Deadly Nevada Wild Horse Roundup Continues While Advocates Denied Access July 17, 2010 — RT FItch

Federal Court Appointed Witness to BLM’s Bloody Roundup, artist Laura Leigh ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

HOUSTON – (SFTHH)  At 1900 hrs, US Central Time, we received a personal phone call from Artist and Wild Horse Advocate Laura Leigh that she and her undisclosed travel partners were safe and not in harm’s way.  Ms. Leigh disclosed that she had not been to the trap site, today, as her progress had been impeded by the local Sheriff’s Department and her name, despite the Federal Judge’s order, did not appear on the BLM’s approved attendee listing.

Ms. Leigh and company witnessed many trucks and trailers coming from the alleged trap site with the trailers full of horses.  Local contacts have estimated that approximately 150 horses have lost their wild lives since the judge lifted the injunction.


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  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    150 horses died out in Owyhee? There needs to be intervention and investigation. The lawlessness must stop. Our horses need protection from this onslaught. mar

    • Karen L. Says:

      It says, “lost their wild lives.” I’m not sure of that wording either—maybe it means they lost their freedom as opposed to their actual lives.



  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Maybe Federal Marshalls, maybe FBI. It must depend on the offense. mar

    • Karen L. Says:

      I think the “enforcers” would be U.S. Marshals, but I’m wondering why the DOJ attorneys who represent the BLM in all their proceedings didn’t advise the BLM after the hearing. The DOJ is the keeper of federal law. This is perplexing.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Okay, it looks like they’ve opened up the public areas to the observers—I didn’t see how they could ignore that court ruling. The gather site is on private land…

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    karen, Thanks… I kept wondering…mar

    • Linda Says:

      Yes, thanks to both Karen and Margaret on SFTHH who pointed my misunderstanding out to me. Obviously, I didn’t read carefully enough. Maybe too much time in the 103 degree NM sun yesterday!

  5. Lynn Says:

    You’ve got a verdict delivered on a Friday, and a contractor rushing to continue the round ups. Bad news, meaning Laura will have to wait until Monday to do anything with the court, which means chances of anything happening until Tuesday are slim. By Tuesday, there will be no more horses left of course, that’s why the contractor was rushing. Technically speaking, this herd is zeroed out.

  6. T. Boyd Says:

    Despite a Judge’s ruling. these uncivilized infidels still blocked
    Ms. Leigh from the site? The Sheriff, and they, are in contempt of court. What was done about this? The Judge should have been contacted and officials should have appeared on the site to usher Ms. Leigh in.

    BLM and Salazar are determined to move the horses off their own land, at all costs, even violating court orders, so where is this urgency and illegal behavior originating? Did they actually block horses from their water with fences so they could say the horses had no water? If they did, they not only dehydrated them but then ran them in the heat knowing they could die. If I were Sue Cattoor I sure wouldn’t be bragging about the barbaric and uncivilized way horses have been run, resulting in many deaths, the deaths of foals, mares and then the cruel castrating of stallions which resulted in their deaths. These people must be mindless and without soul.

  7. Joette Says:

    And they wonder why activists get so MAD and get crazy! The injustice is make me nuts!!!

  8. Sharon Kennedy Says:

    It is becoming very evident with the crimes done to these horses that our government officials do not serve God, but they are loyal to Satan…Scriptures warn us that evil lurks in high places and it is obvious that the BLM agents serve the demons of hell.

  9. T. Boyd Says:

    Sharon, people might scoff at that, but I am definitely beginning to believe it, because nobody who wasn’t deeply evil could do what these people are doing to helpless horses. I look at the demonic expressions on the faces of the leaders, and knowing that they hide what they are doing, we know they appear to be without souls. Nobody who was spiritually sound could do what they are doing.

  10. morganlvr Says:

    Yeah, they hastily moved anything Laura would want to see onto private property and said the owner instructed them not to allow observers. Not EXACTLY true – the instructions said to allow VETERINARIANS in, nothing about keeping ANYONE out.

    These people ARE outright criminals.

    Please support Laura if you possibly can! The ONLY place to help her is at

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