Long Term Holding Report

New Article from Natural Horse MagazineLong Term Holding Update & Report. Thank you to reporter Ellen McCoy and photographer Betsy Brown who attended the media day tour of longterm holding facilities in Oklahoma for Natural Horse.

Paint Mustang in Longterm Holding in OK- photo by Betsy Brown


4 Responses to “Long Term Holding Report”

  1. Jo De George Says:

    When God created horses it was on one of his very best days.

  2. sandra longley Says:

    Not a tree in sight for shade in the summer or windbreak in the winter..lotsa freezin rain there..NOT wild horse country..like to take the tour in the winter????

  3. Andi Says:

    Is this “Pioneer Woman’s” sanctuary? I’m thinking hers is in OK?

    I know the horses here in Oregon right now on the range would sure love to see all that grass! They are under a LOT of snow up on the Steens, like 2′ or more, frozen water sources, seen pawing at mud holes and mineral licks. We have started a couple of “HMA Watch” groups and I am hoping the babies we saw born in the late fall will still be around come spring, which is about June up on the high desert.

  4. Sara Says:

    What a beautiful horse, such a magnificent creature.

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