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Winter Ready Mustangs & A Longshot

November 23, 2011

An Update on Cloud and the Pryor Herd – Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends of Cloud, his family and herd;

Our trip to the mountaintop late last month was a difficult one. At least six inches of snow had fallen several days before we began our drive up scenic Crooked Creek Road, just reopened after summer-long repairs. Our late start found us in the dark as Lauryn and I passed the Big Ice Cave. Within minutes, we were in snow following the tracks of at least one other vehicle which gave us hope of reaching the horse range. Then the tracks ahead stopped and turned around, and so did we. There was no getting through the wet drifts so we backtracked. Halfway down Crooked Creek, our headlights lit up a little red fox as it dashed across the road. It’s only the second fox I’ve seen on the mountain in 17 years.

We both agreed if we were to find Cloud and the rest of the mountaintop horses, it would not be on the “easy” road.

Bighorn ram & ewe

The next morning we made a trip out to the Dryhead to see if we could find Climbs High’s mother and the band. No luck. But we did see 15 Bighorn sheep including 7 that were foraging on mountain mahogany near the Devil’s Canyon Overlook. A young half-curl ram joined the ewes and lambs, clearly interested in one female in particular. Back on the main road we rounded a curve and came face-to-face with the young grullo band stallion, Fiero, and his little family as they strolled down the roadside. (more…)

Court Allows The Cloud Foundation, AWHPC, & ISPMB to Intervent on Behalf of Mustangs in Southern Wyoming

November 12, 2011

The fight for wild horses on our public lands presses on. Recently the largest “welfare ranching” organization in our country, the Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA), filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Dept. of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in an effort to remove all wild horses from the “checkerboard” lands of southern Wyoming. These lands encompass roughly 2 million acres of square mile sections—one square mile of private land, then one mile of public land, 20 miles wide on both sides of the freeway.  This hodgepodge of public and private land was created in the 1800s when the railroad was built and investors wanted to encourage settlement.

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Sierra’s Return: The Journey of a Freedom Fund Mare (New video!)

November 11, 2011

Dear Friends of Cloud’s Herd & the Freedom Fund horses;

As many of you know, a devastating 2009 roundup of Cloud’s Herd in the Pryor Mountains included the permanent removal of an entire sub-population of Pryor Mustangs living outside the designated boundaries of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range on Commissary Ridge in the Custer National Forest.

Sierra & the rest of her band driven into the trap atop Commissary Ridge, Sept. 2009

Those horses included then 21 year-old Grumpy Grulla, Raven’s mare for many years, and 19 year-old,Conquistador, the striking dun who Cloud fought with in my first PBS documentary about the Pryor wild horses. In all, we ended up with four little bands, which included a blaze-faced, 13 year-old chestnut mare named Sierra.  I have known her all her life, and I knew the three foals I can confirm she gave birth to. The first two foals were likely killed by mountain lions, but the third—the light sorrel with the blazed-face lived to adulthood. (more…)

Tragedy on the Pryor Mountains

August 14, 2011

A Tribute to Climbs High and his father, Admiral

Dear Cloud Friends;

Lauryn, our Cloud Foundation whiz kid, and Erin, our college intern from Michigan, traveled with me from Colorado to the Pryor Mountains on July 27, 2011. It was a bittersweet journey.  In the early evening we drove to the low desert country in the Pryors, knowing that two of our “greeters” at the horse range gate, Admiral and his yearling son, Climbs High (Kapitan), had been struck and killed by a drunk driver just three days before.


Climbs High - June 2011


Slideshow from the Pryors

July 20, 2011

Photos from the trip to the Pryors – June/July 2011

We had so many stunning photos from our most recent trip to the Pryors to visit Cloud and his family that we couldn’t include them all in the newsletter! So we’ve added a gallery to showcase the beauty and grace of these wild horses from our trip at the end of June/beginning of July. So without further ado, we give you… the Pryors

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Wyoming, its wild horses, and the BLM

June 27, 2011

A Note from Lauryn 

Dear Wild Horse and Burro Supporters;

Rock Springs, Wyoming, is not exactly what I would call ‘close’ to Colorado Springs. Nevertheless, our new intern, Erin Clifford from Michigan, and I hopped in the car and started up I-25 northbound, picking up our fellow wild horse advocate friend, Rachel Reeves, along the way.

When we finally pulled up the drive to the BLM office the first thing I noticed was my tax dollars at work: a shiny new building complete with landscaping and the works.

BLM Office in Rock Springs


A Spirit Unbroken

June 17, 2011

Part 2: A Trip to the Pryors 

Dear Friends of Cloud, his family and herd, and the wild horses of the West;

I am asked time and again, what keeps me going in the face of powers that seem
unmoved by the rule of law, the principles of kindness toward all creatures, and the wishes of a caring American and worldwide public?

The answer is contained in these few lines to you.

Spring has Sprung!

June 10, 2011

Part 1: A Trip to Montana & the Freedom Fund Horses

Dear Friends of our Freedom Fund bands;

Despite a not so rosy weather picture, Lauryn and I started out from Colorado to Montana, encountering sleet, snow and rain on our way to Billings. Luckily, the rain stopped overnight, allowing us to access the road to the Freedom Fund horses. It was a windy, but lovely, day to visit. Because of all the moisture, the huge 1,000 plus acre pasture is beginning to explode with new growth, the cottonwoods have all leafed out, and the creek is running high. I could see where it had flooded during the past few weeks of near constant rain.

Shane's band down in the valley


On Location with Cloud – On his 16th Birthday

June 10, 2011

Sixteen years ago on this day, May 29th, Cloud tottered out of the trees not too far from this spot with his mother. We went up to his Pryor Mountain home to look for him on his “Sweet Sixteenth.” We found him with his band up on Tillett Ridge. A few bachelors came on to the scene, and Cloud proved his fitness and strength once again.

Action Alert: Wild Horse Abuse in Holding Facility

April 10, 2011

I hope by now you’ve seen our latest video of the squalid conditions at the Salt Lake City Wild Horse and Burro Center by Butterfield Canyon in Utah. For those of you who haven’t, please watch and share:

Last week and into this weekend, the federal government has been trying to avoid a government shut down and come to a budget cut agreement. In the meantime, the BLM is asking for an extra $12 million to conduct their summer roundup schedule to put those horses and burros in short-term and long-term holding facilities throughout the country. Many of these facilities are off-limits to the public, and it’s impossible to tell what kind of conditions wild horses and burros in those facilities are enduring.

We’re asking you to stand with us and tell Congress we will not stand for such abuse of one of America’s most treasured Western icons.

Call/write/email your Congressmen this week! Tell them you won’t stand for your tax dollars to be used to submit these symbols of the American West to cruel and unnecessary roundups and then be warehoused in holding facilities where they are forced to stand knee-deep in muck and manure and have no dry place to lie down! Only through a strong, collective voice can we make a difference!

Special thanks to Lisa Friday for going out there and providing the footage!

The Foundation’s corresponding press release

Lisa Friday’s full report

How to contact your Congressmen: