Burns BLM Corrals Photos

Slideshow of the captured wild horses in the Burns BLM Corral- please contact BLM for adoption information (website): 541-573-4400. And call for a moratorium on roundups across the West.

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17 Responses to “Burns BLM Corrals Photos”

  1. A Visit to Stinkingwater: An Oregon Herd « Says:

    […] AWHPC campaign Burns BLM Corrals Photos […]

  2. Michael J Ahles Says:

    Adopt the horses???
    They should be freed!!!

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thank you, beautiful horses in Oregon. They should go home. There are very few left. There is room. Keep cattle off the prime seasonal horse range. Keep them home, take them home. Save money by saving horses. mar

  4. sandra longley Says:

    These were all foals born in captivity, most of these will never be adopted, but live out their lives in LTH facilities, and these will be the last record of them..they will be trucked around the USA from pillar to post.from LTH to LTH from adotions to texas fla and the east coast..and every time they are moved they will face the possiblility of death and permanent injury..Our government should hang its head in shame..I think they don’t want to put up signs to say View the wild horses on stinkingwater or anywhere else because their intention is for them to be completely gone..and they don’t want that sign up there so that people in future generations will question..”what happened to the wild horses” it would be their tombstone..the last reminder they were EVER here..Lets stop this any way we can.


    WHAT is BARBED WIRE doing on the range? The BLM is charged with managing our public lands, is it not? They have staff, they have a fleet of vehicles. They have armed guards. WHAT then, do they do to justify their own existence?

    • sandra longley Says:

      They are apparently afraid to put their guns down to roll fence up..a real cowgirl could show them how to do it with one hand.lol

    • CStone Says:

      Truly, Louie– have you been able to Check-out this Issue?? and/or about the ‘protected cattle-guards’?? Especially re: Liability/Negligence for Injuries sustained…
      Please refer to my (very Late) comment of Oct 12?


    Are those cattle guards “Wild Horse Annie” protected cattle guards? They are supposed to be.

  7. cat Kindsfather Says:

    Beautiful horses and photos Makendra. Thanks for sharing them, bringing joy and sorrow.

    The Oregon herds are stunning. For as long as it took for you to find any horses, it sure seems that they should be allowed to stay on the range!! Why the aggressive and massive removals this year??? The horses are doing fine on their own. They do not need rescuing, which actually means broken families, broken horses, broken hearts and broken promises!

    We need to organize protests again, coast to coast, hands across America.
    Respect, protect and preserve our remaining viable herds. ❤

  8. Ronnie Says:

    So terribly sad. Tears. The horses look, are depressed. Lost. Confined. Trauma! XOXO

  9. Leslie Says:

    I agree with Ronnie. As I began reading the story it was incredible to see the beautiful range, minus the cow damage. And then to find these magestic horses was a gift! Loved those pictures and little Pluto is georgeous! Then to observe the horses in the BLM corrals was heartbreaking. My first thought was how sad their faces looked. It’s too bad that those involved with the round ups may be their only means of an income, minus the helicopter contractor. It must take a hard heart to watch these beautiful gifts from God be so mistreated all for the lousy buck$! The quest to stop these round ups must continue!

  10. sandra longley Says:

    In around late winter early spring this facility was brimming with horses -I looked at every photo of the horses there..My first question was, where did all the horses go? they adopted 20 something horses out from the hundreds initially, and there were coats of many colors….I asked if they go to a certain LTH facility, they said No, they are scattered across the country..they were quick to tell me that they do not automatically use the 3 strikes-some of the horses have been put up for sale 5 times, they aren’t trying to just shovel them thru there and recognise many beautiful adoptable horses are being left because of the economy..you may have as many as 30 days after an adoption to get one of those horses before they disappear into the dark hole of LTH..the buckskin paint gelding in the photo by makendra is stunning, but he is lame and Zi did not find out if that was a recoverable injury, and may be why he is still there..some of that foot bruising from the gather takes a long time to work its way out.

