A Holiday Visit with Cloud

Click here to read a new letter from Director Ginger Kathrens with many photos plus…

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All photos copyright The Cloud Foundation- enjoy the show!

End of Year Reminders:
~We welcome and depend on your year-end, tax-deductible contributions- please make them by December 31st – you can even make a donation in honor of a two or four-legged friend!

~The Cloud Store is fully-stocked with gifts large and small, all profits from which support our work to protect and preserve Cloud’s herds and those across the West. We have signed prints, books, DVDs plus the new glass pendants- an exclusive photos from Deb Little, the 2011 Calendar has stunning photos by Carol Walker and there are Breyer models and posters too. Please place your order by Thursday, December 16th to insure that we can get your gifts by Christmas. Visit the Cloud store online or call 719-633-3842 to order. Thank you!

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17 Responses to “A Holiday Visit with Cloud”

  1. sandra longley Says:

    Everyone looks fabulous!! cotton tail is doing well also, altho he looks like he belongs in Adobe Town..Merry Christmas to all the Pryor horses and all those at Cloud F…we love you all!

  2. R.T. Fitch Says:

    Thanks for sharing, M. You guys are braver souls than myself as snow and I do not mix. Ice is formed to be in a glass, not on my nose and ears.

    Great shots.


  3. Karen L. Says:

    Wonderful pictures! Happy and peaceful holidays to the Pryor mustangs and to the Cloud Foundation! Thank you for braving the elements and sharing the photos.

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Looking good. Echo has grown so.. great pics and glad you are so dedicated to get up there in the snow and cold to visit. Peace and Love and have the best of holidays, all! hugs, mar

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Love the full face shot of Echo! mar

  6. morganlvr Says:

    Incredible shots! I can’t stop looking at them, over and over LOL! Agree with Mar – that full face shot of Echo is priceless! What a face! Thanks so much for sharing, and I agree, you are intrepid!

    May the peace of the season be with Cloud and all the Pryor horses now and through the coming year. I will continue to hope and pray that we all find a way to save not only these horses, but the others as well.

    Love to all.

  7. Nancy Babcock Says:

    So wonderful to see Cloud and his family alive and well–and so excruciatingly sad to realize how his family has been so ravaged by the roundups and to read the prediction of the demise of all the wild horse herds by USC’s Dr. Betts,providing the current roundup rates continue. Thanks, Ginger & Cloud, for making people aware of wild horses–who they are, what they stand for, how their very lives are being threatened, and that they need all of our help to survive. May Echo continue in his granddad’s hoof prints…

  8. Roxy Says:

    Thank you – how wonderful to see them all. The best gift!

    Peace to you all at TCF and freedom for the wild horses is the gift I wish for you and the world.

  9. Linda Horn Says:

    All the photos are so beautiful! Echo is precious. If he’s ever targeted for removal, we must find a way to keep him “whole”. We need to keep ahead of the BLM with “premptive” plans for the Pryor horses and so many others by developing a network of transport and temporary “waystations” until we can get them to permanent homes where they can run free.

    I’m not opposed to Spanish Colonials, but did they form the majority of wild herds throughout the American West? NO! Their genes were diluted as they fanned out from Califonia, New Mexico, and Old Mexico. So why should they be given preferential treatment? All of our wild ones should be “treasured”.

    The New World was founded, built, and defended from the backs of horses, mules, and donkeys from the days of Columbus to the 1900s – 400 years! Mechanized vehicles – a little over 100 years. Both the American public and the people of the Western Hemisphere need to be reminded of what these animals contributed to Western Civilization and show some gratitude and respect.

    • Mar Wargo Says:

      We are attempting the beginnings of this network now… this will be our goal for saving family bands and small herds. Keeping our wild ones whole even if they are taken off their home ranges. mar

  10. Louie Cocroft Says:

    Thank you for the Christmas present! Much needed food for the souls of Wild Horse and Burro Warriors.

  11. Louie Cocroft Says:

    This is the herd that brought all of us together

  12. Louie Cocroft Says:

    Perhaps there needs to be a colt named DESTINY

  13. Michael J Ahles Says:


  14. Joey Scruggs Says:

    The Cloud Foundation protects Wild horses in the Pryor Mountains. ‘Cloud’ has been the subject of ongoing documentaries that can be seen on Public Broadcasting-He is beautiful!

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