Daniel’s Letter

The kids say it best: Daniel’s Letter

Newest foal in the Pryors- Aug 2010


15 Responses to “Daniel’s Letter”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Maybe this little colt should be Danny Boy? mar

  2. Cathy Siders Says:

    Daniel, you ROCK buddy. My BLM mustang Frosty was captured as a 2 year old and ended up, at 13 yrs old, just as you said in a kill pen in the notorious Sugarcreek auction in Ohio. Had we not saved her she would have been slaughtered she is a great horse and we love her dearly. Frosty and our family thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your letter and for your caring heart. You make me proud of our young people. Keep up the good work and yes, I do believe this colt should be named Danny Boy!
    The Siders Family

  3. Joanne K. Says:

    Children are full of common sense and see through clearly to the correct answers for this issue. Has he sent a copy to the President to share with his children? Hooray for Daniel.

  4. Margaret Says:

    I think this kid gets a big hi 5 from me! Not sure I could say it much better and definitely without all the 4 letter words.

    Way to go Daniel!

  5. Diane Bray- Bailey Says:

    “And a child shall lead the way”. A quote from the Bible. Maybe somebody in Washingto will listen. I hope so. Way to go Daniel!
    P.S. By the way that is my son’s name also. Great name. Great kid!

  6. sandra longley Says:

    Thank you Daniel from the bottom of my heart..I hope if we work real hard we can save some wild horses so that someday you can take my place and protect them so that the kids who follow you can see them in the future, and you can tell them stories about cloud and his family and the magnificent mountain that was their kingdom.

  7. Carly Says:

    Thanks Daniel for speaking out for our wild horses! Good Job!!!

  8. Linda Horn Says:

    I hope Daniel posts this wonderful letter to his friends on the social networks. It will be up to the next generations to continue fighting for the protection of the wild ones.

  9. Ami M. Says:

    I’m so proud of Daniel. He speaks from his heart and cares so much for these wild horses.


    Daniel, I believe that we all need to send your letter to our Congress and to our President. You are a very wise young man. Our elected officials need to hear from someone like you.

  11. libby bricker Says:

    hats off to daniel and the kids…. it was school children who lead the charge in 1971 maybe they can do it to day. they truly get it!!!!! 3 cheers

  12. Valerie Wehmueller Says:

    Wow!! What powerful words! Keep up the good work Daniel, & try to get as many of your friends involved as possible. It worked once before, maybe they will listen to America’s children, & maybe, it will work again! As R.T. Fitch says, “May the force of the horse be with you”. Never give up on something you care about & believe in. You’re awesome!

  13. marianna Says:

    this kid knocks it on the head!!!! I love the bit about the helicopter!!!! give her a voice after all she is the future of the United States!!

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