Action Alert: Wyoming Wild Horses

How You Can Help WY Wild Horses

Submit your comments by May 6th!

Wild horses in Wyoming currently need your immediate help! With Congress fully funding the BLM, the summer roundup are slated to take off starting in July. Thousands more horses are slated to lose what they value most… their freedom and their families.

The BLM has issued an Environmental Assessment (EA) that attempts to justify the roundup of two herds in that area: White Mountain and Little Colorado. The area comprises over 1 million acres. With a roundup, these two herds will be decimated to a mere 274 horses!  Meanwhile, nearly 6,000 head of cattle or 30,000 sheep are allowed on these same herd management areas (HMAs).

The EA contains inaccurate data and faulty science. For example, two completely different numbers are given for the acreage of the HMAs within the same document, and the BLM website provides yet another entirely different number.

The EA itself also provides impossible and conflicting rates of reproduction (including 100% reproduction!) and census data which does not match within the EA or with the BLM website.

Please help these wild horse herds by taking easy action and submitting your own comments!

You can view The Cloud Foundation’s comments here.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can read the BLM’s full EA here.

For a sample of what you can write, click here.

Remember: Comments are due by 4:30 PM (Mountain Time) Friday, May 6th. Always be polite in your comments and present the facts.

Comments can be submitted via email to: 
With “White Mountain/Little Colorado EA Comments” in the subject line.

Bachelors in the White Mountain HMA, Photo by Rachel Reeves


3 Responses to “Action Alert: Wyoming Wild Horses”

  1. Lexus Says:

    LEAVE THE WILD HORSES ALONE !! stop wasting our tax dollars on this torture and brutality . It is all so unneccessary.

  2. Jan Says:

    i did write a note and i told them i live in apple valley, ca and we have thousands of open land and we would welcome wild horses here – they would be cherished – roy rogers lived here and he loved horses

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      Thank you for helping us in protecting the wild horses. We truly appreciate your support. Warm regards, Kristina Achey The Cloud Foundation 107 South 7th St Colorado Springs, CO 80905 719-633-3842 719-633-3896 fax _____

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