New Freedom Fund Foal

Trigger’s mare Evita foaled in August and we’ve named the newest member of the Freedom Fund bands “Pistol” … read more here!


5 Responses to “New Freedom Fund Foal”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Many of us realize that the Roundup in the Pryors brought us together a year ago and created a new campaign to stop roundups and the decimation of wild herds and their lands as well as bring attention to the captives. Most of us are still here and I am proud to be associated with all of you through this. This is a milestone to celebrate while the struggle continues.

    Cheers to the mustang warrior-advocates who have stood together! Cheers to our brave horses and burros.

  2. Linda Says:

    A cause for celebration … carrots instead of cigars!!!

    These horses are all so beautiful and unique. Ginger, you and Pistol made my day and reminded me of our goal once again.

  3. Linda H Says:

    I love it–little Pistol out of Trigger!

  4. Susan Says:

    Prior to the advent of the BLM, the ancestors of these Pryor Mountain horses all ran on the entire Pryor Mountain, all over the Forest Service, all over all the regions of the mountain, and how was it that this herd of wild horses never overran its population of around 200?

    Why is that?? From the testimonies of the local Lovell people, the horses varied in their population anywhere from 100 – 200 on average. Why is that??

    The reason is that these horses were “self-managed” with a balance of stallions, young & old. They also innately seemed to breed less during tougher times, with variations in precipitation & weather, with God-given instincts about reproduction GIVEN THEIR LIMITATIONS on the mountain, predation, weather, etc.

    This is exactly why noone in Lovell or surrounding areas ever “worried” about the Pryor wild horses. They never HAD to worry. But now we have a “paid bureaucracy” and a self-perpetuating situation where government “employees & Directors” want to justify their salaries, their pensions, and their benefits.

    It was a sad for the wild horses of the Pryor Mountains when the Tillet family turned over their lease to the BLM. The family “trusted” the BLM to “take care” of these horses for they loved them. But, unfortunately, I’m beginning to think that we can never trust big & massive government entities any longer….for the only “population” that is “self-managed” is the BLM itself.


    This IS what it’s all about! This is what we are all pulling for. The next generation of children MUST be able to enjoy and rejoice in the next generation of these wonderful horses–living free on the land where they belong.

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