the sole of the hoof that will fall off naturally.

    You have my admiration Ginger, the Cloud Foundation, The Front Range Equine Rescue, Carol, Valerie, Elder Bogess, Elyse, all the faithful equine partners and all others on location giving tireless efforts since September 1st. I can’t fully imagine how tired, dirty and hungry you all must be. I have been in similar situations and can empathize.

    Eagerly waiting,


  3. Cynthia Says:

    I’m in tears. I am relieved that no more horses will be round up but at the same time I am crying for the horses in captivity.
    Great work to Ginger, Makendra, RT Fitch and all those involved, as well as everyone who cared to place a call. We must not give up and work to get all horses released as well as stop all other round ups slated on their agenda.

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    No more horses run down the mountain is good news. The old horses we will keep fighting for. It is not over. We will not give up. As long as you have them to there I know you will keep trying to change BLM officials minds. Good luck , Mar

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    No more horses run down the mountain is good news. The older horses we will keep fighting for. As long as you have them to there I know you will keep trying to change BLM officials minds. Good luck , Mar

  6. Pat Hite Says:

    Any ideas on who else to contact? Obama’s line is usually busy, but I did get through. Is there any reason to contact other animal rights groups (I know PETA is on board) or anyone in the BLM?

    So now, not only has Cloud’s fame not protected him, but they’re also decimating his family. Vindictive bastards.

  7. Rhoda Cullum Says:

    They need to be made to turn every horse free. Seems as tho their trying to single out Cloud and his family for distruction. And how can Cloud ever build his family back when the blm are chemically sterilizing all the mares and thats just not right. We need to have a roundup of employees of the blm and treat them the same way.

  8. Linda Hanick Says:

    My sentiments exactly Pat! We just have to stay focused.
    I talked to Sen. John Tester’s office–they had “had a few calls.” Tourism is the #2 industry in Montana, and I suggested that this publicity wasn’t doing much positive for that, particularly in this poor tourist year. (I also emailed the Montana Lodging Assoc and the Billings Chamber of Commerce. I lived in MT for many years, and it’s another world up there.) I also called Sen. Udall’s office from my state–his uncle the Sec. of Int. set up the Pryor range originally. They were NOT familiar with ROAM, but I gave the call to action to both Senators. Thanks for the talking points Ginger.
    Whoops–I just received an email from a reporter at the Billings Gazette–he is interested in the Lame Foal video. He wrote the first article in the Gazette, and I suggested he find out “the rest of the story.” (Paul Harvey was really big when I lived there.)
    Will go call him. There’s still a lot of work to do out there.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Yipee! Woohoo! Way to go cowgirl! Fantastic work with the reporter from the Gazette. Do you think the reporter can get the video to Montana TV news media? Great angle on the tourism. Wyoming should care too (about tourist knowing what is happening to the Mustang & burros) with all the money they sunk into advertising this summer.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Don’t forget Montana has passed a bill allowing foreign firms to bring equine slaughter facilities into the state. This just happened within the year. You can check on this at and other issues and legislation.

      I can’t imagine they really think tourism is a big deterrent on this. Though they may be wrong!!

  9. Winnie Says:

    This has been a very sad and emotional week for all of us. I’ve been crying and praying daily for the safety of the herd and the amazing team that is fighting for their freedom. I am also praying for a miracle that they will all be released back to where they belong.

    I am doing all I can contacting my senators and representatives but am most anxious to hear about the the options and the Freedom Fund to keep the bands intact. I am fully committed in supporting it.

    Thanks to everyone for their commitment, it does bring some comfort that there are still a few remaining that do care and will not give up.

  10. Christine Says:

    Is there any count on how many horses were taken? Is anyone going to ride the range to find out how many were killed, or foals left behind?

    I’m relieved they stopped…just as my email is finally working properly again, dammit. I could receive, but not send out.

    On Mrs. Perkins – last month on Coast to Coast AM she said she was looking for a million continuous acres, preferably donated by individuals, in order to setup her ‘sanctuary’. I dunno, if she’s not even rescuing horses she could rescue with the land she has NOW…maybe she’s just a fantasy. I did email the guest host, George Knapp, again today – he was the only one who responded when I forwarded the initial press release, and as a result he told me he’d do some research for his Coast to Coast host job and his local station, which he did (entire 4 hour show on the subject – Coast to Coast AM reaches literally millions of listeners across the globe). I’m hoping that he’ll do the same again.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Ginger will do everything possible to account for all the horses.

