Action Alert: Cloud’s Echo

Erasing the Memory of Cloud

Dear Cloud Friends;

I know many of you have already sent in your comments to the BLM regarding the planned permanent removal of 30 young Pryor mustangs, but I’d like you to consider adding a special plea for Echo, Cloud’s little grandson (BLM name is Killian).

In April 2010, Bolder’s black mare, Cascade, gave birth to a pale colt. It was early May before Makendra and I could get up on the Pryors to look for the colt that supposedly looked like Cloud. We spotted Bolder and his family far out on a still snowy, finger-like ridge on Sykes. We could see a little colt lying in the snow under a juniper tree. He looked snow white but, on closer examination, I could see his stockings and the blaze on his face. On the tip of his nose he had a pink snip, just like his great grandpa Raven, his grandpa Cloud, and his father, Bolder.

A young version of a familiar sight

I named him Echo because he looked so like Cloud. But, I was to learn that his resemblance to Cloud was much more than skin deep. We laughed as he ran and lept off the ground. Here he is playing on Sykes Ridge when he was a few weeks old.

His dun sister had been born in the snow on the day Makendra and I hiked out to photograph the band. Here is footage of curious Echo meeting Kicks-A-Lot (BLM name is Kiva) when she was just one day old.

Echo & his new sister, Kicks-A-Lot

Outgoing is an understatement for Echo. In the months that followed I watched him develop into quite a precocious little fellow. He played with yearlings when he was just a foal. As a yearling he would march right up to band stallions. Well, I thought, you’ll become a great band stallion if you don’t killed first. His brave, yearling exploits usually ended with him running back to his mother to nurse!

Echo playing with the yearling, Shaft, in summer 2010. Both could be removed in 2012.

Cloud & his grandson (Photo by Carol Walker)

Echo has unusual genetics (his mother is perhaps the only off-spring of Cloud’s rival, Mateo) and he is the only young palomino on the mountain. He is a powerful, athletic colt who will pass on his strength to his offspring—if he gets a chance.

The removal of Echo will be a personal tragedy for me. Although I believe that Cloud will live for many more years, he will not live forever. When he is gone, we will still have Echo as a physical reminder of the great stallion who inspired me, and so many of you.

Three generations left to right: Bolder, Echo, Cloud. (Photo by Deb Little)

I ask you to speak up for Cloud’s Echo. Thanks so much for fighting for his freedom!

Echo - Dec. 2011

Happy Trails,


P.S.  The Cloud Foundation does not support the removal of any young horses from the Pryor Mountains—certainly not at this time of year, and certainly not 30 youngsters, which will leave the herd under populated and vulnerable to eventual die-off.

42 Responses to “Action Alert: Cloud’s Echo”

  1. scnpaqci Says:

    Very beautiful…it seems there is room for all of those horses or maybe they should get them another added field to live on as they are very beautiful and necessary parts of our life….They may become our only mode of transportation if the gas and oil runs out…We have enough land for all of them,,,,they belong to the earth just like us…we need to protect their rights as they can’t talk our language…the horses have much to give us and we need to share with them.

  2. karen lyons kalmenson Says:

    this beautiful herd
    let them live in peace
    all human harrassment
    must immediately cease
    or empty echoes
    no wonderful equine sounds
    there will be life in the pryor
    without these beautiful
    creatures around

  3. patty peek Says:


  4. Barbara Joseph Says:

    I sent a letter asking them to leave the horses alone for a while, that we needed those horses to repopulate or we’d lose them. However, I didn’t know at the time that they were taking all the young ones. I did fear they’d take Echo though just because …..
    God help us to save them all.

  5. Linda Hansen-Caughell Says:

    Wow What a beautiful colt and I hope the he will have the right to run free. BLM should let are wild mustangs live free and run free in the mountains that they are growing up in. This is a part of our history. We have had wild mustangs roam free for a long time.

  6. Katy Sinclair Says:

    These are so cute I wish the BLM wouldn’t round the babies and their moms up 😦

  7. Beverly Stratton Says:

    I have been reading the blogs from Deb Little for over a year and am incredibly fortunate to have had access to this information. I am still uncertain of what we are to do to help prevent the removal of these incredible wild horses. I have seen some beautiful ones also roaming in special sanctuaries in North Carolina right on the beaches. Thanks, Beverly Stratton in Palmer, Alaska

  8. Linette Moore Says:

    Legacy’s are just that. He is a living legacy of Cloud and cannot be replaced. If he wasnt meant to be here , he wouldnt have been born. may the Angels watch over him and his band. May no man disrupt them!

