Comments re: PZP Use in the Pryor Mountains of Montana

The Cloud Foundation’s Comments to BLM’s proposed 5 year extension to infertility drug use in Cloud’s herd. The drug is currently causing social unrest and disruption to the fundamental social order of the family bands in this unique and historic wild horse herd:  Pryors PZP use Scoping Comments (+ exhibit 1: Immunocontraception decreases group fidelity in a feral horse population during the non-breeding season C.M.V. Nunez et al. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 117 (2009) 74–838182.

From BLM: Scopingnotice_PZP_pryors 8-10

Take action here and send in your comments by Sept. 16th

Longtime buckskin band stallion lost both his mares (given PZP-22 in 2009) and is now a bachelor


2 Responses to “Comments re: PZP Use in the Pryor Mountains of Montana”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    What you have documented is significant. This is an important document and I hope will be read by many and the clear warnings heeded. Thanks for doing this work. mar

  2. Honor Hannon Says:

    This is very dangerous and is the result of inadequate research of this drug. Looks like the animal vets are as bad as the people docs and the FDA. They are using our wild horses as experimental animals. Shameful and how much is all this costing in taxpayer monies?????

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