      I have been working on these issues for a couple of years now, and I believe Madeleine Paulson Pickens is for real. For those of us who want the wild horses left on their own public lands, her idea of a sanctuary is not the first choice, but she initiated the process when the horses were being threatened with “euthanasia”. While listening to a meeting of The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board a few months ago, I learned that she was attempting to purchase an existing ranch in Nevada (the Winecott or Weincott?), but the present owners of that ranch already had plans for a sanctuary themselves. Perhaps the purchase attempt fell through and she is now looking for other acreage.

      We should follow Ginger’s suggestions for pressuring the BLM for the release of the older horses, then press our own Senators hard for the passage of S. 1579, the ROAM bill.

      • Christine Says:

        Well, call my cynical, but until she gets something concrete done, even for a few horses, then I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I understand your feelings very well. I have done just a little research on Madeleine Pickens. I think her heart is in the right place but may be misguided on the right process of ACTUALLY saving the mustangs and burros. She does earn credit for bringing national attention to the secret plans of the BLM to destroy every single head being held in pens. Madeleine has bottomless pockets. Her husband is famous worldwide. She used her money to get on national television and the fight. She is up against federal red tape that is being strung along by lying, deceptive, underhanded, agenda hiding government paid officials.

      Those who are for the American mustangs and burros are not against us. I’d hate to loose this woman’s support when all she needs is some education and guidance from the right pro’s.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Morgan, Exactly! Every willing heart is needed! Madeleine and T. Boone testified before Congress against horse slaughter. While a change in federal law is needed, hence, press for S. 1579; there is nothing inherently wrong with Madeleine’s proposals.

      • Pat Hite Says:

        I’ve been emailing Madeleine Pickens, and she actually replies! She says she is rolling out something massive later this month. We’ll see. But it is encouraging that she responded, even though it may not directly help Cloud’s herd.

        (Like everyone else, looking for some good news from somewhere.)

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        In your opinion, Morgan, what is the process of actually saving the mustangs and burros?

      • Morgan Williams Says:

        Janet Ferguson:

        I am following just about everything you have posted on the the blog pages. You are a person deserving of respect. Just be sure I understand your question and respond appropriately, I would like to know first if I said something out of line in my comment about Madeleine Pickens. I have been trying to follow the Cloud Foundation’s lead in all things these last 9 days and have tried to be respectful to all persons involved.


  11. jan eaker Says:

    i too am fully committed to helping save the older horses, have donated 1 adoption fee and can do more if necessary, will talk to family and friends about donating as well, thank god the other baby has been spared that awful long run, hope the baby in the video is doing ok, that was heartbreaking,. keep up the pressure everyone, we CAN make a difference,
    where are Viggo and Sheryl, they have you tubes out about the mustangs, their prescence would have ensured media coverage,

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      You are one who will “put their money where their mouth is. . . “. Where can you find out how to keep a mustang? I mean, how to care for one, facilitiy needed, what do they eat, how much are vet bills

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        The BLM has a printed document of requirements for possible adoptees.

        The costs for you personally will vary from state to state when it comes to buying hay and feed. You could probably talk to your local large animal vet’s office to obtain a “guestimate” on average vet bills per year for one horse. Make sure they know you are thinking about adopting a Mustang. The cost to provide water will vary on your location too. Do you have a well? What are electric rates like in your municipality?

        Just ideas for you to start.

  12. theandbetween Says:

    I have been wondering where BLM Director Abbey and Interior Secretary Salazar were during all of this. Here is a link to a photo from the DOI website that shows them on Day Two of the “gather” with Sen. Harry Reid (Dem, NV). (I don’t know how to make this an active link, but you can cut and paste in your browser.)

    As the horses were running from the helicopters in searing heat, the people responsible were smiling and shaking hands in Lake Mead, signing an allocation of $135 million for “restoration and improvement” of Nevada public lands.

    We should now focus efforts on removing these men from office and on stopping the next round-up that I believe is scheduled for Green River, Wyoming in November.

