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Taos Event: Friday, Jan 21st

January 19, 2011

Hope you can join Ginger and the Cloud Foundation at this special event in New Mexico on Friday, Jan. 21st! Click here to view the event flier with all the details. The event begins at 7pm and more info and ticket sales available at 575-758-9826  ext 105. The Cloud Foundation will be selling books, DVDs and Ginger will be available to sign them. Hope to see you there!

The True Nature of Horses

October 22, 2010

An evening presentation with Ginger Kathrens at Colorado State University

Download Event flier here

More events and protests posted here!

Spend your evening with Michael Blake & Ginger Kathrens – tomorrow

August 2, 2010

Download the event flier please spread the word! Double click on the flier to view in larger size– click here for directions and to learn more about CO Horse Rescue

Monday’s workshop and Tuesday’s meeting now available to watch online!

June 17, 2010

Public Workshop: Morning and Afternoon
Advisory Board Meeting: Morning and Afternoon

coverage by Denver’s “The Westword” and

Read notes from the meeting and see video clips below

wild...BLM Meeting (P. Nickoles photo)...Mustangs in Holding

Documents and Photos from BLM Advisory Board Meeting & post lunch notes

June 15, 2010


Bea Wade of the BLM gave a presentation on BLM’s work to identify areas and reasons for all herds zeroed out. The powerpoint was unreadable so the public was provided with the following copies- I hope they are readable in this PDF format: ReasonsforZEROINGoutHerds_DRAFT_p1 and ReasonsForZeroingOut_p2

Lili Thomas answering questions

Post Lunch Notes:

NEW BUSINESS- started at 1pm

Moderated by Mike Motisse of Oregon BLM – going over the topics of the workshop and what was discussed yesterday and board members individual views.


Winter 2010 – 7,811 gathered; 6,308 removed

Summer/Fall 2010 – 7,097 targeted for gather

in the high 5,000s scheduled for removal this summer fall…. Bringing the total to almost 12,000 removed.


Larry Johnson: if treasuring some herds means that others aren’t managed so much than he’s opposed to it. They’re all herds to be managed. And they should never be managed as the priority species in an area.

Wayne Burkhart: unless it contributes in some fashion than he doesn’t support

driving issue is too damn many horses at a rate that we can’t get rid of the excess”

Janet Jankura: public doesn’t like designation of treasured herds, all herds are treasured but don’t lose the partnership in the ecotourism and public awareness

Renee: Champion herd areas but no special designation, agrees with Janet on not wanting designation.

Robin Lohnes: what about heritage herds like coyote canyon horses that need to be protected. Doesn’t the secretary already have the authority to designate special herds (I think she means horse ranges like the little bookcliffs, pryors etc.)

Is the goal of treasured herds to make sustainable herds? Mother nature normally does a much better job than us when it comes to survival of the fittest. (Mike adds that yesterday we herd to

Co-managing treasured herds with different tribes— BLM will always be most responsible, that is her concern. Concludes that all herds are treasured.

Gary Zakota: doesn’t want some herds treasured over others.

(couldn’t hear man to left of Vern)

Vern Dooly: Opposed to special designation for special herds. doesn’t prevent BLM from showcasing herds. We don’t want to limit management  of any herds. Treasured herds would actually have to be more tightly managed, that designation.


2nd from left: doesn’t support purchase of private lands for horses

Vern Dooly: preserves necessary for long term if we plan on bringing wild populations down to AML. Partnerships with third parties than we could convert those to Horse Management – payment would be important

Robin Lohnes: a preserve is not a non-reproducing pasture of horses- a preserve is a reproducing

Wayne Burkhart: have to not have reproducing herds – the Salazar Plan would be temp. holding.  and these facilities would not be permanent  (crowd wonders why the lands would be purchased then)

(Mike talks about how these would be more productive lands and people could go and look at the horses on good grasslands. Doesn’t believe that Sec Salazar just wants another name for long term holding)

Larry Johnson gave 5 minute talk on moving wild horses to productive grasslands because NV never had wild horses (not true: Bones of a horse dating back 15 million years, found in northern Nevada in July 2006. The bones can be viewed in their permanent display at the Sierra College Natural History Museum- article here: – video clip:

Robin Lohnes: sustainable herds

Renee: this didn’t seem like a multiple use. Some of these topics are not even sustainable.

Wayne Burkhart—have to get to a balance

Larry Johnson: sex ratio skewing, infertility control etc these are only remotely possible if we reach AML. We can’t catch enough horses, we can’t treat enough horses, we can’t alter enough horses.


