More Photos from Our March Visit to the Pryors

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3 Responses to “More Photos from Our March Visit to the Pryors”

  1. Joey Scruggs Says:

    I love this!

  2. missshahera Says:

    Perfect way to keep aware of them all. Thank you!

  3. thaddeushudson Says:

    Hello to all, I see Diamond in some of the pics. and wonder why I havent seen more of him in the past. He was one of the 1st and most beautiful of the horses that I came to love in the beginning. Is he still dominant over Cloud like he was when they were 2 and 3 yrs old and is Cloud still over Red Raven? They were my windows into the world of wild horses and I so enjoyed their antics in the 1st films. Raven fathered some magnificent sons and daughters and I see his legacy is very strong in the pryor mountains. I look so foward to any news about them and pray that they are well. Hello Ms. Katherns. Looking foward to what is to come from you next.

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