Admiral & Climbs High – Photos

In honor of the lives of the “Greeters at the Gate:” Admiral and his son, Climbs High, whose lives were ended by a drunk driver on July 24, 2011, we’ve assembled a few photos of the two and their family.

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Admiral (2000 – 7/24/2011) & Climbs High (5/21/2010 – 7/24/2011)



11 Responses to “Admiral & Climbs High – Photos”

  1. David Fiedler Says:

    This is very sad indeed. Such a needless tragedy put upon these beautiful horses. I have emailed the Big Horn National Recreation Area to endorse better and more prominent signage, although I doubt it would deter a drunk driver already unaware of his surroundings. Hopefully, the perpetrator is not allowed to get away with a slap on the wrist. Drunk driving should always be punished severely.

  2. Ronald Says:

    Tears run treu my eyes when i wright this and all i can say is rest in peace,your a insperation for all horse lovers and animal lovers in genaral.

    Spain ( europe )

  3. Joanne wells Says:

    I am so saddened by beautiful Admiral and Climbs High death. So unnecessary. I just love horses. This all just makes me cry…What ever punishment that drunk driver gets is not enough.
    Whatever I can do I will help…
    Would love to see about adopting..

  4. ShirleyVH Says:

    They were such a great family. Little Climbs High and Admiral. I hope the driver was caught and made to do duty helping at a rescue ranch.
    Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  5. Louie Cocroft Says:

    Ginger, I stopped by to pay my respects. Thank you for this Beautiful Tribute.

  6. Louie Cocroft Says:

    The Quiet War Against Wyoming’s Wild Horses
    August 12, 2011

    Andrew Cohen hits another home run in the Atlantic

  7. Jonathan Stander Says:

    Admiral and Climbs High are in a better place now. They’re with Sitka, Shaman, Raven, Storm, Dusty, Cloud’s grandmother Isabella, Gemini, the 2004 foals, and the horses that didnt make it through the winter. They’re in the meadows of heaven

  8. nancy ferrell Says:

    So very sad.Hope they foung who the drunk driver do a wonderful job ginger and all thank you nancy ferrell

  9. Inside NATURE: The Cloud Blog ~ Tragedy on the Pryor Mountains | Nature | PBS Says:

    […] more photos of Admiral, Climbs High, and the rest of their family, click here. Never before seen video of Climbs High minutes after he was […]

  10. Caroll S. Clark Says:

    A Most heart warming reflection of the last days of 2 beloved of God’s creation. May the Wyoming Wild Horses always greet NEW LIFE with such VIM & Vigor. As in this reflection they genuinely demonstrate what it is to love new life, rise up, survive the wintery blast and launch onward full of grace and beauty.

    It all seems to be a glorious Parable of how all might address LIFE, Live it., and move on through it. and receive its finality with an awareness that we did not live in vane.

  11. Admiral & Climbs High: A Tribute « Reach Out to Horses Blog Says:

    […] more photos of Admiral, Climbs High, and the rest of their family, click here.  To see the never before seen video of Climbs High minutes after he was born, click […]

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