Deadline is Tuesday to comment on Sec. Salazar’s proposal

Dear Friends of the wild horses of the WEST;

Deadline is Tuesday to comment on Sec. Salazar’s proposal to move wild horses to the East and MidWest you can email this address and comment:

Email address/instructions:

1) send to with “WHB Public Comments” in the subject line
2) categorize written comments according to the section of the document they are commenting on.

Here’s a link to the document:

Here are the comment categories:

a)         Sustainable Herds
b)         Preserves
c)         Treasured Herds
d)         Place Excess Animals into Private Care
e)         Communications
f)          Animal Welfare
g)         Science and Research

We’ll be posting this information on our site as soon as possible, but thought I’d let you know (in case you haven’t heard yet).

Ginger Kathrens
Volunteer Executive Director


17 Responses to “Deadline is Tuesday to comment on Sec. Salazar’s proposal”


    For anyone who wants to send comments via “old fashioned mail”, Cindy at American Herds made a strong suggestion that they be sent with return receipt requested. There is overnight delivery, I think. It’s expensive, but for anyone still wanting to weigh in, that might be one more option.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Excellent idea, Louie. I sent a paper letter five days ago, but didn’t think to have a return receipt.

  2. Linda Says:

    I sent the whole darn thing overnight with a tracking number. Didn’t realize there were categories. Same as at the DOI “Ideas” website. Wrong category and your “Idea” got the boot, no matter how good it was.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Manure balls! I wrote this great letter and wouldn’t you just know the system kicked my letter out without saving it.


  4. Laura Says:

    The BLM extended the deadline until September 3 and is now accepting emailed comments.

  5. Honor Hannon Says:

    I just heard that the deadline for citizen comments on the strategy document has been extended till September.
    Is this correct? Its on the BLM website, but thats not always correct.

  6. arlene Says:

    I mailed a letter to the darn BLM. Now I wonder if it will even be read. glory, how I dislike these people!

  7. Jo De George Says:

    At this point the BLM is only accepting handwritten letters.

  8. Karen L. Says:

    According to the IDA people, the comments can be sent via e-mail only on the BLM provided site, and it apparently isn’t functioning properly. I sent a paper letter to the BLM office in Washington earlier this week. IDA also provided a form to complain to Obama about the restrictions on commenting suddenly being imposed by the BLM. This is getting to be ridiculous.

  9. Laura Says:

    The BLM extended the deadline until September 3 and is now accepting emailed comments.

  10. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Is this the one that was just “extended?” (See R.T. Fitch blog).

    Also, here’s a video from a news source (Canada) about investigators who investigate animal abuse in Canada. . . I don’t think it has any warnings on it. . . but I just “listened” rather than “watched and listened.”

  11. Terri Paxton Says:

    I’m learning web design. Congrats on the BLM for having an atrocious site. It doesn’t show up in Firefox and Safari isn’t working either. Either they intentionally won’t let anyone really comment (no surprise) or the incompetents only set it up for internet explorer! (Also no surprise.)

    GRRRR!. They will get the letter if I have to hand write it. But crud, I’m low on money, I can see myself counting pennies to get a return receipt.

    One drop of water may not be much, but if we all keep at them we’ll drown them. I’d love to see a scene like in a Miracle on 34th street where the judge gets all the letters to Santa dumped on his desk. Obama, Salazar and the head of BLM each get buried in a pile of actual physical letters …much harder to lose than the e-mail. Wouldn’t it be cool to have an army of ‘pony express’ people show up and dump the mail at least right at the White house gate? And it would sure be hard for the people and the news to ignore it.

    What address do we send to via snail mail? How do we address it?

  12. pegasus0924 Says:

    I was happy to hear about the extension and was able to submit my comment via email. Here’s to hoping our voices can make a difference!

  13. Janet Ferguson Says:

    BLM is paying people not to give the horses back to them:

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