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14 Responses to “More from Observer RT Fitch”

  1. jo bunny Says:

    has Cloud been given his freedom yet? & what about his family?

    holding our breath……….

  2. Christine Maxwell Says:

    Why not send the two Cloud videos and the “play” plastic horses to the First Lady and the two First Daughters. If anything girls are known for “horse fever” and it just might pull some strings-heartstrings! But it must be fast!

  3. Susan NY Says:

    Extraordinary, thank you RT. A good read while on hold to the White House…

    No time in history has a horse done this.

    I believe the roundup of Cloud can become be a step forward, not backwards in human-horse history.

    Please keep calling. We owe it to this brave stallion, to listen to the horn calling out to all of us from the highlands of Montana.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      This isn’t Cloud defying the helicopter is it?

      I won’t watch that.

      He shouldn’t be fighting this fight.

      We should fight for him. He’s a fabulous horse, but he is, after all, a horse. He cannot speak, he cannot write, he cannot fax, he cannot blog, he cannot even understand what is happening to him, for all his talents, knowledge, abilities and all he can do!

      It reminds me of the Roman Coliseum.

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Can’t bring this up for some reason. Mar

  5. Morgan Williams Says:

    Beautifully done article. I could feel the intensity of RT’s emotion as he wrote each syllable. The words went to my spirit and made me feel so much closer to the physcial location where the event is taking place.

    Great Spirit, help us. We need You every moment. You are the power that presides over man and his ways that trouble your creation.

  6. trish kerby Says:

    R.T., your a mighty fine writer!

  7. Marya Zubaty Says:

    Superb account of the sensitivity of this unnecessary act. Here’s the link for CNN ireport should RT decide to post this for the world to see…

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    We cannot send gifts it would be considered a bribe. We are going to influence these people and you will know it when we do. Mar

  9. downhomesunset Says:

    Morgan, Thank you for the prayer to the Great Spirit! I am not Native American, but I will pray to Him tonight…

  10. Jackie Cramer Says:

    Can’t get through. Everyone, keep trying!!! Pas S1579, and while you are at it, pass the ban on shipping our horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter for the supper tables of Europe and Asia.

  11. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    back on post, mar

  12. Michael J Ahles Says:

    The Solution: Boycott Beef

    Choosing wisely what you eat will set the mustangs free,
    Try it and you’ll see.


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