About The Cloud Foundation

The Cloud Foundation, a Colorado non-profit corporation, grew out of Ginger Kathrens’ knowledge and fear for not only Cloud’s herd but other wild horses in the West. “I began to realize that we were losing America’s wild horses,” Ginger says. “They are rounded up by the thousand, losing in an instant what they value most–freedom and family. I realized that even Cloud and his family were in danger.”

“In Cloud’s remote mountain wilderness we have a perfect opportunity to step back and watch nature call the shots. Predators and daunting weather are limiting the herd size—naturally,” she states. “Yet, human over management is jeopardizing their future survival. We could lose Cloud and his herd forever, unless we’re willing to stand up for them now.”

The non- profit Cloud Foundation is dedicated to preventing the extinction of Cloud’s herd through education, media events and programming, and public involvement. The Foundation is also determined to protect other wild horse herds on public lands, especially isolated herds with unique characteristics and historical significance.


30 Responses to “About The Cloud Foundation”

  1. Bev Rogers Says:

    I would like to know what’s going to be done about the roundup
    in Montana. Cloud & his herd better not have been caught up
    in this mess. The government should be ashamed to treat these beautiful horses like this. What’s going on. Is to much to
    ask that these wonderful amazing horses be left alone to live out their lives. Why is the government so hungry for money,
    they need to sell them for horsemeat to the highest bidder.
    I know that our Lord in Heaven must be crying. What has to
    be done to stop this brutal and inhumane treatment of these

    I want a reply from someone.

    Beverly Rogers
    A ver concerned citizen.

    • m.a. foster Says:

      Do you like seeing horses dying of thirst in drought?
      Do you like seeing riparian habitat destroyed?
      Do you like seeing the mountains in which they live turned into desert mountains of sand, that no horse, deer, antelope, sage hen, chukar, mountain lion, bobcat, lynx, fish, raptors, etc. can live?

      Well that is EXACTLY what will happen if the numbers of horses are not reduced!

      Has nothing to do w/the govt making money. I love watching the horses on the range, but there are far too many for the fragile ecosystem avail.. Will make no difference if they are allowed “total” range rights, as the existing designated areas were established because that is WHERE the horses prefer; they will stay where they CURRENTLY are. When, previously, they have disappeared from a particular area, it is only temporary (if they haven’t destroyed it completely) as they move to another water/grazing source during these drought years.

      Every cowman/boy I know, enjoys seeing the horses. BUT, horses stand digging & pawing, rolling in the riparian areas & springs on the range to cool themselves; when every other animal using that range comes, takes a drink & leaves. The habitat can tolerate only so many horses parking on the riparian areas before there are devastating consequences for all.

      It is only common sense to reduce numbers & castrate the less quality studs, creating stronger, healthier herds.

      As to the accusation that the roundup practices injure the horses… has anyone considered how many of those horses are already injured prior to the gather? I have witnessed many in the herds, living wild, w/injuries.

      I love horses, will never be without them, have 16, know how they react (in the real world) & know these horses are not being abused in any way while gathered. They receive the best veterinary care avail. & every precaution is taken to ensure their safe, humane treatment.

      I want to see them remain on the range… HEALTHY, in a healthy ecosystem, where quite frankly, they are NOT NATIVE… You can thank the ranchers for the beautiful animals you see today, as they have sent many a good stud onto the range to add quality blood into the herds! They then, harvested many to use, thereby maintaining healthy numbers. Deer, antelope, cats, cattle are all managed, why should the horse (the most destructive of all those using the range) be excluded? Heck, WE use birth control, because we know in our current world, smaller families are healthier, more practical. Well, everything needs moderation…

      If the horses are not gathered & managed, we will end up w/ mountains of sand as the Steps of Tibet have become due to miss management. Horse paths are not “trails” but 4′ (& widening) freeways, destroying the vegetation holding the delicate decomposed granite & sandy soil in place.

      Continue of your naive path & there will not be any herds of horses, antelope, deer, or (God forbid) an historic cowboy on the mountain…. you will have killed the Basin & Range’s ability to support any life! The modern day rancher is college educated & VERY eco-sensitive, lives on the range, knows it loves it. You, should be wary of the politicals w/an agenda that spend a few weeks looking at one very small part of a huge picture, working on your sympathies for a domesticated animal, slanting the truth of it.

      And yes, I am a rancher who enjoys the privilege of running cattle on the range. We maintain a very healthy rangeland, it is part of our soul. We watch the horses & enjoy them, but are saddened by the destruction we witness by the massive numbers of horses. Nothing else affects the range as they do. Our cattle numbers are half of those set for the range, to maintain range health. We raise enough feed, we could stay productive if we were deprived the use of the range; BUT, that would not reverse the past damage by horses or that will occur in the future if they are left unchecked.

      Use your heads & do not get sucked into this media driven travesty. Save the range & herds for your children’s children… they won’t be there on this path.


      A VERY concerned rancher/horse lover.

      • Suzanne Moore Says:

        Maybe you really ARE concerned, but you certainly are not informed. Educate yourself and then come back, okay?