  11. sandra longley Says:

    I would also like to say they keep their pens cleaner than what i saw at the calicos, and maybe it is because they have fewer horses there now, but none the less i could see Tom takes alot of pride in his care of the horses and the facility, and i do not pat the BLM on the back often-but they do deserve one, all employees are courteous and answer all questions and are very helpful..They do not adopt out stallions other than Kigers, and altho i apreciate the herd, i do not believe one herd is more valued than another and can be a mistake to do that..as the trend is toward “treasured herds” getting singled out for special care when all the herds are unique unto them selves as wild horses. and isolating herds like this and not allowing new blood in can lead to the demise of the quality of the horses, their health and vigor.smaller horses, less resistence to disease, the ability to thrive are the things that are not so much recognized as conformation faults are, also brittle bones…by the time your eyes can see the problems it is too late, and cutting these herds to such low numbers will speed up that possiblity. We have way too much human interventention in the wild horses..They survived on their own since the ice age, it is mankind that constantly bring them to the edge of extinction…As I continue to point out, the wild horses have a PHD in survival, they really don’t need our help..they need us to get out of the way..we can restore their land, and take down the fences surrounding the water and blocking their ranges and migrations, other than that they self maintain..we can just sit back and enjoy them and apreciate what freedom means.

  12. Honor Hannon Says:

    What a horrible looking place to pen and torture these beautiful wild ones.
    Send them home to the land which is theirs!

  13. Mary Cook Says:

    Beautiful horses! Also so sad. Breaks my heart. Please stop the cruel
    roundups, confinement, and slaughter of these beautiful creatures. Turn them back onto their lands and let them live in peace. Don’t take them into extinction!!! It is our loss, and what a horrible loss it would be.

  14. CStone Says:

    Throughout Makendra’s exquisitely written and photo’d story, as well as gazing into the eyes of these BLM photographs….I kept THINKING, WONDERing the Same Thing as did Louie!!!! WHY, Why would there BE all this BARBED WIRE lying about on Public Range, at all???? As well as “downed fences”??????
    and if it IS THERE—Why would “they”-BLM NOT IMMEDIATELY send out any-body they’ve Got to CLEAN IT UP????!
    (or Even, I hate to SAY, but IF ranchers are grazing CATTLE there; AND hunters go ‘play-shoot-shoot-anything-I-can” on THERE–do these Dangerous, Tortuous (+wasted) Wire-Barbs NOT POSE a BIG RISK to their ‘ínterests’/animals/selves, as well???).
    {I cannot house a Horse…wow, do I wish…BUT I did help Grandad on his Farm—good heavens, HE would MELT DOWN to see even tiny pieces of barbed-or-straight wire lying upon grazing ground—for the 1 horse, the cattle, the Chickens, the Cat, the Deer, Squirrels…+ for the GRANDKIDS (+ himself & his truck/tractor tires)!??}
    THAT is idiocy, and certainly is NEGLIGENCE !!! >>>> note R.T. & Law-teams****! {some-1 go out there & let your ‘huntin’ Dog & oneself become (only Slightly) Injured, on Public Multi-Use land–THEN, you’ve got a H* of a “lawsuit”???}
    Also, are those in fact “W. H. Annie” protected cattle guards?? I don’t know how to tell by pix..some of U do. IF NOT, that’s a Gigantic Illegality, isn’t it? plus just plain Stupid.
    I don’t understand HOW BLM /or/ Ranch-renters get by with This negligence?? [what am I saying?-they GetBy with cold-blood-witnessed Murder!]..
    OK, so SUE the H* out of some of those ‘Ranchers’, too!! They are “renting” consumable forage, not owning or changing rangeLand…they TOO would be responsible for Negligent Injuries; AM I correct?? +Name Salazar, BLM staff, Pres. Obama, etc>> ALL for Co-Liability??
    M/be I’m Crazy, BUT- could some of you check on this??

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