An Update Video on the Divide Basin Roundup

Dear Wild Horse Champions;

We invite you to screen the linked 10-minute story about our trip late last month to the vast, sage-covered landscapes of southern Wyoming. Lauryn Wachs and I attended the roundup of wild horses in the Great Divide Basin.

As many of you know, I would rather be strung up by my thumbs than attend these sad and savage events. It blows me away that our tax dollars are still being wasted on helicopter roundups to scour the land of these beautiful creatures. But, the program speaks for itself—both to the beauty of the land and the horses.

One family band still free in the wild of Divide Basin

We did have time to drive through the range (with Carol Walker as our guide) and we filmed wild horse families not yet molested by roundup crews. This, of course, was wonderful. That footage is included in the film as well. Also included in the short presentation are some stats that reflect the unfair treatment of wild horses on our public lands in the West and should help you frame arguments and complaints.

One band ran up toward our car on their way from the waterhole

Please watch the show and then email your concerns to your U.S. Senators and Congressional representatives at or send them a letter or give their offices a call, or do all three… over and over again. Be a polite pest and make a difference!  Thanks so much.

These stallions have lost their freedom forever

Do what you can to help us fight for these beleaguered animals by donating to our efforts.

Happy Trails!


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8 Responses to “An Update Video on the Divide Basin Roundup”

  1. Lethie Lanham Says:

    So very hard to watch. Saw some beautiful horses in these photos. When I see that helicoptor, it just makes me sick. Will do all I can by contacting various individuals but my letters seem to just get ignored. Need some heavy hitters on our side to break through this stone wall. Thanks, for all your efforts Ginger. I to would rather be stung by 1,000 yellow jackets than watch these horses lose their freedom.

  2. Mar Wargo Says:

    Thanks Ginger, we need you out there despite how painful it is. There are just not enough of us to who can get there! These wonderful Wyoming horses need us. If only we had alternatives that could be applied NOW! This attempting to stop BLM over and over has gone on too long. They need to shut this down and work with us to make change. Will they? I doubt it. But this is where we are… acting to make those changes even though we are talking to brick walls.

  3. Michael J Ahles Says:

    Thanks Ginger,

    Someone has to report these atrosities of genocide,
    And I am sorry it is you.
    Be strong,


  4. Tobias Says:

    I love my chosen country.
    I fear the government.
    And all those that commit evil in their name.

  5. Alyssa Petrovna Silverman Says:

    Thank you for this tragic yet wonderful write up. I’m definitely planning on calling my congress people.

    I was wondering though, do you have any guidelines for what specifically should be said when calling representatives, such as reference to a specific law…etc. that sanctions these horrible round ups? I think that would be helpful for lay folks like me and others who want to help but aren’t 100% up to date on the details of the roundup practice.


  6. Louie Cocroft Says:

    We are all working hard to save something that belongs to America and to our future generations. This is a good interview and there are so many parallels:


  7. Louie Cocroft Says:

    I think I remember that Senator Mary Landrieu was talking about putting them under the Park system. I’m not sure how or whether that would work, but, somehow, there must be a way to link up the Herd Areas in all of the Wild Horse states. They are already catagorized as Federally Protected Wildlife…BY LAW.

  8. Barbre Says:

    Time and time again our requests for the BLM to not use the cruel act of helicopters is completely ignored. I don’t understand how they can get away with the cruelty they practice. We need to continue to complain, maybe someday the right thing will be done. It is heartbreaking to see how the government allows the use of helicopters.

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