National Wildlife Federation Colorado representative spoke against wild horses and stated that they are not wild but feral animals – no place on public lands according to this speaker. Is this NWF’s opinion?

Julianne French spoke about removing lobbyists from public boards

Valerie Stanley speaking on zeroing out herds, Dr. Bruce Nook’s report on stress to horses.

Linda Hanick spoke about finding solutions– lots of smart people in this room, and more positve energy

Craig Downer: BLM not following true-tenants of the WH&B act and not looking on a macro scale but is instead magnifying the wild horses as  a problem. Speaking about Reserve Design for protection of ecosystems including wild horses and burros.

Elyse Gardner: she is available and able to help BLM with their transparency! Suggests video cameras as viable means of increasing public trust. Public barred from Broken Arrow. Turn older stallions from Calico back.

Laura Leigh: (project manager for herd-management) we’re dealing with crises rather than solutions. Multiple use on our public lands is not caring for the publics land as it should be.

Deniz Bolbol: 3-4 months roundup and removing 5000+ horses this fiscal year. Show some good faith, take solutions from the public. Public is not given equal access to advisory board members’ binders. Public comments should be posted online and BLM’s responses posted.

====Several people whose names I couldn’t catch have spoken– my apologies and please refer to livestream video which will be reposted online soon====

recommendations of board being discussed…

Robin Lohnes, chair of the board stands up for our wild herds (video below soon)

BLM Public Advisory Board Meeting Notes- June 15th, 2010

June 15, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Coming out of yesterday’s workshop and in a good faith effort to work with the BLM to drastically change the management of our wild herds the protest today will be not take place. However, should BLM not move forward in truly working with the public and beginning to enact a moratorium or drastic reduction in roundups than the public will again hit the streets across the US and overseas to protest the ongoing destruction of our wild herds. Thank you!

ON LUNCH:  Breaking for lunch at meeting here in Denver but please join us again at 1:00pm MST via livestream– thanks to XTOMIC for livestreaming this meeting. We hope BLM will take on the livestreaming of all meetings and workshops in the future to demonstrate public inclusion for all interested. We hope to have powerpoints posted online and readable as well.

Will update during the day– public will be protesting 11am-1:00pm today starting in front of the Magnolia Hotel – public comment period begins at 3pm, sign up by 12:00 noon to speak

II. Public Meeting: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
8 a.m. Call to Order & Introductions
8:15 a.m. Old Business Approval of Deceember 7, 2009 Minutes Response to Recommendations
9 a.m. Progrram Updates: Gathers, Adoptions, Budget, Facility and Pipeline Reports
Break (9:45 a.m.10 a.m.)
10 a.m. Program Updates ates (continued)
Lunch (11:45 a.m.1 p.m.)  Register by 12:00 pm to speak during the 3pm public comment period– expect to have 2-3 minutes to speak.
1 p.m. New Business
Break (2:45 p.m.3 p.m.)
3 p.m. Public Commentents
4 p.m. Board Recommendations
4:45 p.m. Recap/Summary/Next Meeting/Date/SSite
5 p.m.  Adjourn

Border patrol currently has 60 mustangs, mostly trained at Canon City—

Canon City can train 130 horses/ year – halter and/or saddle trained

Fran Ackley, CO State Lead for WH&B program—18 years in this job- CO summary

Sandwash, our largest in population, working with HSUS on fertility control, research project

2008 – 62 mares given PZP-22 (also several hundred horses removed and 6 killed)

setting up bait stations to remotely dart mares

5 year study, hope to have prelim results later this summer

(thousands of sheep over-grazing the area not discussed so far)

Little Book Cliffs– one of 3 horse ranges, no livestock in the area- successful in

possible gather in 2011 (first time going 4 years between dartings.

Over the last 10 years they’ve increased AML by 32%, aquired private lands within

changed status on 3500 acres from HA to HMA status. Have improved springs, cattle guards etc to improve HMAs

Have space for 3000 horses in Canon City- dept of corrections paid for

working hard to finish construction of 4th

trim, vaccinate, deworm 800-1000 horses per month.

Saddle horses offered $1025, $900 goes to dept of corrections—covers cost of feed and upkeep and training. $125 goes to BLM

Could adopt out more saddle trained horses at $1025 than untrained at $125

Halter trained horses offered at $200-500 depending on size, conformation etc.

Border patrol horses used on southern and northern borders- very successful

10 horses in inauguration parade— all had been off the range less than 2 years!!

