Comment on BLM’s BAD PZP & Removal Plan for Cloud’s Herd

Billings BLM Wants to Drug & Further Destruct Historic Herd
Send Letters by Wednesday, Dec. 1st

Part of Bolder’s band including Cloud’s grandson Echo- a target for removal in 2011

Dear Friends of Cloud, his family and herd;

Please take a few minutes out of what is a very busy time to year on behalf of Cloud, his family and herd in the beautiful Pryor Mountains of Montana.

We are asking you to comment on the BLM’s Preliminary Assessment, which would allow for five years of infertility drug use (2011-2015) on potentially every mare on the mountain over the age of 1 year! Right now, 54 Pryor mares are currently on infertility drugs, 40 of them on a multi-year drug, PZP-22. Comments are due in writing by December 1st via faxed or mail to the Billings Field Office at (406) 896-5281, or by e-mail to where we will fax them for you. You can also use the free computer fax service online here. If you email your comments to us, please try to do so by 2pm MST on December 1st so we have time to fax them in before BLM closes at 4:30 pm.

You can read the BLM’s proposal online here. Then click on “Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Fertility Control Preliminary Environmental Assessment”.

What is not made clear in this Preliminary Assessment (except by reference) is that not only will nearly all the mares be on infertility drugs, but there will also be a removal of horses animals to reach the dangerously low adult population number of only 120 horses 1 year and older.

Above: Flint’s band -right after he lost them in the PZP-induced social havoc (Flint has since won part of the family back)

This cruel removal action and the indiscriminant use of PZP, along the construction of a barrier fence preventing the herd from accessing essential summer and fall grazing in the Custer National Forest, underscore the enormous threats to the very survival of Cloud and his herd.


If the Pryors is a so-called BLM “treasured herd,” and the last left in Montana, then why is the Billings BLM office acting contrary to the both their own Field Manual, the Wild Horse and Burro Act, peer-reviewed science, and, most importantly, the public’s wishes to see this herd live unmolested and free? The 30 foals born this past year will likely be the only real foal crop for the foreseeable future. We need all of you to let the BLM know just what you think of their experimentation on the world’s most famous and beloved herd.

Please Comment Today
Thank you for help in protecting a future for the Pryor Wild horses- young & old 

We encourage you to read the Cloud Foundation’s full Comments online here + exhibit 5 Phoenix wound timeline and see graphs showing the impacts of PZP on this small herd since 2001. Please comment by December 1, 2010 on this absurd environmental assessment issued by the rogue BLM office in Billings. Thank you! *Please note that a correction was made on timing of 2010 PZP darting done by the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center, see updated comments.*

The Cloud Foundation is currently in litigation with BLM and the Custer National Forest Service challenging the setting of a genetically non viable population number as well as the building of a fence which is currently blocking the horses from passing from BLM land into Forest Service land to access critical summer and late fall grazing.  The fence was finished in October, but our judge has indicated he can order it be torn down.  We hope and pray that will be his decision. Thank you for your support of Cloud’s Legal Fund and your comments on this latest BLM propose action. Remember to comment by Wednesday, December 1st.

Happy trails,



Join the Cloud Foundation on Facebook & Twitter. Thank you for your continued support.

22 Responses to “Comment on BLM’s BAD PZP & Removal Plan for Cloud’s Herd”

  1. Mar Wargo Says:

    The wild horses are simply not safe anywhere the BLM has control. This pressure and the manipulation on this small herd has become unnecessarily sharp. I know people will help them all if they have more removals but ow to stop this continued unscientific population suppression upon the herds home range? This makes them victims where they should be protected from extreme and experimental mismanagement. mar

  2. sandra longley Says:

    Well BLM has proven to be nothing more than a” think tank” of inferior ideas and diabolical solutions. They have returned to their “roots” to try and get rid of the Pryor horses-first they tried to round them up and slaughter them and did some- before being stopped-tried to blackmail and arm twist the local rancher who allowed Wild Horses access to his land(70s) and when they were stopped by advocates then-built the first fence and literally starved the wild horses to death…Now they have reserrected the “fence” because??? “We can”–and further more we are going to take ALL your children and sterilize ALL the females, so that we can leave the “impression” there are still wild horses in the Pryors…Why???’because we can”..Well, the american people say-YOU CANNOT!

  3. Mar Wargo Says:

    Here, Here… Well said. BLM Mad MisManagement…. must be stopped. What they are doing is irreparable harm to many individuals and families. mar

  4. Louie Cocroft Says:


    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is targeting 50 wild horses living outside the Augusta Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA) in north-central Nevada for permanent removal in a roundup scheduled for January 2011. The agency is claiming that these horses must be removed because they are living outside the invisible boundaries of the HMA.

    However, AWHPC has recently learned that the horses are actually living in an area that was once designated as an HMA, but was “zeroed” out as wild horse habitat in 1986 even though livestock grazing was allowed to continue. BLM has the clear authority to leave this small herd in place and reinstate the area as wild horse habitat.

    • Linda Horn Says:

      Yep, changing a HA to an HMA is on the BLM WH&BP “FAQs” page, but so is changing and an HMA to a HA. All at the the discretion of the Secretary.

      So we know the “when” on this HMA. but not the “why”, which is really important. Also, it would be good to find out if cattle immediately replaced the wild horses over the entire range or in some type of seasonal or rotational use.

