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Sister Rallies on the Coast!

September 19, 2011

A Unified Stand for Horses & Burros

The sad truth is that the vast majority of Americans are unaware of the rapidly decreasing wild horse and burro population. In fact, many Americans have no idea there are still mustangs in the West at all! At the vast expense to the American taxpayer, wild horses and burros are being rounded up in the thousands each year.

In light of the International Equine Conference, two rallies are planned for the support of horses and burros, wild and domestic.

When: Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011

Time: Noon – 4 pm (DC), Noon – 3 pm (CA)

Where: Washington DC – (West side of the Capitol on 1st Street NW), Santa Monica, CA – (3rd Street Promenade – corner of Santa Monica Blvd  & entrance to promenade)

TCF Board members Susan Sutherland & Anni Williams with Lauryn Wachs, TCF associate director, in Phoenix - March 2011

Our federal government (via the Bureau of Land Management) is managing these iconic symbols of the Wild West to extinction. These coast-to-coast rallies are in effort to shed light on the inequalities given to wild horses and burros, and encourage Congress to defund the massive, inhumane roundups of these treasured animals. Instead, funding should be directed to humane, on-the-range management. The national effort also supports the passage of the anti-horse slaughter bill HR2966.

The rallies are supported by several nationwide organizations, like The Cloud Foundation, and include In Defense of Animals, HSUS, Equine Welfare Alliance, Animal Law Coalition, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Animal Rescue Unit, American Wild Horse Advocates, & Respect4Horses…

Bring banners if you have them or want to make them as well as lots of enthusiasm for our wild ones! Let’s show Congress that we stand united for the animals that helped build our nation!