Fiscal Year 2011 Roundup Schedule

It is important to ask Senators and Congresspeople on the Appropriations committee not to approve funding for BLM’s reckless and irresponsible– and expensive– roundups scheduled for FY 2011 (Oct 1, 2010- Sept. 20, 2011).

Download PDF here: Roundup FY 2011_updated 9.1.10

Past, present and future schedules + more stats and records posted now on the Cloud Foundation website here.


5 Responses to “Fiscal Year 2011 Roundup Schedule”

  1. Robin Bailey Says:

    Holy God…another 11,010 slated for removal!? On top of what they have taken/are taking off the range right now. And I thought this year’s round up schedule was bad enough, but now this. I have never seen a government in such a hurry to destroy our wild ones. WHY??!!

  2. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    Makes me wanna throw up a little. Haven’t even finished devastating them for THIS year, and scootin’ right along with the new Prison Schedule.

  3. Nora Morbeck Says:

    As far as the burros are concerned … is the BLM completely zeroing out their herds. Looks like none will be released after capture, and I know there aren’t very many left in the wild.
    Any one know the answer?

  4. Honor Hannon Says:

    What is happening to these wild ones our symbols of freedom, is merely a glimpse into what is in store for us-homo sapians(we can no longer call ourselves human beings.) We have broken our covenant with the land and the animals and so now will pay the price.
    Thanks to the Bureau of Mismanagement( B.M. and full of it)

  5. Linda Pullen, R.N. Says:

    If world famous Cloud’s herd, no herds are safe! We need to start a campaign of writing to appropriations commitees etc. to get this insanity stopped. The Galesburg Register Mail, Galesburg, Ill. 61401 has an opinion page. Is there anyone out there more articulate than I am to bombard them with statistics that can’t be denied about how tax payers are being soaked for this campaign to steal more land from our precious herds and give it to cattle and mineral rights groups? We need to get the word out! M. Pickens web site is linked to Obama, etc. Does the Cloud Foundation web site have a link so that we can bombard the appropriations committe with emails and letters at the stroke of a key? I think that most Americans would stand with us if they knew the hard facts. The BLM and Interior Dept. people must stay awake nights trying to think up ways to torture and to destroy the very animals that they are paid to protect. Who wants their hard earned tax dollars to be spent on the planned atrocities?

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