Natural Horse Magazine: Wild Horse Issue

Natural Horse Magazine and Editor Randi Peters have just published a fantastic wild horse issue of the magazine.

Wild Horse articles: The Solution of Reserve Design by Craig Downer and The Legend of Bigfoot by Ginger Kathrens


4 Responses to “Natural Horse Magazine: Wild Horse Issue”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Fabulous exposure and great information and story telling. Thanks for what you do, Ginger and Craig. mar

  2. Honor Hannon Says:

    I think we should start compiling all the kids letters regarding how touched they are by their plight. Kids really do honor family values. We could publish this book as a fund raiser and start adopting some of the foals and their moms and returning them to our public lands!

  3. SoCalWolfGal Says:

    What an incredible young man is Daniel. If only his compassion and his integrity could be harnessed at the BLM. The story and photos of Big Foot have reduced me to uncontrollable tears.

    Is anyone from the Cloud Foundation going with Madeline Pickens in two days time to deliver the letters to the Department of the Interior? I am so very frustrated and angry that our voices continued to be drowned out and ignored by the BLM and Interior. It is obvious they want to totally remove the wild mustang. This is one time they cannot unplug their phone or claim they didn’t receive the letters. Let us all hope this will be the turning point.

  4. Nora Morbeck Says:

    In many Native American tribes, Bigfoot is acknowledged as an elder brother — a powerful guide and guardian of the wildnerness. So, a fitting name for this amazing stallion — not only for his huge feet but for the power of his spirit.
    Thank you for sharing his story and images.

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