Take Action Now: Stop BLM’s Jackson Mountain helicopter roundup during peak foaling season

You can email and fax Gene Seidlitz, BLM Winnemucca District Manager, and politely ask him to not conduct the proposed helicopter roundup at Jackson Mountain–during peak foaling season. You can ask for them to truck out water and feed as needed. His email is GSeidlit@blm.gov  The Fax # is 775-623-1503.

Please take action now!

6 Responses to “Take Action Now: Stop BLM’s Jackson Mountain helicopter roundup during peak foaling season”

  1. Pauleddy Gomez Says:

    This is unforgiveable. I will email above office as requested and will try to be as polite as possible even though I am angry as hell. Should be a better way to stop this legally; as I doubt our efforts willbe honored. advise.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Have Emailed. God help out wild horses and burros.

  3. Donna Buscemi Says:

    e mailed, called and faxed

  4. Sonja Stimmer Says:

    Emailed, as polite as possible. But I agree with Pauleddy Gomez; I am angry as hell. BLM sucks.

  5. Pauleddy Gomez Says:

    I did follow thru and emailed and faxed but to no avail. I received a reply from Heather Lemmons,blm, and informed me that this is an emergency situation and the decision was made to go ahead with the roundup. will post or email full reply later on this week if possible on this site. I am sure everyone else received same reply from the blm office. If anyone has the status of the condition of the mares&fouls from this roundup, please post it….I am concerned and would appreciate any info.

  6. Nanette Schieron Says:

    Just emailed the BLM. I have no hope that they will do the right thing. Do they ever?

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