        The COWS are the ones that stay at the water. Horses may roll and play for a few minutes, but then they LEAVE. Cattle do NOT leave.

        You REALLY need to read this: http://www.publiclandsranching.org/htmlres/wr_lifeblood_west.htm

        None of us wrote this. But it does underscore what animals are destroying the range.

      • sandra longley Says:

        SERIOUSLY, horses travel up to 50 miles a day, cattle tend to be slow grazers staying close to the water holes..I have ranched and raised both horses and cattle, I have seen ranchers that abided by their allotments and those that dumped more than their allotment of cattle on their permits..The whole truth is that the cattle and sheep have done a significant amount of damage to our public land…That is after all OUR land you are running your cows on-that is why they are called welfare ranchers..Either learn to share-or -become part of the “or”

      • Mrs. Madeleine Lapointe-Millar Says:

        This is such a self-serving, inaccurate series of statements, but that doesn’t surprise me coming from someone who probably enjoys use of PUBLIC lands without having to bother purchasing said land.
        Everything that you have said flies in the face of recorded and time proven truth. The same situation occurred in Kenya, etc., 40 years ago, when the Masai increased their cattle herds hugely, moved unto protected lands, turned it into a desert, thereby killing the wildlife as well as their own cattle!! This is well documented in National Geographic of that time, in which the researcher predicted exactly what happened there due to domesticated cattle, including the spread of previously unknown disease in the wild herds.
        The BLM has been stealing Public Lands by reducing Wild Horse ranges to free them up for the cattle interests for a decade and more. The ‘damage’ and cruelty of the ‘drives’ is also documented, as the Nevada round-ups show, dying foals, miscarriages, absolute terror, abuse (use of cattle prods etc.).
        Your statements sound just like BLM/cattlebaron Propaganda, but it appears that your countrymen and the world are catching on the the truth. Perhaps it will not be too late for mustangs like Cloud, Freedom, the Pryor Mustangs etc.. oh, yes, it should be mentioned that cattlemen are the ones making large sums of money(taxpayer money) to do the capturing, processing, warehousing and so on!! So many millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on a non-existent problem for the benefit of a few vested interests!!! And you probably call the Japanese horrible for hunting whales. That is called hypocrisy in my book. We ARE watching what is happening in your country and it is frightening: when we are Increasing our Protected Lands, the US is degrading and lessening theirs (eg, clear cutting in National Forests, killing half of the last wild herd of Bison in Yellowstone National Park, letting snowmobiles into said (wild state) Park, on so on. Big money and vested interests are running everything in a supposed democracy, but your people are beginning to figure it out and protest…

  2. Jackie Cramer Says:

    Still holding!!!

  3. RJ Daum RPLS Says:

    Are you going to have information at this event?
    Let me know as I will soon be on speaking tour to schools throughout the United States. My sponsor has given approval for me to have time to speak about wild horses also.
    I can not express how much you all mean to me and how special Cloud and the bands are to me. Hopefully money is coming in to you.

  4. Reva Hord Says:

    I’ll try and help any way I can.

  5. Carl Says:

    These horses were released into the wild by humans who could not take care of them. They are neucence critters and need to be kept to managable numbers. They are imbred! They need to be rounded up occasionally and distributed to different areas so that we don’t have one-eyed, hermaphrodite, 6 legged horses! You people that think you’re doing something because you have a cause are more annoying than the horses. Get a real cause like ousting obama!

    • jan eaker Says:

      These horses are descendants of the original Conquistador horses, and they are not taken somewhere else and “redistributed” they are put into long term holding pens, which cost you the taxpayer over $4 million a year, plus $8,000 a day to round them up, and get ready to be REALLY annoyed, because a LOT of us have taken the “cause” of the wild horse herds and are running with it; we are not going away until things change, and I’m not talking about the ousting of Obama, either,

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      Carl ~ Do you have any idea how ridiculous you make yourself look with such an uninformed, ignorant comment? Surely not or you wouldn’t have posted it.

      These horses have been living on this mountain for 100 years. They were stolen from the Lewis and Clark expedition by the Crow, and then released. However, I don’t think it was because the Crow couldn’t take care of them…

      It might interest you to know that the horse originated in North America, became extinct here, only to be reintroduced into their home by the Spaniards in the 1500s.

      They are NOT “feral.” They are native wildlife and should be protected as such.

      What President Obama has to do with this issue I’m not quite sure, but if I read you right, it doesn’t matter anyway. You just want rid of him no matter what he does or doesn’t do. Go spread your ignorance somewhere else. We have much more important things to do than read irrelevant posts like yours.

      Have a nice day now.

      • Anni Miller Says:

        Suzanne is right about You Carl to the T. :o)-
        Obama That is a whole another giant sick problem!

    • Anni Miller Says:

      Oh, I am working hart on ousting obama! I Know what I am doing do YOU?LOL. :o)-

      • Suzanne Moore Says:

        You know what you are doing? I hope what you’re doing is better than your SPELLING!

