Call to Action

White House switchboard – 202/456-1414 Ask for Senior Advisors:  Valerie Jarrett  and David Axelrod

Senate Committee of Natural Resources – 202/224-4971

Please keep calling & e-mailing- there’s more to get done!

Trigger_band_in_trap AE9-5-09

1. Release the older horses– horses over ten need to be returned to the range, it is cruel and inhumane to remove these horses and they are not appropriate adoption animals and should not be added to the already full BLM holding facilities. They deserve to live out their lives in freedom.

2. Reduce the number of horses to be removed to 20 young horses between ages 1-2 for adoption.

3. Ask for increased scrutiny of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. Our wild horse and Burros need immediate change and an end to their mismanagement.

4. Please call the Senate Commitee as well as your state U.S. Senators and ask them to support the S1579 ROAM bill.


31 Responses to “Call to Action”

  1. Morgan Williams Says:

    I just wrote to a man I know in England. He was here to ride the Rocky Mt Trail. He has been out sailing for months though.

    I will get going on your suggestions.

    I was thinking of contacting John Lyons in Colorado. Is that a stupid idea? I have been a fan of his work for some time.

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    Okay. Tell me how to answer the question “What is the nature of your call” when I call the Wihite House switchboard. I answered “I am calling about the Pryor Mountains of Montana”. I am told “Please hold for the comment line”. Click. Done.

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    These calls are being put into the comment line once they find out what you are talking about.

    I did get thru to Valierie’s Executive Assistant, Cathy, but she put me thru to the comment line after I said my say. . . . I wanted to get her email but didn’t have a chance.

    She said they are aware of the situation.

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    I called the Senate Committee on Natural Resources. I went directly into voice mail. I gave my name, state and phone number. I respectly requested items #1, 2 and 3 on the list above.

    I think the office has been bombarded enough now that they are sending all calls to voice mail.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Each person on this committee has a website.

      contact by phone thru that info

      you will get a real live staff person who will take your message

  5. theandbetween Says:

    The BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board is meeting Monday, September 28 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Arlington, Virginia at the Hyatt Arlington. Written statements must be submitted before September 23, and people who wish to speak may submit their statements in writing by that date to this address:

    Please include the identifier ‘‘WH&B’’ in the
    subject of your message and your name
    and address in the body of your

    Here is a link to the BLM webpage with all the information about the meeting:

  6. Barbara Steele Says:

    I called the Senate Committe on Energy and Natural Resources and was told that I should call my own personal Senator(who is not on the committee). When questioned about when this bill would get to the Senate (if it ever does) I was told that they just got this bill and that they had a lot of energy bills on their plate”. Obviously energy is going to come first——
    I re-stated the concern that I had for the holding of these older animals and she told me to call BLM.
    So much for that—-GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Roxy Says:

      I think you have a typo


      meant CRRRRRRRRRRRR…ap?

      Apolgies if I offend – this is so frustrating. I’m glad (and sad on the other hand) I can’t afford the calls, and you are all so strong. I don’t think I could take it. I better get back to e-mailing.

      Can you please reply with Salazar e-mail? I had been contacting BLM and Obama, somehow missed Salazar – I think we’re now contacting Obama and Salazar and our senators and not BLM?

      And now so important to add “vote yes on SB 1597.”

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yes,I was told to call my senators, too, though the woman at Natural Rsources Committee was very ‘understanding’. I talked to an aide at Mark Udall’s office and left information and was told she did not know if he supported the ROAM Act or not, I suggested that he cosponsor.. still frustrating, but it is pressure of a sort. Mar

  8. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Who was asking re wild horses left in Nevada?
    The Public Affairs Specialist for BLM in Nevada:

    Jolynn Worley at the BLM in Reno; 1-775-861-6515. she is presently out, but not on vacation.

    Also: her email is: I got this by calling Nevada Fish and Wildlife who gave me Betty at the Office of Communications at BLM who gave me Jolynn’s office.

    • Lucinda Suttle Says:

      That was me. Thanks for the info!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I spoke to Jolyn at length yesterday. We covered many subjects about the wild horses in Nevada.

      She is well informed and very thoughtful and a great speaker. She truly is a credit to the BLM in Nevada. If I had a radio program I would invite her to be a guest on a program about wild horses in Nevada.

      I felt after talking with her that there are over 13,000 free-roaming wild horses in various places in Nevada. They appear by her comments to be trying to manage for approx. 13,000 total free-roaming horses more or less to remain in Nevada.

      There were other interesting things she talked about. When I get my notes together, I shall record them here.

  9. Lindsay McDannold Says:


    When you call the switchboard just ask for the office of Valerie Jarrett or David Axelrod. They may have caught onto this, but this is good, that means there were enough calls to get them to ask the switchboard to not put calls through. We are on the right track! Obama will definately hear of this.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      So keep calling even tho we are being sent to “comments?”

