Planning to Visit Wild Horse Country?

Here are some tips from Ginger…

Dear Wild Horse and Burro fans,

Happy Summer! I know many of you will be traveling to wild horse and burro country to get a glimpse of our treasured icons of freedom.  At least, I hope so.

Below are the rules I abide by in wild horse country.

  • How do I interact with wild horses and burros? I don’t. The last thing I want is to be stared out by a wild horse or burro or any wild animal for that matter.
  • I speak in a low voice if I’m talking to other wild horse watchers. We have entered their home and I try to show them respect by being as benign as possible.

    Using a longer lens helps you keep your distance but still lets you get that shot!

  • What do I do if they are paying attention to me? I am too close and I move farther away. In general, if I am impacting their natural behavior, I am too close. I want to observe them behaving naturally, attending to their daily horse duties with their families. In the Pryors the distance to achieve this result is usually 100 feet. It may be much farther in other herds.
  • How do I get good pictures if I am far away? Get a longer lens. Then wait with your camera and long lens. Be patient. Park yourself in a place that is visited by the horses, like a waterhole or a well-used trail.
  • What do you I do if a curious foal approaches me?I pick up some small rocks and aim for their feet and legs. My goal is to keep them away and let them know that I am not one bit interesting.
  • It goes without saying that no one should ever attempt to feed wild horse or burros.  In my opinion, trying to feed wild horses and burros is the ultimate in disrespect.

Being patient & not interacting will get you great natural behavior

It is a wondrous experience to be in the presence of such majestic creatures. I try not to abuse this rare privilege.

Have fun! Hope to see you on the trail.




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