        Last I noticed, Obama was still in office. Why don’t you concentrate on Salazar and the BLM? Would be a lot more useful.

    • sandra longley Says:

      OK Carl…animals that have severe deformities-are eliminated by mother nature…they cannot survive in the wild…whereas…humans create more genetic problems by interfering in the natural selection process…and you are living proof that someone… interfered!

  6. Britt Says:

    I am curious – has anyone heard what happened to Merlin?

  7. Nona VanDamme Says:



  8. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Dear Cloud Foundation,

    “Great spirits have always found opposition from mediocrities.
    Most cannot understand it when a gentle person that does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices towards horses.

    Ginger Kathren’s honestly and courageously uses her intelligence and fulfills the duty to express the results of her thoughts in clear form.”
    Truely, Albert Eistein was speaking of Gingers Kathren’s of the Cloud Foundation. Her efforts to tutor and expose information to USA citizens has sparked Global interest. Citizens have been denied secret information to end their National Treasure ~ The Wild Mustage.

    Thank you for all your good works
    Barbara Ellen Ries

  9. Louie Cocroft Says:


  10. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I second that!

  11. Shari Welsh Says:

    Thank- you , we will stop wild horse genocide !!!!!!!

  12. Anni Miller Says:

    Please keep me informed. Also I would like to join the Fight & the cost!

    I love & adore MUSTANGS & I am planning to adopt some. What can I do to help!
    We have lots of acreage a creek & a pond! And most of all we LOVE Horses & I get along with any HORSE! :o) I retrained lots of UNTRAINABLE HORSES. One was a stallion thrown down ,hog tied & almost beaten to death by he,s owner at the world show several years ago. Needles to say, I reported him & he is banned from owning any ANIMALs for the rest of he,s Live! He has a good life & Home now & is a wonderful Stallion! I had my own rescue wen I was Younger.

    We need to protect our MUSTANGS.They are part of us, as is our land!
    I would buy cards & stuff too! I hope to hear something soon.
    Yes what happened to Merlin?-

  13. Kim Freeman Says:

    Carl, that was totally ignorant and without any facts since you have never done any research.
    Have you ever seen or heard reports of ANY deformed horses due to inbreeding? NO.
    Maybe before spouting off a bunch of RHETORIC and PROPAGANDA (if you know what those words mean) you should try researching the issue.
    Please, by all means, post here where you get your “inbred, hermaphrodite, one eyed horses”
    And guess what else IDIOT. The DOMESTIC horses that are so “well bred” all over America TODAY are inbred, and you don’t even see deformities like you have described.
    YOU are an ignorant sheep.

  14. themustangproject Says:

    Anyone and Everyone you could every want to contact at the USDA Forest Service 🙂



  15. Carole Photiadis Says:

    I have been writing congress and senators for the past five years concerning the mustangs – I knew of nothing else to do. I am grateful for any and all info you can continue to pass on for helping our mustangs to remain on the land promised to them. These glorious creatures should remain for posterity and I’m willing to fight for them. Thank you for helping our mustangs. I look forward to hearing from you with any and all information.

  16. sandra longley Says:

    I have watched the story of Cloud many times on PBS-deserves an award, and never fails to bring a tear to my eye, and was happy to see he made it thru the fire! Cloud is every mustang..thank you so very much for telling his story!

  17. Angeline Says:

    I’m tired of hearing about cattle doing less damage than a horse.
    Yes a horse can do damage to pasture, but that is fenced pasture and it needs to be regulated, so damage does not occur, which is exactly what they do in the wild. They travel from one grazing spot to the next. They are free ranging always on the move, therefore they aren’t constantly battering the land they walk upon.

    Which brings me back to cattle. A cow eats far more than a horse could ever eat, accommodating for the two stomachs it has. Also as mentioned before they linger for long periods of time. Also look what happened in Hawaii when they began to raise cattle there, the land began to erode and became barren and useless. I know this is vague, but we can use the technology now a days to read into things.

    I think nature will take care of the horse population as it has done with other over populated species. I think natural cause is better than us “people” trying to step in and regulate things.
    We do more harm than any good that way, I mean we bring in a certain fish species to get rid of a certain gnat or fly, and the fish ends up wiping out the native species that inhabit the lake they were introduced to.

    We’re always trying to step-in and and do something cause WE CAN, but more often than not we’re screwing things up by doing so.

    Why don’t we STEP-BACK for once and see what mother nature has in store. We all know what the earth is capable of, so why not just let it run it’s course along with the horses.

    If you want to talk over-population look at people, does that mean we need to start rounding ourselves up and distributing each other to less uninhabited regions?
    That’s another debate in itself…

  18. Sheri The Organic Pet Lady Says:

    I am looking for people to help me put together a concert to raise awareness and $$$$ for this organization to help pay for legal fees to stop this madman, Ken Salazar…
    Who is with me?
    I have sent an email to Willie Nelson.
    I will send another if I get a good response…
    Please, help me help those horses stay on their land-
    God Bless…

  19. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Keep us in the loop.

    He does the big “Farm Aid” concerts, obviously!

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