  9. Melody Perez Says:

    All the more reason to use our voice to speak out, up and over the mantra that continues to roar into the hearts of the uneducated public who believe the continual lies. Write your letters…make your calls…

  10. Colleen Schehr Says:

    I would like to plead, beg, whatever it is I can say or do to please allow these young Pryor Mustangs to remain free, with their herd. It is heartbreaking and I beg you to please allow them their freedom. I can only pray that my words will make a difference in your decision. I am not a crazy tree hugger begging to save some endangered species of butterfly, I am a horse lover, this country was founded on the backs of these noble animals and they deserve our respect. The least we can do is allow them the chance to be free. Because after all that is what this great country is all about is it not? FREEDOM>

  11. Jonathan Says:

    I really hope that Echo and all the young Pryor Mustangs will stay wild and free forever.

  12. HorseLady7 Says:

    I fear if we request special preference to Echo the BLM will seek him out. I will pray daily for the freedom of our wild horses.

  13. Action Alert – Pryor Mountain Wild Horses « Pam Nickoles Photography Says:

    […] Alert: Cloud’s Echo (Be sure to watch the video on the “Cloud’s Echo” link above. It’s adorable […]

  14. Irene Filacchione Says:

    I did leave a message for the BLM asking that no action be taken to remove any horses at this time, young or old. I also stated my disappointment of the BLM’s performance in the last 40 years, my new awareness of what is happening as well as an awakening in the country as to their mismanagement and bias against the horses. I expressed my realization that there is a conflict of interest between the BLM’s “management” of horses and the awards of our public lands for a pittance to large ranchers, mining and energy interests. It is plain to see that these take precedence to the horses. I am all for asking but I am convinced the horses need to be removed from the BLM’s jurisdiction. If they’ve been rounded up, killed, put in concentration camp like enclosures, what makes us think they will stop now? If we keep asking them to do a “better” job, we’re barking up the wrong tree. They can’t do it. Otherwise it would have happened by now. I should have said they “won’t” do it. The horses are collateral damage to what they really want to do and we need to change our strategy, get them away from the BLM and do PR so that everyone in the country knows what is happening.

  15. Toni Gammons Newberry Says:

    Please read and post. We can not let this happen to this majestic herd. Echo along with the others should be left alone to be wild, free running so they can grow old like their Grandpa and Dad…Generations of beautiful free horses.

  16. Paula Vigil Says:

    As with any ‘wild’ animals if mankind keeps removing the strongest of the blood lines the ones left behind will not have the genitics to fight extention. I understand part of the reasons they feel the need to thin the heards but like I send the blood lines are inmortant to keep intact. Keep Clouds “Echo” home with his family! Keep the youth of the next generation intact.

  17. JoAnn Pochciol Says:

    The BLM has removed enough horses from the west & I hope they don’t touch Cloud’s band. I’ve sent messages to them about the wild horse round ups to no avail. Some of the horses die from exhaustion & the babies run their feet off on the rocks while being pushed by the helicopter. This is cruel & inhumane & I wish it would stop.

  18. Dianna Wilder Says:

    He sure is a frisky one a lot like Cloud!

  19. suzanne o'meara Says:

    please leave the horses free & wild in nature forever ; they have special feelings & rights.

  20. Debbie gaston palmer Says:

    why is it we cant keep our visions of ponies running free on the land provided for them? It is a place of beauty. I visited the Pryors with my best friend Connie Payant and our dad Robert vinzant last year. We came to where the crime scene tape of Admiral and his son. Where they were they were killed by a drunk driver of all things. I want to see all the horses stay where they belong. Are these people just another drunk drivers and taking these animals and not knowing what they are doing? These lives should not be taken from where they are and let them live where they belong. Have we not lost enough lives in the pryors? Lets fight to keep them in the home they love and run free in until they are taken by their maker. They are there for one reason to run free and keeping memories alive for us to enjoy and remember the beauty of their freedom. Lets keep on fighting for all our wild friends. We will overcome all the drunk drivers at Blm and save them from all of this horror.