  13. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Christine, There were 130 horses caught two days ago, yesterday there was no number given but many bands came down the mountain and were ‘processed’. So as of yesterday they had 60 horses or more to bring in. They had brought 36 horses in on both Sunday and Monday. I would say they came close to 170. PMWMC will release figures today. I found a discrepancy between them and Ginger of one horse the first few days. No horses died that we know of. The foal was the worst injury and many other small injuries, colic and a mare ‘tied up’ badly but were taken care of. There may be injuries that were not recorded or cared for. Mar

    • Christine Says:

      But how many of the number captured are marked for release? Maybe the BLM stopped because they’ve already got the 70 they want. Sadly, too, I expect they’ll be using Cloud’s fame to advertise the adoption event, like I’ve seen done with the Kigers.

      But I’ll wait to hear the numbers later today.

  14. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Theandbetween, Green River? Good. I wanted to know. I think we all need to have a date for that and details about the horses. Mar

  15. Janet Ferguson Says:

    What will happen to the foal?

    what about the Cappucino who high centered in an escape attempt?

    Where are Beauty and Merlin?

    this senior horse abuse has got to stop Where are America’s great Veterinary Associations and the like?

  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Beauty and Merlin stayed free. mar

  17. Holly Says:

    PLEASE Cross-POST!!
    I have been in touch with the Administrator of the State Wild Horse Commission here in Nevada, she has asked for help…I copy her comments here….”
    Thank you, we have a commission meeting tomorrow and sending letters to Washington in support of the ROAM bill and also letting our legislators know that the Commission will be closing down. At this point in history, especially if there is new legislation, who will be around to make sure BLM is doing what they are supposed to. ”
    We need letters to nevada State Legislators…i will get those addresses for you! Please help Nevada’s wild horses too.

  18. Nancy Babcock Says:

    Anxious to know how this came about–by whose order.

    In the meantime, who should we now focus on targeting with calls, faxes and e-mails to pressure for the release of the seniors? As all of us here agree, it is unadulterated cruelty to keep these horses who have little chance for adoption and who need the freedom they’ve always had.

    And what has happened to Madeleine Pickens’ offer to the BLM? I’m sure it’s still out there, but does anyone know what the BLM’s current position on it is? Guess I should contact Madeleiene…

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      What are they actually going to do with these horses in holding for adoption? Not to mention the Pryor Mustangs. It’s terrible what you hear they are proposing to do. I hope they are just “rattling their sabres” on this to get public attention.

      The roundups go on.

  19. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Holly, Are they closing because their horses are “officially” gone? How many horses are left in the wild in Nevada? If you want to get press up to Britton Spring please contact horse magazines like Western Horseman. I am going to track down some race track owners this week. They could be helpful. A friend from New York City wrote me and said he has bet on horses all his adult life and enjoys a ride, too, so he feels he should give back something to horses. There are many people out there who feel the same.
    Holly, We need phone numbers and email addresses, please. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I think it’s about zero

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I had honestly heard or read that somewhere, but since then have spoken to Jolyn Worley at BLM in Nevada’s Public Relations Office who tells me they are hoping to manage for approx. 13,000 horses wild. This means they presently have quite a few more than that, if they are trucking them out by the hundreds and thousands.

        Maybe all this is going on now because of the new men on board at the top and everybody is afraid of losing their jobs.
        Maybe Bob Abbey ordered this carnage himself. Maybe Bob Abbey is afraid Salazar will fire him unless he “toes the line.” Until somebody hears real answers from Mr. Abbey and not just an expensively produced public relations video, we won’t know for sure.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      I’ve been trying to contact Roy and Gretchen Jackson. They were the owners of Barbaro. They were very big in the fight to ban horse slaughter in the united states. I’m not sure if this is something they’d be interested in or not, but I haven’t been able to contact them anyway. The only contact information I could find is outdated.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Did you try Barbaro’s trainer or anything. Maybe an old news archive will get you closer to reaching them.

