July News from Cloud’s Mtn

New update from Director Ginger Kathrens & action alert for Cloud’s herd in Montana- plus photos of Cloud’s new filly daughter!pryors7-10slide

15 Responses to “July News from Cloud’s Mtn”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    Great to see them all doing so well, Echo is amazing! as is the newest addition to Cloud’s herd; not happy about the proposed fence, however, same old pushing the horses into smaller and smaller places; guess they don’t care about all the tourism dollars these horses generate.

  2. Karen L. Says:

    Beauty beyond compare! If only they would leave it all as it is.


    Ginger so eloquently portrays what we are all fighting to save. Future generations must have the same opportunity to experience the awe and beauty of the untouched wilderness.

  4. Sharon Kennedy Says:

    Every time a foal is born and stands for the first time, all of heaven smiles.

  5. Jo De George Says:

    Thank you for lifting our hearts, Ginger. Horses are Divine!

  6. Margaret Says:

    Now this makes me more than anxious than ever to get there before something bad happens.

    I like the name Echo of the Arrowheads. He’ll grow into his name. He’ll be a wonderful band stallion just like Cloud–if we can keep greedy paws off of him.

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This summer I had thought a number of us from ‘here’ would get together and make a pilgrimage to the Arrowhead Mtns. This has not yet happened although I think it is still there in our minds and hearts. Instead, so far this summer we have had to dig in and keep fighting. When Ginger comes back from the mountain it is a small celebration of these and all the wild ones. We do want to celebrate these wonderful wild horses whenever we can. Thanks for bringing us delightful excuses to feel the freedom they represent. mar

    • Margaret Says:

      Mar assuming I get good video and pics I wouldn’t mind sharing my adventure with you guys. We all have been working for the same thing and its only right that we share in the joy of new life up in the Pryors.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Great offer Margaret… you know we all love to see home videos of the wild ones and if they are Cloud and family we are all waiting…. mar

    • Karen L. Says:

      Mar, I hope “we” will all make that pilgrimage in the not too distant future. It is definitely in my mind and heart.

      Margaret, Thanks for offering to share your experiences.


    Did you get to hear Ginger on radio? She told of going out, finding Cloud and getting some video footage. She said that, all of a sudden, he came running toward her, and then stopped, wheeled around and ran back to his herd.

  9. equus5 Says:

    What radio show?


    Not sure, but I think this is the one

    Architects of Change May Interview with Ginger Kathrens
    May 28, 2010
    Listen to ”Circles of Change with Dr. Zara Larsen” – Interview with Cloud Foundation Director Ginger Kathrens, May 2010 on Wild Horses


  11. Roxy Says:

    Thank you so much for these wonderful images. Some real joy in an otherwise bleak 2 weeks.

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