Action Alert: Wild Horse Abuse in Holding Facility

I hope by now you’ve seen our latest video of the squalid conditions at the Salt Lake City Wild Horse and Burro Center by Butterfield Canyon in Utah. For those of you who haven’t, please watch and share:

Last week and into this weekend, the federal government has been trying to avoid a government shut down and come to a budget cut agreement. In the meantime, the BLM is asking for an extra $12 million to conduct their summer roundup schedule to put those horses and burros in short-term and long-term holding facilities throughout the country. Many of these facilities are off-limits to the public, and it’s impossible to tell what kind of conditions wild horses and burros in those facilities are enduring.

We’re asking you to stand with us and tell Congress we will not stand for such abuse of one of America’s most treasured Western icons.

Call/write/email your Congressmen this week! Tell them you won’t stand for your tax dollars to be used to submit these symbols of the American West to cruel and unnecessary roundups and then be warehoused in holding facilities where they are forced to stand knee-deep in muck and manure and have no dry place to lie down! Only through a strong, collective voice can we make a difference!

Special thanks to Lisa Friday for going out there and providing the footage!

The Foundation’s corresponding press release

Lisa Friday’s full report

How to contact your Congressmen:

5 Responses to “Action Alert: Wild Horse Abuse in Holding Facility”

  1. Mar Wargo Says:

    BLM>Utah>Wild Horses and Burros>Wild Horse and Burro Facilities
    Print Page
    Wild Horse and Burro Facilities
    Salt Lake Wild Horse & Burro Center, Delta Wild Horse & Burro Facility,
    and the Central Utah Correctional Facility

    Facility On-line Photo Gallery
    Salt Lake Wild Horse & Burro Center
    Walk-in adoptions are available on a limited basis at the Salt Lake Wild Horse & Burro Center near Butterfield Canyon at 8605 W. 12600 S., Herriman, Utah. Horses and Burros may be viewed during regular business hours (9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday – Friday). Adoptions at the Horse Center are by appointment. Please call the Horse Center for more information at 801-561-4632 or toll free at 877-224-3956. The Wild Horse and Burro Center is located in Butterfield Canyon, west of Salt Lake City (126th South and 8605 West). Take I-15 South to exit 294 and head west for 11 miles. The center is at the base of the mountains, past both Riverton and Herriman. An alternate route is taking 21st to 8400 West, heading south, through Magna on I-11.

    Delta Wild Horse Corrals
    The Delta Wild Horse Corrals serve as a secondary preparation center for wild horses and burros gathered in Utah. It is also used as an overflow holding facility for wild horses and burros from the Salt Lake Regional Wild Horse and Burro Center, and National Wild Horse and Burro Center at Palomino Valley. Located in Delta Utah, the Delta Wild Horse Corrals offer a centrally located facility for transporting horses to the eastern United States. The facility was built in 1976 as the primary holding facility for wild horses and burros gathered in Utah and as an overnight stop for animals being shipped to the facilities in the east. With the completion of the Salt Lake Regional Wild Horse and Burro Center, the Delta Facility was used to hold horses and burros gathered in Southern Utah as space became limited at the Salt Lake Horse Center. In 2002, The BLM purchased 4 adjoining acres to the Delta Facility and in 2003 expanded its holding capacity from 100 to 300 head with the addition of the new corrals.
    Adoption Details: Adoptions are by appointment only, please call (435) 743-3100. Facility hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and closed on federal holidays.
    Directions: from Main Street in Delta, Utah, turn north on 400 W, turn west on 200 N and cross the railroad tracks, turn north on 450 W, turn east on 300 N, turn north on 400 W, turn east on 400 N and follow road to the north for one block to the facility.

    Central Utah Correctional Facility
    The Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, Utah is a holding and training facility. Adoptions are by appointment only. For Adoption information, conact Dona Bastian at (435)896-1538, or email her at . Directions: Facility is located 1/4 mile east of Gunnison, Utah on Highway 89. For more information about the Gunnison Wild Horse Program, call (801)539-4057.

  2. Margaret Says:

    So these are the new standards for BLM. Lovely. Those poor horses. I just got a letter from one of my Senators and part of it–gives me pause for concern. And that was before this video came out. Just another reason to write.

    Geez, these people even have a bulldozer–they can clean up these corrals. Sure its dirty and stinky. But they allowed conditions to get to this point. It didn’t happen overnight.

    Another point about cleaning those corrals. That’s why you have hot water and running showers. You clean up afterwards.

  3. Louie Cocroft Says:

    THANK YOU, Lisa Friday! Conditions at Aushwitz MUST BE MADE PUBLIC. Senators already contacted.

  4. chris murphy Says:

    I absoluteley believe NO more tax dollars should be given to the BLM. They should have to have these horses treated for whatever medical conditions they surely have after enduring such horrible confinement. Then they should be RETURNED to the wild from where they were taken!I’m sure so few horses would make NO impact on the environment they came from.(The wild)

  5. Louie Cocroft Says:

    Chris, you are SO RIGHT! They were NOT harming the environment BEFORE they were captured.

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