  20. Phyllis Says:

    Need more information on they adoption of the older horses. I will help to collect donations from my area if I have the correct info. Let Thanks Phyllis

  21. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The Blm did not reach the 70 horses that were on the list. That is why they have decided to take more of Cloud’s family to replace horse on the list. They were maybe 20 or more horses shy of the 70 easily. That they deviated from the list to make up the loss and chose Cloud’s family is because according to PMWMC his family is so strongly represented on the range. Mar

    • Christine Says:

      Thanks for answering my questions. 🙂

      Well, I guess that’s a good thing they stopped at less than 70. One good thing. :/

  22. Christianna Capra Says:

    Thank GOD! Thank you to Ginger and all that worked so hard on this. WE are not finished.
    the rest of the herd must be released for their survival!!! So now that we have the attention of some folks is maybe when we can make the most difference. Release the REST of the herd – and that means ALL of them will be the winning moment and then we can use that leverage for other herds in other mountains… A day to rejoice and and gain strength & momentum for the rest of the fight!!!! Good work folks, keep the pressure on. I wrote to Oprah – she has her own horses and a big voice / and can wake folks up – you can join at and write for suggested show ideas… if enough people write and she sends a crew, it may start a roll of events that BLM would never be able to commit these crazy crimes against livlihood again!
    Christianna Capra
    DFounder, Director
    Spring Reins of Hope (Getting to the Horse of the Matter)

  23. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Phyllis, The oder horses are being negotiated by Ginger right now. She wants them all released. If they are not released they will be sold for very little $ on or before the adoption day, Sept. 26. Please read all the releases from the Cloud Foundation. BLM has info on how to adopt and how to buy, and you must follow their criteria carefully. The buying of older horses is very controversial right now. See what the Foundation has to say when they have time to address this issue. Mar

  24. Holly Says:

    Hello Marilyn!
    there are more wild horses in the State of Nevada than any other state. I think they are closing the commission because of budget constraints. It does sound like we all need to get behind this ROAM act going through Congress, it may be the best hope…and also, support State commissions like this one so they can keep working
    There is a meeting tomorrow!
    Cathy Barcomb is the administrator and her email address is
    the website address is

  25. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    janet, There are no more wild horses in Nevada? I know they just took out 650 from 1 million+ acres. But I do not know if it is “official” it seems to be likely, how sad. Then we need ROAM to restore them if they are all in holding. Mar
    I am a lousy typist so forgive my misspellings. above, oder is OLDER

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      how they are treating the older horses is leaving us with a terrible odor

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I need some sources for this.

      You can probably find sources. I will look.

      You can see the huge removals from there.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Here’s a contact person:

        Public Affairs Specialist for the BLM in the State of Nevada.
        Joanne Worley

        I got it when I called the Nevada Fish and Wildlife Service. They sent me to Betty at BLM who sent me to the Public Affairs Specialist. Ms. Worley was not in when I called but I confirmed she wasn’t on vacation.

        Left this info somewhere else ’cause couldn’t find you

    • Lucinda Suttle Says:

      I can attest to the fact there ARE wild horses along the Applegate – Lassen trail in Northern Nevada. My family and I saw two bands ( one of 3 and another of 8-9) in mid-August at Rabbithole Springs. We also saw three other small groups (one of 4, one of three and a mare and younger foal) as we exited High Rock Canyon. All but one horse looked “sleek”. Not fat and sassy but appeared to be doing ok. Maybe the one horse was a mama (there was a young foal with them) or maybe it was older, I don’t know. I don’t know how many horses are roaming in Nevada. I am very interested in learning more about their situation and trying to help there.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Here’s a contact person:

        Public Affairs Specialist for the BLM in the State of Nevada.
        Joanne Worley

        I got it when I called the Nevada Fish and Wildlife Service. They sent me to Betty at BLM who sent me to the Public Affairs Specialist. Ms. Worley was not in when I called but I confirmed she wasn’t on vacation.

        Left this info somewhere else ’cause couldn’t find you

      • Lucinda Suttle Says:

        Got it now! Thanks!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Ms. Worley says there are 46 million acres in Nevada.

  26. Marya Zubaty Says:

    FYI.. more media contact numbers / emails

    STOP the BLM’s destruction of Wild Horses… email GREENPEACE at: Ask them to report to the scene & cover the story!

    Contact TIME Magazine 212. 484.8000 or Ask them to cover the story of the BLM’s destruction of Wild Horses

    Contact NEWSWEEK Magazine Ask them to cover the story of the BLM’s destruction of Wild Horses

    Contact The New York Times Ask them to cover the story of the BLM’s destruction of Wild Horses

    Keep it up… everyone
    Marya Zubaty, Publisher
    The StableWoman Gazette

  27. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Christine, Sort of, but last night Matt said they would make up by taking horses not on the list. I believe that they are in a fight with TCF as we write to save Cloud’s family and other horses not on the original list. They have no business taking any other horses. If they got away, they got away. More power to them. They just want to harm everything they touch. Mar

  28. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Bill Gates Foundation needs to send money for education on these fine free roaming wild horses on public lands

  29. Christine Says:

    I agree, Marilyn, I totally agree.

