OIG Fails in Investigation of BLM

For Immediate Release 

OIG Whitewashes BLM Mismanagement of Dwindling Wild Horse & Burro Herds

Timing suspect as Congress considers budget increase for unwarranted and costly roundups; Foundation calls for defunding of roundups

Washington D.C. (December 14, 2010)—Failing to look at the actual numbers of wild horses and burros left in the American West, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a report yesterday condoning BLM’s documented abuse of America’s Wild horses and burros, even ignoring wild horse deaths at the roundups OIG attended. The BLM allows the destruction of public lands by millions of privately owned livestock, repeatedly blaming a few thousand wild horses and burros for the damage. 30 years ago there were three times more wild horses and burros in the wild than there are today.

“The BLM is getting away with murder and the American taxpayers are paying for it,” states Cloud Foundation Director, Ginger Kathrens. “Our government is letting down our wild horses and burros as well as the American public who want them preserved. This OIG report is clearly just a case of one government agency talking to another.”

Press release continued online here…

OIG Report: http://bit.ly/DOI-OIG


2 Responses to “OIG Fails in Investigation of BLM”

  1. Kathy O. Says:

    I thought the Inspector General was Glenn Fine…I assume he wasn’t able to participate. I’m really disappointed in Atty. Gen. Eric Holder & Mr. Fine for not giving the Wild Horses more support. In 2010 I adopted 4 BLM captured Wild Mustangs, ……..the last 2, BLM captured in UT & OR, Nov. 2008, arrived emaciated….every bone clearly visible. Since the BLM is helping the Wild Mustangs….I’m really happy they arrived @ my place…They really needed me! They have 24 hr. access to 2 huge bales of hay & Purina feed….finally, the poor dears. I’ve just had them 3 weeks & seem to be doing much better!

  2. Linda Pullen, R.N. Says:

    I’ve written repeatedly to my congressmen and get letters showing that they believe the spin put out by Salazar. It is clearly a case of the Good Old Boys Club sticking togeather despite clear documentation to the contrary. Let’s keep a writing campaign going. There are a few people of conscience in Washington who aren’t in the pockets of well funded special interests. We need to bombard them with facts re the true cost of this . Why aren’t the atrocities that tax payers are forced to pay for subject to being held accountable in a cort of law? The human and wild lives destroyed by our govt. is not right. Whatever happened to Obama’s investigations, transparency, and accountability?

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