BLM works with Westernairs, kids 9-18 years old, riding drills and reenactments, trick riding etc- they’ve adopted over 60 horses in the past 20 years.

$2.70/head/day if under 2500 horses

$2.65/head/day if over 2500 horses at Canon City

Horses level the playing field in prison—small guys are sometimes the best with the horses.

Advisory Board Meeting minutes from last Dec have been approved and will be posted within ten days.

Made 3 recommendations last December:

  1. Board recommended that FS create a specific line item for WH&B in their budget… and planned mega roundups
  2. BLM further enhance and centralize public comments—have 227 comments so far. Haven’t been as many as expected. Once this is easier to find people actually might comment. Strategy Plan is now online with comment—they’ve been having a lot of problems with everything. Suggests you copy and paste comments.

Status of 2009 nominations for the board—Don Glenn

3 positions to be re-appointed : livestock management, wildlife management and humane advocacy.

Now resting in Dept of Ag. either concurs or doesn’t then those members will be appointed to board.  No issue regarding the names.

New Nominations

about to expire: Federal Resister will post soon—within 14 days. PLEASE

wild horse and burro research , nat. resource position and the public interest position with special knowledge of equine behavior (this is instead of a 2nd livestock management position)

charter approved for 2010-2012, has been signed by Salazar – waiting on Secretary Vilsack

Ginger Kathrens asks why the board can’t work out getting questions answered between bi-annual meetings rather than dragging out. Board replies that things are held up in the

Sue Wallis asks why we don’t have a equine industry person on the board since wild horses compete with the horse industry. Don Glenn replies that the new position “public interest with specific horse knowledge” pretty much fits that bill

Lily Thomas

6380 horses have been rounded up so far. Gather schedule has changed again. 7097 horses to be rounded up this summer. July 1 is the start.

Larry Johnson- rock creek horses have gone outside their roundup. why are you only removing 50? We continually hear that so much land has been zeroed out but we aren’t censusing the zeroed out areas. there are devastating the areas and spilling into private lands

please note that Larry Johnson has been anti-wild horse and has been on the board for more than a decade. He represents “environmental interest” but is no environmentalist and is the former (?) president of the Bighorn Sheep (trophy) hunting club.

Susie Stokee—a lot of these horses are tribal horses and clearly we might have to do something about them but those areas were declared horse free.

Larry continues to discuss how BLM can not gather all the horses and while they do their best to zero out herds identified to be zeroed out, they can’t get them all.

This board does not begin to represent the public.

Do land use plans need to be current within 3-5 years before a roundup can go forward?

NO says BLM

One board member suggests that we are down 2000 horses from hoped-for removals and questions why this is.

I’d like to recommend that having a Public Advisory Board that actually holds the BLM accountable and represents the public and gives and discusses real, viable and sustainable fixes for this broken program would go a long way in building the public trust. –MS

Long Term Holding—Lily Thomas discusses how they are adding contracts for holding of 10,000 more horses

Don Glenn gives rundown with unreadable powerpoint of the upcoming budget—will request that this powerpoint be made available to the public as a PDF. Discusses President’s budget and other details. millions and millions of dollars— $77.2 million budget still doesn’t meet goals. Expecting to have National Academy of Science to look at

3.4 million for fertility control- catch and release gathers planned

roughly 1200 mares will be treated

overhead went up too. what they presented yesterday was a bit outdated, this is more updated.

requested $42 million for acquiring land

we have to talk to them on almost a weekly basis to try to get them to give us that.

This is in addition to the $77.2 million asked for in FY 2011—total of $119.2 million for the BLM wild horse and burro program in FY 2011.

No money should be given to BLM for removals or acquisition of private lands!!!

Janet Jankura: why the decrease in marketing dollars for adoptions and awareness? the public is asking for more information and maybe we aren’t the best at marketing so maybe we should hire professional marketers.

Don Glenn- if we can find more money for mustang heritage foundation and marketing along the year we will.


Patti Colbert gave a great presentation on the Mustang Heritage Foundation mentioning and emphasizing that they too want to see wild horses on the range, in their homes and that is where they belong but they are working hard to find homes for the horses already captured and celebrating the American mustang.

Larry Johnson- does the land acquisition allow for leasing rather than aqusisition? – Bud Cribley says no.

