Send your letters to DC via Pony Express

From Madeleine Pickens:

It’s time for the PONY EXPRESS!!!

I will personally hand deliver each and every letter that you write, via the Pony Express (one of our beautiful mustangs), to Washington DC. I am setting a goal of 20,000 individual letters to take with me. Americans, International supporters, animal activists, anyone who would like to tell President Obama, Secretary Salazar, and Bob Abbey that we aren’t going to sit by waiting until these roundups are over is encouraged to write. This is a very important issue to hundreds of thousands of people that have pleaded with our government to stop gathering our wild horses.  This way they cannot unplug their phones, make their website impossible to send a comment to, or delete emails. These are GOING to get to Washington. I promise you that! 

9 Responses to “Send your letters to DC via Pony Express”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hmmm…I was going to sign the letter, but then I read it and see that I would be signing something supporting her sanctuary instead of fully supporting leaving them on the range. And it brings up a question – did she ever reverse her position on sterilizing all the stallions and PZP for all the mares that she said she would do if she got any of them?

    • morganlvr Says:

      I’m not absolutely sure, but at the beginning she was trying to get the BLM to give her the horses in long term holding that they had just claimed they were going to have to euthanize. They were already sterilized and gelded.

      I’m pretty sure it was not her idea, since the horses she was trying to save at the time were done.

      If something else was discussed later, I could have missed it. I was pretty new to the wild horse issue then.

  2. Kathy O. Says:

    Madeleine Pickens is most definitely the best choice for the Wild Mustangs & little Burros. They will receive the care & nurturing they need. It’s my opinion…they would love to be w/ her!

  3. Christine Says:

    They need to be LEFT FREE.

  4. Sue Says:

    I agree, having them in her sanctuary would not be much different than what the government is doing. They should be left in the wild and returned to the wild and allowed to roam on the land that is legally set aside for them.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    OK, If you want to stop the roundups and and change management and get the LTH horses back to ‘preserves’ and not have sanctuaries of gelded and pzp’d horses, then do not sign this.

    If there is a need for the sanctuaries Madeleine wants we will figure it out someday after we have stopped the roundups and taken a step towards preservation of the wild horses. We are not there yet.

    LTH is mostly mares and some geldings… no stallions. mar


    I think you can just write your own letter and send it with Madeleine. Her website gives an address.


    Get on Board Madeleine’s Pony Express

    Dear Friends,
    Please send this pre-written letter to President Obama & the BLM by September 1st, I will personally hand deliver a copy of your letter to Washington, D.C. If you’d rather mail us a copy of your letter, please send it to:

    Madeleine’s Pony Express
    2683 Via de la Valle
    Del Mar, CA 92014

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