Laura Leigh, represented by Reno Attorney, Gorden Cowen, is requesting a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the Rock Creek HMA roundup currently underway in the dangerous NV heat- all court documents filed today follow in PDF format, please click to download.

1. Renewed Motion for TRO-doc 24

2. Second TRO Nina Winand, DVM Declaration (24-1)

3. Second TRO Lisa Jacobson, DVM Declaration (24-2)

4. Laura Leigh Declaration (24-3)

5. Second TRO Katie Fite Declaration (24-5)

6. Second TRO Exh Katie FIte Rep (Doc 24-6)

7. Second TRO Exh BLM Map (Doc 24-7)

8. Second TRO Exh Bruce Nock Article (Doc 24-8)

9. Second TRO Mot 07 23 10 (Doc 24)

10. Judge’s order re TRO 07-23-10 (Doc 25)

Oppisit to OSC Decl R Reader (Doc 29)

Opposit to OSC Decl Vanderpool (Doc 30)

22 Responses to “RENEWED MOTION FOR TRO Filed Today”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    Hope the judge gets it right this time and stops this insanity.

  2. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    I believe I will nominate for Godesshood the Honorable Doctor Nina Winand.

    See, I based MY opinions on the heat & dehydration related deaths on my limited knowledge of 20 years with domestic Horses. I’m not a Aggie Dept. Vet, so maybe, I thought, I was just bein’ judgy.

    Looks like a non-Government affiliated Doctor of Vetrinary Medicine is of a similar opinion.

    Thanks, Dr. Winand. I really thought for a moment or two I was losing the ability to judge whether this was ignorance or malice. Turns out it might be both.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Ah, Maybe Katie Fite’s deposition is upcoming…

    Good read. Good luck and ‘God speed’ the whole effort. mar

  4. Margaret Says:

    I like this vet! I said it several days ago over at RT site that water intoxication to me meant–full board access to the water trough. With no proper cooling out techniques employeed.

    I know I learned early in Pony Club that you can’t ride on HOT days. Rather we would have unmounted meetings, clean tack or maybe give the horses a bath (and ourselves too!

    How come the range deteriorated that fast? At first it was we’re going to do this round up and you can’t stop us. Then it becomes life or death in a matter of days when the BLM even said the range was just fine last fall. There was no mention at the first hearing about lack of water. Something really stinks and isn’t my house.

    I’m sorry I had to laugh we glee when I read this vet’s report. Common sense I guess really was taught to me all those years ago and I haven’t forgotten. What is wrong with people that they have to treat animals like this????? So a big cyber thanks to all my former equine instructors that took the time to teach me. I may not know it all but what I do know–I’m pretty solid on. Feel free to teach me more you guys.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks Dr Winand. Glad you have done this. For the wild ones. mar


    At last! A REAL veterinarian speaks out. THANK YOU DR. WINAND.
    This is not the first time that the horses have been left without water after being chased by the helicopter and this is not the first time that mares have been chased after giving birth. There is documentation of both crimes. In the documented story, “Blade-a Carter Reservoir Wild Horse”, there is a picture of a mare with her newborn foal, with umbilical cord still attached, being run into the trap. The mare later escaped, but the foal was not released to be with it’s mother, as the contractor was paid for each horse or foal.

  7. true15 Says:

    Excellent vet reports. Thank you.


    THANK YOU Dr. Jacobson, and Katie Fite, and Laura and Elyse and Cat and all of our courageous humane observers. They have been through Hell, right along with the horses.

  9. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    The Judge’s order on the TRO leaves me to wonder – just how much damage the Bureau can do in a week-end.
    I’m prayin’ for a Hail Storm.

    • Margaret Says:

      Lisa if I understand this correctly the TRO is effective immediately–hence no roundups this weekend. I could be wrong.

      The BLM has until Mon at 5 west coast time to respond and Laura can counter until noon on Tues.

      In any event there was ALOT of damage done the past two days (Thurs and Fri) with roundups happening. I wonder if the judge can make the BLM turn those horses back loose–providing they still even have them…????

  10. Karen L. Says:

    Dr. Winand is the vet who wrote a letter to the BLM this past year saying that the plan to move the horses to Salazoos in the eastern U.S. would not work because the forage was too rich and would cause a metabolic syndrome. I’m happy to see that she is putting her efforts into the lawsuits! I believe that she owns mustangs herself.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Oh, yes, she also accused the BLM of being guilty of using “poor science” in their methodologies.


    Karen, I remember that article.
    Herd Watch should be included in the BLM’s new pilot observation team program, and I think Dr. Winand and Dr. Jacobson should be on the team, as well.

    • Karen L. Says:

      I just hope Dr. Winand and others from the veterinary community continue to insist upon being heard. She’s not afraid of confrontation.


    I guess they are not going to put anyone on that team that is going to point out the fact that round-ups need to be halted. That would interfere with a lot of financial deals that have already been made.

  13. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    From Katie Fite’s research docs & the info from both the vets, this may be less about the Next Big Project and more about piss-poor management; Katie cites assurances from the Bureau that have yet to see the light of day and the Horses are, of course, the scapegoats for the Bureau’s inability to live up to it’s stated purpose: the Bureau of LAND Management.
    Seems, at least at this field office, they’re unwilling to actively manage either.


    Lisa, I think that is what they are hoping–that the lesser of the two evils will grab everyone’s attention. A few scapegoats will be sacraficied, everyone will be appeased and plans will continue without a hitch.

  15. Margaret Says:

    Just wanted to add something to the mix here. Has anyone else noted this…no one’s heard from Don Glenn in months. No one’s heard from George Seidlitz. I’m sure there are others but the pattern seems to be this. If some BLM spokesperson even hints at wanting a dialogue with us–boom there quietly removed from that area. It’s like there statement never existed.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Tom Gorey is supposed to be the official spokesperson, I think. Was Don Glenn at the last Advisory Board meeting? The board meetings are where I have seen him the most, except for when he was dispatched to the Pryor Roundup last fall by Bob Abbey…

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      They did want a dialogue with us so they could plan all the better to avoid us. That is part of what came out of the waste that was Denver- Workshop and Advisory Board Meeting. Don Glenn was there. We were sincere. They are using a huge amount of money on their PR. We can call it ‘damage control’ because we know how badly they harm our wild ones. They think money will buy brains. mar


    Margaret, you’re right. They’ve probably been busy reading the blogs.

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    […] To help with legal expenses Links of interest: Court documents George Knapps 2 recent programs and helicopter ride w/ Laura Court Order Granting Injunction […]

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