      Actually, I think the “comment” line is staffed by real people so no sweat — the message gets thru, right??

  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:


  11. Lucinda Suttle Says:

    Okay, I called the number for the Senate Committee of Natural Resources and spoke with a very nice person (operator) who explained the following things to me:

    1. This committee does not have any power over the BLM.
    2. She couldn’t give me an estimate of time as to how long S1579 ROAM bill could sit with this committee. She did say that the House of Representatives got the bill in February and that it has just now come to them. She did say it could also die in committee. So, we really need to keep contacting them in a responsible way with responsible ideas to show we care and don’t want this to die in committee.
    3. She suggested that I call my local senators to voice my concerns/requests. She wasn’t able to transfer me but she did give me the numbers I requested.
    4. She also said that many of the committee members are aware of the situation so the information is getting to them one way or another. Hopefully, someone there can work through the ropes of bureaucracy and help the current situation.


  12. gale e muellenhoff Says:

    Does anyone know if there is any point in a group of us going to Washington with appointments set up – Perhaps the Cloud Foundation could point us in the right direction for necessary appointments?

    It seems as if they are up to their eyebrows in the current situation and could use a voice in Washington…..

  13. Lorraine Keshner Says:

    Thank you … all you beautiful and caring people… I have been sick over this all day at work…. and of course… making my phone calls as I go along… I will follow all your suggestions… and pass the word to anyone will be listen…. I am so proud to be allowed to fight along with you guys… Bless you all…

  14. gina Richardson Says:

    YES, YES, YES!!!
    cheers gina

  15. Janet Ferguson Says:

    There was a blog post by Marilynn Phillips which provides this link to the committee members: I haven’t tried it yet but here it is —

    and she includes a note “contact them each individually.”

    My addl note: also look for their websites in Google Search.
    ‘Cloud the Stallion’ has a Facebook page which may have add’l info. (A ‘Group’ on Facebook.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      M. Phillips also stated that Jim Sparks is the one to call, as he is the BLM Field Manager on this. I got his number from the BLM website.

      This is in a memo as the person to contact re questions about the range being closed during the roundup.

      “For more information, contact Jim Sparks, Billings Field Manager, at 406-896-5013.”

  16. End of Roundup: Update « Zuma's Blog Says:

    […] More Information […]

  17. Barbara Warner Says:

    I was transferred to the comment line and then it went dead after ringing . You cannot even leave a message with the senior advisors.
    Will try again and also comment at the web site. 9-20-09

  18. Roxy Says:

    I had this thought –

    BLM/DOI will already have contracts signed with the contractors and subcontractors to do the rest of the roundups –

    I have been also asking for “roundups in reverse”: Return all older horses to their homes, and return a many others of the 33,000 as possible to their homes. Thus no more budget crises for BLM and no breach of contract for the government. Pass S 1579 and see what recommendatins happen in a year to two – can’t make that much difference to wait that amount of time.

    Also, Had a tit for tat with a commenter on a YouTube who mentioned, now I can’t remember exatly what is was called, Shelden National Forest (?), Sheldon something (not BLM managed). I looked them up and hats off in part – they end roundups in May before fouling season, and they do not round up older unadoptable horses. They are studying the correct use of PZP and may apply that. So I’m going to twine in someting like – “others can do roundups correctly but not BLM? Why?”

    Lastly, regarding Sheldon, on their website they show before and after gather pictures. Having worked for a fire depts. for over 20 years, what I see in the before was nicely “mown”, still very green, manicured landscape, what I see in the after was a lot of tall deadgrass, weeds and brush – WILD FIRE FUEL! I am researching the point still, they talk about damage to riparian waterways, but the before pictures showed the same fully flowing stream. But I can see the bird habitat issue, maybe other small animals? Anyone care to share? There must be natural looking barriers that could be constructed that are horse proof, but still allow people and other animals, that could fence off portions, or some water could be diverted from the stream to for ponds for horses, etc?.


  19. Roxy Says:

    PS – Should I post this on another site? Not really all “call for action” except the first one.

    And I’m still breaking down the comments one by one instead of sending as a list – maybe easier to make a point.

    I’m also gong to the “Wolf” YOUTUBES – recommending PBS: The Wolf That Saved America” then postinng Cloud is a similar situation, why can’t BLM just ask themselves “WHY?”

    Tomorrow I’m calling my e-mails “Founder of Boy Scouts would recommend S 1579!”

    Then next “Boy Scouts Founder would ask BLM WHY? – Why not support 1579”

    Then reference PBS The Wolf That Saved America.

    Last – Retirement is so much work!

  20. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    back on post, mar

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