Colorado Wildfires – What does it mean for our wild horses?

A lot of folks have been asking us about all the wildfires that are happening in the state of Colorado. There are a lot of them occurring.

One question on a lot of peoples’ minds: what does this mean for the wild horses?

Right now, none of the fires burning in the state are threatening any of the wild horse herds in Colorado.


One dun Colorado band stallion

The fires nonetheless are very serious, many people have lost their homes and thousands more have been evacuated across the state. The Waldo Canyon Fire is the one threatening a lot of the western side of Colorado Springs. As you may know, the Cloud Foundation office is located in Colorado Springs, but we are not close to the fire. Many thanks to those of you have called with your concerns.


Two Colorado bachelors

Colorado has 5 wild horse herds left:

– Sand Wash Basin (near Maybell & Craig, off US 40)

– Piceance/East Douglas (south of Rangely, east of Hwy 139)

– West Douglas (south of Rangely, west of Hwy 139)

– Little Book Cliffs (northeast of Grand Junction)

– Spring Creek Basin (north of Cortez, just east of Egnar)

You can hear more about the herds from Ginger in this short video. It also gives an update on West Douglas, which is under immediate danger from BLM, not wildfire.

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