BLM to Zero Out Moriah Herd

BLM Plans to ZERO out (remove ALL) the Moriah Herd Wild Horses starting tomorrow. Already wild horses have lost 24 million acres of their “promised lands”- call on President Obama 202-406-1111 and others to stop the government-sponsored elimination of our wild horse herds. Read more in this New Press Release from AWHPC.


6 Responses to “BLM to Zero Out Moriah Herd”

  1. Tammy Wy Says:

    thank you so much for having your foot already in the doooooor! Go Cloud!

  2. Jo De George Says:

    “A horse misused upon the road calls to Heaven for human blood.” ~William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

  3. Honor Hannon Says:

    The Boyz with Limited Minds(BLM) are terrorists!

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    There will be people observing this roundup and I will see if we can get them to share their experiences with us. mar

  5. arlene Says:

    How can they be allowed to do this? This is pure insanity and greed. May the BLM burn in hell.

  6. Jane Bravery Says:

    God is watching.

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