New Youtubes: The Quest to Observe Owyhee


2 Responses to “New Youtubes: The Quest to Observe Owyhee”


    I have always had respect for the law and those who uphold the law, but there was nothing to respect about that deputy. He is a poor reflection on his uniform as well as the department that he represents. Doesn’t help tourism in Nevada much.

  2. Kathy O. Says:

    yeah. . it was rude of BLM to call the Sheriff’s Dept. on innocent people who were simply concerned over the horses’ well-being. Why did he initially ‘lie’ & say he was calling his attorney? I can’t understand why the cops are siding w/ BLM & not the Judge who approved the humane observers ??? The DOI-BLM is in process of ruining the pristine wilderness of the uSa west…..They’re sending BP out there, nuclear disposal sites & military training camps is rumors I’ve heard. I live in Louisiana & BP has ruined the entire Gulf Coast……men who were on the BP drilling rig say they knew the well was kicking & that the blow-out preventers were not functional prior to the well blow out.

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