Adobe Town & Salt Wells… how many are left?

The search for the wild horses in the Salt Wells Creek and Adobe Town Herd Management Areas, home of the largest remaining wild horse herd in Wyoming. Armed with a stack of maps of the area, my binoculars, cameras, and my new reinforced tires and navigation system on my vehicle, I set out to find the 1900 no scratch that now 2500 wild horses that the BLM declares inhabit this area. The land has a rough and beautiful terrain, with grassy meadows, soaring buttes, craggy rock formations, and the red clay on many of the roads….From Carol Walker + Action Alert continued here on the Wild Hoofbeats blog:

Living Images by Carol Walker


5 Responses to “Adobe Town & Salt Wells… how many are left?”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    it is really painful to see these photos of these beautiful, happy, free horses, living as they were meant to live, and knowing that in OCT, their lives will change forever.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Carol, Glad you are getting out there. It is my strongest wish that these horses not be touched by BLM or chased by helicopters and removed from their home
    range. Thanks for these and all your beautiful images. mar

  3. Margaret Says:

    All I can say is I am so happy to be going eastward in a few days. Two weeks from now I’ll see Cloud in person for the first time. I agree, although I wouldn’t mind a horsie hug from Cloud–I’ll settle for a cyber one (I wonder if he understands this whole cyber thing????). And I’ll be able to send him good thoughts and a cyber hug from a distance watching him. That would be a GREAT INTERACTION.

    Anything else would be harmful to Cloud in the long run.


  4. Michael J Ahles Says:

    Good News: Mankind hasn’t destroyed all the mustangs yet. I found a band of ten this morning in all of their natural beauty and freedom, along a stream munching on an abundant supply of wild grasses. Oh how wonderfully perfect and peaceful they were. I think it best for their own well being not to say where they were.

    Keep up the good work everyone, nature is truly worth preserving!



    Michael, that was Nature’s way of giving you back something for your kindness and dedication ( and all of those carrots)– to the prisoners.

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