Park Service Puts Up Pryor Signage

Park Service Puts Up Pryor Signage

Dear Supporters of the Pryor Wild Horse Herd;

I want to share the following letter we received this week from the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (BCNRA) regarding signage which they have erected along the paved Park Highway. It alerts motorists that there are animals on the road. We appreciate your emails and letters encouraging this action by the BCNRA in response to the hit and run deaths of the band stallion, Admiral, and his yearling son, Climbs High (Kapitan is his BLM name) along the park highway last summer.

Climbs High, May 2011

As you may recall, the driver of a truck, Adam Finn of Germantown TN, was intoxicated when he ran them down at 2 am  on July 24th. His case is being heard in the Lander, WY U.S. District Court and, as yet, no decision has been reached. Mr. Finn drove away from the accident, but his truck broke down about a mile from the crime scene. Authorities found him still drunk in his truck the next morning.

We appreciate the signage which the BCNRA put up this fall to alert drivers that animals may be on the road. It is common to see not only wild horses, but bighorn sheep and deer as well as smaller animals along the highway, hence the generic nature of the signs.

Photo Courtesy: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Thanks for speaking up. Your voices made a difference!

Happy Trails!


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6 Responses to “Park Service Puts Up Pryor Signage”

  1. Ann Landstrom Hilmanowski Says:

    I am glad the animals on the road, warning signs are up. I hope they prevent the deaths of any more horses, and other animals. I doubt drunk drivers like Adam Finn, of Germantown, TN, will read or head them, but every little bit we can do may help.

  2. Shirleyvh Says:

    That is great that the Bighorn Canyon recreation group was good enough to do signs. They might help the other Wild Ones who still live and graze there.

  3. Mar Wargo Says:

    Well, at least it is there. It could have said “Horses” and there should be a yellow sign with a horse on it on both sides of the road.

    Maybe they will let folks put them up if the state does not have to pay for it. m

  4. Lethie Lanham Says:

    It’s better than nothing.

  5. rhetoricaheroica Says:

    In this current climate of anti-horse legislation…any little bit helps.

  6. Louie Cocroft Says:

    NOW, they need to TAKE DOWN THAT FENCE.

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