54 Congress People sign letter calling for Reform of Salazar’s Wildhorse and Burro Program

“We applaud the 54 members of Congress  who support protecting the wild horses on their land,” states Ginger Kathrens Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. “There are very few viable wild horse herds remaining due to BLM’s policies of gutting herds, reducing them to token numbers while allowing millions of head of welfare livestock to populate legally designated wild horse ranges. We want the BLM to place an immediate moratorium on their lethal round ups before the American mustang is just a memory.”

The letter sent to Salazar (cc: BLM Director Bob Abbey) is online here: Congress letter to Salazar on Reforming Wild Horse Roundup Policies -July 30, 2010

Download the Animal Welfare Institute’s excellent advertisement here: GA-TheHill_WildHorseAd


6 Responses to “54 Congress People sign letter calling for Reform of Salazar’s Wildhorse and Burro Program”

  1. arlene Says:

    I certainly hope that this letter is read by Salazar and that he takes heed of it and STOPS the roundups. It is good knowing that some people in Congress do care about the horses and are paying attention to ‘we the people’.

  2. Terri DeZwarte Says:

    don’t we already have enough people trying to undo God’s will! These roundups are horrific treatment to our beautiful wild horses and burros! This has to stop!

  3. Margaret Moore Says:


  4. Sharon Kennedy Says:

    Salazar’s wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in his post under the administrations of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, FDR & Teddy,Jackson, Truman or Kennedy.

    These men appreciated the voice of the people and they valued horses and animals. They didn’t just get pets for photo opportunities, they understood that the animal kingdom is to be respected because God created them to be a part of His universal family.

  5. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Love this visual. It is perfect. Only, one change:

    “0” horses INSIDE the fence.

  6. Sharon J. Kennedy Says:

    Mr. Salazar needs to be recalled from office by the President….it is unacceptable that so many Americans have rallied to save these horses and the officials who should be listening to our voices our treating our requests with contempt.

    The following message is for those individuals in office who choose to work against God and His creation as expressed by Humphrey Primatt, 1834

    “We may pretend to what Religion we please, but Cruelty is Atheism. We may make our boast of Christianity; but Cruelty is infidelity. We may trust to our orthodoxy, but Cruelty is the worst of heresies. The religion of Jesus Christ originated in the MERCY OF GOD; and it was the gracious design of it to promote Peace to every creature upon Earth, and to create a spirit of unverseral Benevolence or Goodwill in men.

    When we deliberately slaughter the workmanship of God’s hand in favor of the greed of land-grabbers, oil pirates, and others we are really showing contempt for God’s generosity and kindness. Shame on our elected officials for failing to be kind and respectful of the animals that share this earth with us as part of God’s family.

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