Dr. Al Kane (B is speaking now about SpayVac mare surgeries and PZP infertility control (please note Mr. Kane’s membership in the committee on the planned killing of our wild horses in holding and off the range in secret BLM planning documents revealed via the Freedom of Information Act by the Conquistador Project. Many others here were also a part of those conversations discussing sterilization, gelding herds, killing on the range, avoiding public/congressional exposure of killing etc)

link to TCF press release on the secret planning documents

Dr. Kane is discussing  how to spay pregnant mares and tesiting safely

“spaying a mare is only part of the battle, there are no studies on efficacy of spaying mares to reduce wild horse reproduction on the range”- Dr. Al Kane

we didn’t talk too much about permanent agents for infertility a few years ago, they were kind of taboo. (murmer through crowd- they still are)

Larry Johnson:

“The rules are changing. The board in general supports a cautious approach but I was looking at it and it takes 5 years for corral studies, 5 years for range studies… I remember sitting on this board ten years ago and asking the same questions [and we haven’t made any progress].” *note that as per the BLM Advisory Board Charter there should be no more than 2 year terms

“When we get to AML (27,000 nationally) how many mares will we have to treat to stay at AML. It is scientifically impossible to treat enough mares to maintain AML.”

Present at meeting (will continue to update)


Dean Bolstad

Don Glenn

Bud Cribley

Al Kane

Sally Spenser

Ramona DeLorme

Shane (PR person)

Kearns and West Mediator (PR agency)

Janet ______

Board Members

Robin Lohnes

Larry Johnson

Vern Dooley

Janet Jankura

BLM Wild Horse & Burro Meeting and Public Workshop in Denver

May 20, 2010

The National Wild Horseand Burro Advisory Board will conduct a public workshop and hold a regular meeting in June at a two-day event in Denver. The workshop on Monday, June14, will provide the public with a unique opportunity to express theirviews, comments, and suggestions regarding Secretary of the Interior KenSalazar’s wild horse initiative. Please come to voice your opinion and meet with others traveling from around the nation for the future of our wild herds.

More details and BLM press release here

The event will take place at the Magnolia Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Rooms run over $200 per night currently but additional places to stay include:

The Comfort Inn (about 3 1/2 blocks away) has rooms from $116 (AAA/AARP rate)  303-296-0400

The Hampton Inn (about 6 blocks away) has rooms around $150. phone: 303- 864-8000

BLM Advisory Board Meeting- Save the Date

May 12, 2010

BLM WILD HORSE AND BURRO ADVISORY BOARD MEETING – Tentatively scheduled for June 14 & 15, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.

This should be posted on Federal Register soon for more details. Please save the date, this is an important opportunity to speak out for the horses and burros.  Please encourage the press to attend as well- especially for the public comment period.

If you are not able to attend please submit a written statement to the board. Comments may also be e-mailed to: . Those submitting comments electronically should include the identifier “WH&B Advisory Board Meeting Comments” in the subject of their message and their name and address in the body of the message.

Please show up for the horses and burros– you will likely have a 2-3 minute comment time allowed– but this will be an educational and informative meeting and we hope to have a lot of wild horse advocates present. This board has been stacked with special interest representatives for years and the public should witness the proceedings of our public advisory board to the BLM.

More news will be posted soon. Thank you.

Cloud on 5-9-10

March for Mustangs… the call to stop the roundups goes global

March 28, 2010

Never before have four cities around the world rallied for America’s wild horses and burros on the same day, let alone internationally. Thank you to everyone who threw there hearts and souls into making these events possible– from London to LA, Las Vegas to our own national capitol. CNN, AP, German ZDF, Getty Images, Voices of America, A Measure of Truth radio and

“When the last horse is rounded up, then shall we look back and regret that we could not live and let live, not even for the sake of the generations that come after us that will never know what we lost and how careless we were to lose it” –Maria Daines, world renown singer/songwriter at the London March for Mustangs.

Shouts of Wild and Free, Let Them Be From Protestors of Obama Administration Policy

CHICAGO, (EWA) – March 25 will be remembered by equine advocates across the United States and the United Kingdom as the day the international cries for the wild horses and burros were raised loud and clear.

Rallies held in Washington, DC, London, England, Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA culminated with a report on CNN that exposed the propaganda being fed to the public by the Department of Interior (DOI) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The video footage of the “starving” horses was released on a prime time report and left no doubt, the rationale given for the round-ups is pure fiction.

Mariana Tosca, Actor and Social Activist, was among the advocates attending the Los Angeles rally. Ms. Tosca delivered an impassioned speech that moved the crowd to tears. Ms. Tosca commented, “It is an honor to stand united with the citizens of our global community to bring attention to this urgent matter, which being left virtually unchecked is eroding the landscape of our national heritage.”