  5. Linda Horn Says:

    I think one of the issues which needs to be cleared up is the BLM’s SPECIFIC definition of “treasured”, “historic”, and “unique” as it pertains to the wild horses on EVERY HMA. That might give us a clue as to which herds THEY think deserve to stay (and BREED) and which. in their opinion, need to either be removed or sterilized.

    • Linda Horn Says:

      I say this in light of the following quote from the BLM Website:

      “No other horse in America is quite like the Kiger Mustang found on Steens Mountain in southeastern Oregon. Most wild horses are of mixed influence and characteristics while the Kiger Mustangs possess many characteristics of the original Spanish Mustang. The word mustang was derived from the word mesteno, which meant ” unclaimed sheep” in the Spanish language and later came to mean “wild” or “unclaimed” horse. Mustang came about as an English language slang term for mesteno.

      “The Spanish Mustang was a part of early American history, having roots in Native American history, and is the horse that helped settle the west. At one time it was thought to be extinct on the range. Since the Kiger Mustangs may well be one of the best remaining examples of the Spanish Mustang, their preservation is extremely important.”

      If the early settlers or Indians had to wait until they happened upon a wild horse with “unique” Spanish Colonial characteristics before they put that horse to use, the West would never have been “won”.

      • Mar Wargo Says:

        I just got some of these comments last night! Makendra said the “Under Moderation” ap gets a little greedy!

        I like what you say about the Spanish Colonial horses… The Spanish blood is a base and then you have what has evolved over the centuries and decades, along with many additional influencers which have simply been diluted. This is our North American Wild Horse.. mar

      • Linda Horn Says:

        Mar, you got “some”? I got more than 70 – dating back to June. At first I thought some new disaster might have happened. Scared the heck out of me!

      • Mar Wargo Says:

        Yes, over 100… but it has happened before… their Under Moderation had been editing on its own…. mar

  6. Lori Graham Says:

    Where are you getting your information from? Quite a bit of what you say is NOT true. Not all of the mares were treated with pzp, and there were many foals born to the Pryor herd just this year! If you want the truth go to:
    Remember people, when any animal is fenced in it is our responsibility to manage them or they will die of starvation because there will not be enough food.
    Would you rather see starving horses on the PMWHR, or healthy horses?
    The PMWMC was the very FIRST organization to care enough to save these unique horses. Why would a group of compassionate, horse loving people want to hurt this herd? Think again.

    • sandra longley Says:

      Lori, in case you did not read the BLM proposal, they are asking for comments about their intended plan to PZP all mares in the Pryors..before you start calling people may want to read the proposal.

    • Mar Wargo Says:

      Mares given PZP last fall were already pregnant and now they will not have foals for a couple years, at least, but maybe longer or never. This is what Ginger said about this. mar

  7. Mar Wargo Says:

    If the use of PZP is allowed to include becoming a population suppressant used with removals and culling to reach a zero to negative population growth rate, then it should be clear where that is leading. HSUS has got some explaining to do.
    It is time to rethink any sale or authorization of PZP to BLM from HSUS. mar

  8. ms pie Says:

    i’ve watched your wonderful vision of free range horses on pbs for a few years now and was heart broken to hear what the great american plan is… i

  9. Louie Cocroft Says:

    I object to the Plan to use PZP on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd from 2011 to 2015. The vast majority of mares two years and older are already on infertility drugs which is creating social havoc on a herd that is important to me, my family and millions of people around the world.

    Most mares have received a multi-year infertility drug (PZP-22) that has no published papers or conclusions on how it affects wild mares and their future ability to have foals. I am a member of the taxpaying public and I do not support this experimental manipulation that is both wasteful and cruel.

    This world-famous herd is already being managed at population levels below your own minimum standards for genetic viability as published in your newly released BLM Handbook for the Wild Horse and Burro Management (July 2010). I call on you to follow the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act which calls for the “least feasible” management—not the most potentially destructive.

  10. Louie Cocroft Says:

    I should have stated that the above is from the Sample Letter issued by the Cloud Foundation

  11. Louie Cocroft Says:

    Excerpt from AMERICAN HERDS Oct 2–this is a “must read”

    Perhaps some of you caught all that was transpiring in the two tiny sentences BLM posted in the proposal but for those of you who didn’t, let me elaborate. There are two key phrases here that should have supporters of self-sustaining wild herds on public lands and open public processes extremely alarmed.

    The first issue is based on BLMs strategic wording, public comments are limited to ONLY injecting mares with PZP-22. Yet, that’s is not all BLM is proposing here, is it? The sentence states, “or similar vaccine” and that’s the second issue.

    What does “similar” vaccine mean?

    According to two BLM internal reports generated in 2008 and obtained by advocates under the Freedom of Information Act, the BLM’s Team Conference Calls (July 2008) and Alternative Management Options (October 2008), wide spread sterilization measures were aggressively explored throughout as is also now included in Salazar’s proposed new direction for the Wild Horse & Burro Program.

  12. Louie Cocroft Says:

    The damage that is done to the herd dynamics through the use of these anti-fertility drugs is significant and disturbing. Reports coming from those who are in the field attest to this. There is a great deal of information on the Cloud site for those who want to really study and understand the ramifications and consequences of this program.

  13. Louie Cocroft Says:

    Janet Ferguson found this and passed it on for all to appreciate

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