  21. Emily Says:

    Do not kill off something so rare. Why are you humans so mean? This isn’t a choice you deserve to have. Obviously you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to horses, or how to respect them. You’ll pay for all you will do here, someday!

  22. Dawn Traver Miller Says:

    One look at these pictures should be enough for any human being to realize that this is where these horses belong not in corals! Please leave Killian and the other Pryor foals and Mustangs on the range wild an free forever the way the original mustang act of 1978 intended you to do!

  23. Janet Dufresne Says:

    This is horrible news. These young mustangs are at grave risk of injury at such a young age. This removal has got to be stopped. The Gov’t has got to be aware that this is leading to the extinction of Our Cloud Herd. Please leave our mustangs from the Cloud as they have not increased their herd this year.

  24. Sharon Sokoloski Says:

    I hope and pray that not only Echo, but none of this herd is removed form their range. Why remove young horses? Is this to destroy this herd? Please let them be!!

  25. darlene Says:

    i love what you guys are doing… i thing wild mustangs should stay WILD thats what their name says…. they’re ment to be free and on going… thanks again… 🙂

  26. Jeannie Hernandez Says:

    Echo and all of the other Pryor horses SHOULD not be removed.These horses should be free & unharmed to enjoy their short lives here on Earth.

  27. Diana Says:

    To the Bureau of Land Management: Please don’t desecrate a beautiful, strong herd of wild Mustangs. To break up this family by removing 30 of it’s youngsters would be a tremendous, shameful crime. Why can’t people just stop ‘meddling’ with nature. All we do is just muck things up for the next generation to try and “fix” later on. Just let nature take it’s course, the way it’s meant to be. Please leave “Echo” AKA “Killian” and his Pryor siblings with their family. It’s all they’ve ever known. It’s where they’re supposed to be…wild and free. Thank you for your valuable time.

  28. c j balmer Says:

    please forward links that will continue to lobby the BLM to leave our wild herds alone

  29. Angela Says:

    I’m all for Echo (and all the other young and old Mustangs on the mountain) to remain free. I’m signing this in hope that we all raise our voices and stop the horrific and tragic round ups that tear apart horse families

  30. pacemakergirl Says:

    i grew up watching cloud grow up as well, i watched the first documentery on him when i was 10 and watched him grow into the strong band stallion tht he is now,id hate for his children and his childrens children to miss out on the freedom their father and grandfather and great grandfathers got to have, the wild horses belong wild and should stay that way forever

  31. Land Says:

    I hate that the BLM thinks they have a right to play God with other creatures’ lives and futures. someone ought to round THEM up by helicopter and auction them off to people. see how they like their freedoms being taken from them. or having their children rounded up and taken from them. Might change their tune a bit.

  32. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you for your efforts to keep the public posted about the Pryor Mt. band. I will be writing a letter today and will also try to get some of my horse loving friends to do the same.

  33. Francesca Argiro Says:

    We need to leave all Mustangs alone and free. And that includes Echo.

  34. Theressa Says:

    If we remove Clouds band and family members we will lose History forever

  35. ellen grossman Says:


  36. Ashley Jackson Says:

    Why must they remove the young horses from the herd?

  37. Sally Mitchell Says:

    If they would only listen, leave the wild horses alone.

  38. gudrun wicart Says:

    Echo and the Pryor Mustangs have to be left alone!!

  39. Diane Rechner Says:

    Get everyone you know to e-mail the BLM at the address above before January 20th. Cloud’s Prior Band is very very special. Voice your opinion to stop the roundups, especially against this very treasured Cloud’s family. We love them.

  40. Erin Haney Says:

    PLEASE—tell us what we can do to REALLY HELP—-and make a DIFFERENCE!!!

  41. Sonja Stimmer Says:

    I am absolutely against the BLM roundups, no matter where they are. But this is the tip of the iceberg! When will there be finally something done, something effective, that get’s rid of the BLM, rid of the holding pens and let the horses run free.

  42. Pegleg Says:

    I am going to the Arrowheads in July 2012 to view the horses. I love Ginger and all those whose goal is to preserve the beauty of creation such as Cloud and all the wild horses. BLM leave them alone! Let nature take care of nature!

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