HerdWatch Fundraiser Auction is over Friday at 6:00pm

Auction Fundraiser to support HerdWatch


8 Responses to “HerdWatch Fundraiser Auction is over Friday at 6:00pm”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    How do we contribute items?? I had no idea this was being done. mar

    • Christine Says:

      Thanks everyone for all of your support. We had these items for a California silent auction that didn’t work out. This Auction is a test. If the Auction is a success, which I hope it is, then we may request more donated items for another Auction-fundraiser.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      I hope you consider this a success and allow us to donate more Real Cool Horse Art and Jewelry!! Please let us keep this going!!! mar

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Except that Christine was making this lovely quilt… mar

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Christine that is smashing! What size is the quilt? Did I miss the dimensions?

  4. Ronnie Says:


    It states the auction ends Aug. 20, 2010 at 1800 hours Military Time, meaning 6 PM.

    Is that 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central (CST), Mountain (MST) or Pacific Time (PST) ?

    Thank you

  5. Laura Houston Says:

    very cool way to raise funds for Herd watch! you’ all comeon and outbid me now! If I win both I have to use my credit card and noone wants to put things on credit these days! 🙂

    I am praying too that Mrs Pickens notices the need of a good truck for Laura Leigh. She has a lot of traveling on difficult roads and the wild horses need her in a good safe truck.

    can we please write to this wild horse lover, mrs pickens and let her know of this need. She may not have noticed the truck issue and I bet has a truck or 20 around one of her ranches that would be perfect 🙂

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Wow, is this for real?? What good folks! mar

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