The London rally took place outside the US Embassy. In attendance were Maria Daines, Singer/Songwriter and Melita Morgan, International Actress. Melita Morgan commented on the rally, “After working hard on our Mustang Mission, I hope we are very rewarded by all of our combined efforts, that have made such a difference. All these efforts long term will open eyes, tune ears and turn heads as to the plight of these very precious horses. Just being at Grosvener Square on that day, in front of The American Embassy in the grounds amongst the statues and words of great U.S Presidents of the past, gave me such food for thought. It brought to mind the words of Dwight David Eisenhower’s first Inaugural Address on January 20, 1953 – ‘The faith we hold belongs not to us alone, but to the free of all the world.'”

Maria Daines added, “There is danger in removing the beauty of living nature from its natural surroundings. For when the last horse is rounded-up, then shall we look back and regret that we could not live and let live, not even for the sake of the generations that will come after us, who will never know what it is we lost and how careless we were to lose it.”

Despite high winds, the Las Vegas rally was a huge success. Advocate Arlene Gawne commented that 500 petition cards were signed along with great coverage from KLAS-TV8. A smaller group of advocates continued the rally on Saturday at the opening of the Clark County Shooting Center and received honks of approval from event attendees. Senator Harry Reid commented that he supported Madeleine Pickens in her efforts for a western home for the captured horses and it was terrible how the horses were being penned.

The Washington DC protest moved from Lafayette Park to the steps of the DOI building. As the rally was winding down, the mounted police arrived. One can’t help but wonder if they were sent for crowd control or came to stand in silent protest with equine advocates. Proudly standing amongst the crowd were the living examples of why advocates are calling for an end to the slaughter of domestic and wild horses. Our horses are not food animals and deserve a humane end to their lives after racing, serving, performing, working or inspiring us as we provide for all non-food animals in our country.

The majestic horses under their mounts spoke volumes of the important role horses play in our society and throughout the history of mankind.

The Equine Welfare Alliance is a dues free, umbrella organization with over 100 member organizations. The organization focuses its efforts on the welfare of all equines and the preservation of wild equids.

Excellent new post from American Herds “Say Something” (Obama)


September 22, 2009

Dear Supporters– the efforts made by so many on behalf of these horses are staggering, we feel that we can make real change if we keep up the pressure. Thank you for everything you have done and are doing!

Just wanted to post a quick all-inclusive update to keep everyone up-to-date:

1. AUCTION: The Pryor auction is to be held on Sept. 26th outside of Lovell, WY- 57 horses, including 12 over ten years old, will be up for adoption. Older horses who aren’t adopted will be sold. We are still working on plans A, B, and C to save these older horses and keep the band stallions with their mares. Thank you for your outpouring of support and work– we will keep you updated on these efforts. These older horses should never, ever have been removed from their wild home. Read more details on the auction by clicking here.  There is camping available nearby, click here for more information. 

2. BLM ADVISORY BOARD MEETING & MUSTANGS on the HILL in Washington DC:  Please bring your friends (and ask pro-mustang Celebrities to come)  to Arlington, VA for the BLM Advisory meeting! This board has been stacked against the horses for over a decade, let’s make a strong showing for the horses and the future of our wild herds! Then let’s head to the hill… On Tuesday, Sept. 29th we’ll start out with a press conference and then fan out for meetings with Senators. Read more here!   Here is a great new article on the ROAM act, let’s get this passed immediately. 

3. KEEP CALLING: Let’s keep up the calls, e-mails, faxes and letters. 

Please take time to call and write your local media as well as national media— we have made an incredible impact but we cannot let up now. Tell them that this is an issue that matters to YOU, ask them to involve you or another local advocate in the story. 

Ask for the release of the older horses and reform of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, fax your comments as well:

  • White House Switchboard – 202-456-1414 (fax: 202-456-2461) E-mail here  Ask for Senior Advisors:  Valerie Jarrett  and David Axelrod. Ask for Michelle Obama too, her office is recieving a tremendous number of calls and they need to continue.
  • Call your Senators – switchboard 202-224-3121 and ask that they support S1579, The Restore our American Mustang (ROAM) Act
  • Call the Senate Committee of Natural Resources – 202-224-4971 (fax 202-224-6163) Email here. ask that they push the ROAM Act through immediately– it must go up for a vote soon in the Senate

Demand reform for our wild horses!

Looking Glass greets Conquistador and another bachelor- 1996

Looking Glass greets Conquistador and another bachelor- 1996