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Summit of the Live Horse – April 3, 2012

April 2, 2012


Jasper (Flint x Feldspar) of the Pryor Mountains

From Respect4Horses:

Summit of the dead horse turns on haunches and runs.

Oklahoma City, OK (R4H) – While last year the two conferences representing opposing sides of the explosive Horse Slaughter Debate took place in Las Vegas, this year’s Equine battleground was set to play out in Oklahoma City no farther than one city block away from each other.

Although they had been planning it for over a year, spent a lot of resources and had sold many $150-$300 tickets, the United Organizations of the Horse, (the Pro- Horse Slaughter faction) announced today that they postponed their dead horse Summit to January 2013, in order to focus resources on a rescue and rejuvenation program!

“I believe the ground was getting too hot for them in Oklahoma City. 80% of Americans are against Horse Slaughter, and although they believed Oklahoma was an exception, it turns out that it is not,” states Simone Netherlands, the organizer of the Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference.

The Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference is in no way quitting and the live online broadcast will move forward as scheduled:

The Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference

Holiday Inn, Will Rogers Airport

4401 SW 15th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73108

12 – 1PM CDT

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

“Just because they canceled their conference it doesn’t mean that they will stop strategizing about how to increase the demand for horse meat, how to slaughter our wild horses and how to open new horse slaughter plants in the U.S.,” says R.T. Fitch, writer and also one of the speakers of the Press Conference of the live Horse.

Will horse slaughter be coming to your neighborhood? Do we need horse slaughter in America? Can horse slaughter be made humane? Is horsemeat toxic? Does horse slaughter solve abuse and neglect? Does horse slaughter encourage over breeding? Will our wild horses be slaughtered? Will it stop horse slaughter across our borders?

The Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference, will have a panel of equine experts and professionals who will answer the above questions and offer solutions and alternatives.

Panel members will include:

  • Scott Beckstead, Senior Oregon Director for The Humane Society of the United States
  • Carolyn Schnurr, Federal Legislative Manager for the ASPCA
  • Ginger Kathrens, Filmmaker and Director of the Cloud Foundation
  • Dr. Jennifer Madden, DVM
  • Simone Netherlands, Horse trainer and Director of Respect4Horses
  • R.T. Fitch, Writer and co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation
  • Brogan Horton, Founder of Animal Rescue Unit

“We collectively suggest that they take their deceptive name, their deceptive propaganda and their deceptive agenda far away and go pretend that they care about horses and horse people somewhere else,” states Simone Netherlands.

The interactive Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference will be broadcast on, April 3, 2012. This service will give the press conference global coverage and allow anyone to participate in the question and answer sessions afterwards. Search at 12:00 noon CDT to log into the live broadcast. The link will also be available at


Action Alert: Wild Horse Abuse in Holding Facility

April 10, 2011

I hope by now you’ve seen our latest video of the squalid conditions at the Salt Lake City Wild Horse and Burro Center by Butterfield Canyon in Utah. For those of you who haven’t, please watch and share:

Last week and into this weekend, the federal government has been trying to avoid a government shut down and come to a budget cut agreement. In the meantime, the BLM is asking for an extra $12 million to conduct their summer roundup schedule to put those horses and burros in short-term and long-term holding facilities throughout the country. Many of these facilities are off-limits to the public, and it’s impossible to tell what kind of conditions wild horses and burros in those facilities are enduring.

We’re asking you to stand with us and tell Congress we will not stand for such abuse of one of America’s most treasured Western icons.

Call/write/email your Congressmen this week! Tell them you won’t stand for your tax dollars to be used to submit these symbols of the American West to cruel and unnecessary roundups and then be warehoused in holding facilities where they are forced to stand knee-deep in muck and manure and have no dry place to lie down! Only through a strong, collective voice can we make a difference!

Special thanks to Lisa Friday for going out there and providing the footage!

The Foundation’s corresponding press release

Lisa Friday’s full report

How to contact your Congressmen:

Judge Denies BLM Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit to Preserve Cloud’s Herd

August 26, 2010

Read the new Cloud Foundation press release online here:

Gwin Opinion Denying Motion to Dismiss and Allowing Amendment of the Complaint

Adelina - August 2009 Pryor Filly

Press Release: Leigh Files to Stop Rock Creek Roundup

July 24, 2010

Herd Watch Director Continues Fight for First Amendment Rights

Reno NV (July 23, 2010)—Laura Leigh, Herd-Watch Director for the Cloud Foundation and journalist, filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in Nevada Federal District Court today to halt the Rock Creek Roundup and prevent a repeat fatal summer roundup as well as prevent shutting out the public and plaintiff from observing wild horse roundups.

“We’re talking about a matter of public interest,” explained Leigh’s attorney Gordon Cowan. “This is a hot button issue here in Nevada. To prevent the public and press from observing the government in action on public lands is shameful.”  continued online here (shortlink is )

Donations to Leigh’s legal fund may be made to ~ Donations to Herd-Watch may be made to