TCF Comments Re: BLM Strategy Plan

Twin Peaks Horses- Photo by Terry Fitch

Dear Secretary Salazar,

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your initiative to help put the Wild Horse and Burro Program on a more sustainable course and for recognizing that the program is broken. However, your solutions, for the most part, are not ones that match the desires with a broad sector of Americans familiar with the problems facing wild horses under the Obama Administration…. continued here: Comments re BLM Strategy document


9 Responses to “TCF Comments Re: BLM Strategy Plan”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    We must counter Salazar with our own response like this one. Legislators must keep hearing from us. The Salazar Plan is wrong for our Wild Herds and for us. mar

  2. Michael J Ahles Says:

    Managing the mustangs???

    I went out to their BLM gulog on Pyramid Highway last night to see how the horses were doing. There was no hay in any of their feeding bins, any of them, and the hundreds of horses that were once so healthy and beautiful living freely in the wild were hungry, dirty, scared, imprisoned, and depressed with no one there to help or care for them.

    I guess its a holiday weekend.


    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      MJA, We were there on a Friday before Memorial Day Weekend and they closed early and locked the gate behind us. No posting was there that they would close early or be closed over the 3 day weekend. I would check on Monday and if they are not there file a real complaint as that is far too many horses to be left for any length of time, alone. I hope someone is feeding and the water fills automatically.
      If it does not this is neglect. Keep your eyes open, Michael. mar

    • Anna Says:

      hello michael; my name is anna; i have a collection of photos of BLM Corrals from 2005-2010 of MANY – A – Hay Feeders empty; i have pix of adult mustangs eating dried manure for fiber due to lack forage hay;

      I am honestly and truly beginning to wonder ! thanku

      • Anna Says:

        hello again: re Mistreatment and Abuse of Wild Foals in BLM Corrals; re: Litchfield Corrals; Sept. 25th; 2010…Michael et al…



        The foal is seen @ 6 minutes – 6 minutes 30 sec. you can only see the Foal for 5 seconds at the end of the video; who put the foal in pit?

        cuz if the BLM “put a living foal in a man made pit ? which is what it looks like; they will be “indicted and investigated to extent of Law!

      • Anna Says:

        ya’ have to watch to the end of the video to “see the Foal in the mandug sand pit…

        you can only see the foal for about 20 seconds so “do not blink as you watch the video; the Foal is seen from 6:00 – 6: 30 seconds; thanku!
        How could a foal survive in a sand pit ? Terrible!

  3. Cindi Says:

    Please update on the food and water situation. If they left them all weekend it has to be reported – above and beyond their other cruelties.

  4. Jan Says:

    just got email tonite that blm is going to allow madelien pickens to start with 1,000 horses that are being held in pens and she hopes eventually to take some 30,000 horses and put on land she owns – i thank her so much and i know we have all prayed for this – like she says in her newsletter there are lots of things to be worked out but its a start with don abbey of the blm allowing her to start off with just 1,000 horses – but i have a question in all of this – what if she takes those 30,000 horses is the blm still going to round up more horses so that in a few years there will be another 20,000 looking for homes – its insane – the blm must stop all roundups

  5. Karen Curious Says:

    Can’t we just band together, seriously hundreds of us Americans and let all of these horses loose???? what are we waiting for??? Isn’t what they are doing illegal anyway? why are we waiting for some pen pushers to stop these people!? If we were real cowboys and indians we would go steal our horses back!!!!!!!!!!! Just say the word and we should get on this asap!!!!!!!!

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