Grassroots Horse

There has been a bit of confusion we’re told, but Laura Leigh’s legal efforts are being funded by, a collection of independent grassroots wild horse advocates. To support grassrootshorse and Laura’s lawsuit to stop the Tuscarora roundup please visit
Thank you


4 Responses to “Grassroots Horse”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks Grassroots Horse for helping Laura and the wild ones. Hi to Maureen! mar

  2. Capodimonte Says:

    They need all the help we can give that’s for sure.

  3. morganlvr Says:

    Right! We are the only ones directly supporting Laura. Please help!

  4. Erika Toth Says:

    I am appalled that CNN didn’t pick up yet the BLM running amok! Per Anderson Cooper, “The Truth Matters.” Per Anderson Cooper, “Public officials are accountable.” So, why didn’t Grassroots Horse forward to CNN the incident involving Laura Leigh at Sheldon on 9/23-34/10????
    Why didn’t Grassroots Horse write to the White House to ask Mr Obama if he wanted to be known as The President whose administration allowed the American Mustang to become extinct?
    I hope to God that Laura Leigh will prevail in court. The more lawsuits brought against the BLM (and the USFWS!) the more likely that somebody somewhere will take notice and call Ken Salazar and the BLM accountable – can’t happen soon enough!

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