Stone Cabin Wild Horses Released – Feb. 2012

For the hundreds and thousands that are removed from the wild, there are still a lucky few who are released back. The Stone Cabin Wild Horse Complex roundup in eastern Nevada removed over 600 horses from their rangelands. Here are some of those that got the chance to go back home. Their families have been splintered, but at least they are free again. Photos of are both mares and stallions. All mares were treated with the infertility drug PZP. All photos were taken by Elyse Gardner, who was on site for the release. You can check out her reports from the field at her Humane Observer blog here.

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4 Responses to “Stone Cabin Wild Horses Released – Feb. 2012”

  1. Chris Posey Says:

    Freedom for only a few. They are beautiful.

  2. Kathryn Baker Says:

    how beautiful to see them coming out of the trailer and heading for freedom! It helps to see some good news for the wild ones for a change.

  3. Bryony McIlwaine Says:

    Thank you for all your efforts, do you need volenteers? I’ve been riding too long to remember cross counrty.

  4. [tCF post] Stone Cabin (some) Wild Horses Released! – Feb 18 2012 « cssssswv Says:

    […] Trouble clicking? Copy/paste URL into browser: […]

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