  30. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I have tried to put my URL up here before but it was disabled. I have been blogging the whole roundup. My blog can be found at Maybe some can catch up, tho’ my sources are TCF and PMWMC, and a couple very interesting things said here. Mar

  31. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Nope, they disabled it. www dot my space dot com /margo wolf.

  32. Christine Says:

    If you click on your name, Marilyn, it takes people to your MySpace.

  33. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Lucinda, They may have escaped the big roundup in NE Nevada, Ely area in August. Maybe they are undocumented. Hope they are safe for now. Thanks for the response. Mar

  34. Christine Says:

    Looks like Cloud is already released, according to the twitter.

  35. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Wow, what a thing to miss. Thanks. How wold I have known The ladies at TCF know I am blogging but I did not know they had given people a link. Thanks, Christine. That is sweet. Mar

  36. Christine Says:

    The link is further up the comments, if it doesn’t reproduce here:

    Or you can click my name.

  37. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Holly, Thank you very much. I have been in 5 places at once, are you in Nevada?
    Is there anyone who might go to this meeting or get the real minutes so we can know what goes on? The lady you spoke to may provide the minutes. But we need to know what is going on at the meeting as this office closes down. Where do the records go?? Are they to be accessable? Do you want to run with this awhile and just sit on it and have it for the foundation here to review? Mar

  38. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Christine thanks for the twitter, I put p the info at the blog for people in Ireland and Austria who are following this. They will be happy. mar

  39. Cindy Says:

    I have read that they are separating horses from their herds and releasing them in different places with different herds…why would they do this? Is it possible for the horses to find their way back to one another…on that big mountain?

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I think that is so the mares will follow the stallions who are staying in the BLM designated range, even if they had “strayed” with another stallions off the range into the forest service.

      To keep the horses on the designated range “I think”.

    • Lucinda Suttle Says:

      Matt from the PMWMC stated in his Sept. 9th blog, ” Also, two daughters with their birth harems were placed with other stallions in hopes that they wouldn’t continue to stay with their birth harems. These were daughters of Duke and Cloud. Duke’s daughter was placed with Cappuccino while Cloud’s was placed with Exhilaration. Because these are two stallions who are descended from Dryhead horses, they are about as unrelated to these two females as possible. They will be staying at Britton Springs for a short while longer so that they can get a chance to get more comfortable with each other. Moving females like this has been something that was done in the past successfully, and I hope it works out well for these two females as well. These new matches were unsure of each other at the start, but by the time I left they were showing a little more interest in each other.”

      Sounds like they’re trying to prevent inbreeding.

  40. Cindy Says:

    OK so..a few years ago I adopted 2 horses from a Nevada feedlot. 2 paint mares. After having them for a few weeks I noticed a brand on the bay paint that was unusual. After researching it online I found out she was A BLM horse. Long and the short of it was the man who was her original adopter, after receiving her paperwork a year later..waited exactly 3 weeks more and sold her to slaughter.

    I named her Sierra as she was from Nevada. She was captured in Nevada, July 2004, south of Elko.She was adopted by an individual in Nevada on October 16, 2004.

    There was a guy in Nevada that worked for the BLM that helped me find out all her info and also sent me title for her. He seemed polite and helpful.

    I am going to give you his info and hope maybe he has a better heart than the other BLM employees we have seen in action this past week.

    Hope this helps.

    Gus Warr
    Wild Horse & Burro Program Lead
    BLM-Utah State Office (UT-933)
    440 W. 200 S., Salt Lake City
    Desk: 801.539.4057
    Fax: 801.539.4074

  41. Anne Novak Says:

    Someone forwarded this article to me:

    Obviously the author wrote it off the BLM press release. “No injury . . .” Do we have a press release on the ending of the round up, the lame foal and what we want now, ie: release the elders, no destroy, etc.


  42. Anne Novak Says:

    Is this slaughter info old news to you:

    Click to access MontanaSlaughterLaw.pdf

  43. Anne Novak Says:

    Did they treat all the mares with PZP?

  44. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    What a day this was. mar

  45. itereervetump Says:

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