Water is not the core issue, Fences are

New press release from the Cloud Foundation’s press room:

Mustangs Fenced Out of Water- NV Roundup Death Toll Rises to 12  –  Independent Investigation requested to uncover cause of mustang deaths and inability to access water

Elko, NV (July 15, 2010)—Mustangs of the Tuscarora/Owyhee Complex in NE Nevada are now the focus of a BLM “emergency” as the agency claims that they don’t have enough water. The issue is not one of lack of water but prevention of access to water as the Tuscarora mustangs must navigate a maze of livestock fences and closed gates. Miles of fencing prevent their free-roaming behavior and ability to access water sites they’ve used for decades if not centuries… continued online at http://bit.ly/Livestockfences


27 Responses to “Water is not the core issue, Fences are”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is definitely a problem in these HMAs. The amount of private industry in here is amazing. The open pit mines, trucks, buses bringing shift workers, ranchers and thousands of cattle make you wonder what it looked like when the horses actually used these areas of their HMAs. The resources are just going to the private industries. The wild horses are pushed off to remote spots yet they seem to have done well until they were prepped for the roundup and left where they without water awaiting contractor’s helicopters. mar

  2. Wild Horses Fenced Out of Water- NV Roundup Death Toll Rises to 12 « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] Water is not the core issue, Fences are (thecloudfoundation.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Barbara Steele Says:

    I called BLM to voice my disgust of their roundup and deaths of Tuscarora and the person on the other end of the line was more concerned as to where I was getting my information. She pointedly asked , after she got my name and location, if it was the Cloud Foundation. My reply was that it is all over the internet and also major Humane groups. I found out she was in Oklahoma–interesting how the BLM major concern is with public perception but they do nothing but try to put a nice face on their ugly activities.
    If only they spent a little money to install water guzzlers and water developments in the horse area instead of their massive PR campaign to convince the public that they are doing the “right thing” for the horses while they kill them to save them!
    It does some good (at least to me) to call them up every couple of days and let them have it!

    • Karen L. Says:

      How odd that they think TCF can generate a bias against them all alone! Were they not aware that CNN/HN did the substantial program with Velez-Mitchell, Pickens, etc., only the night before? Their damage control mentality is obvious and tiresome. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in the BLM is capable of facing and understanding an issue as it actually is, or if “spin” is an integral part of their business on a daily basis.

  4. Barbara Steele Says:

    Just got to the article about fencing and it is amazing to me that cattlemen could spend good money to fence that ground with the price of beef today. Of course they are getting their grazing at bargain basement pricing and they must have guarantees that they can have access to the land forever. Anyway, there should be a way to show all the fencing by satelite imagery along with the water holes? What is all the mining and open pits doing to the water in these areas also?

    • sandra longley Says:

      That is a great idea! Use the google earth to get evidence to put before the judge! The Blm is going to go before the judge stating this is an emergency gather and all the horses will die if not gathered Immediately…and we have no PROOF to counter that claim..we need something NOW to put before the judge -or he will reverse the injunction..you can count on it!

    • Laura Houston Says:

      I read somewhere, I think I remember a DOI report? a pdf?

      BLM placed 7 thousand miles of barbed wire fence in one year!

      I think the BLM gives free barbed wire fencing to their welfare ranchers!

      how many times are there nice pictures of wild horses and there is another horse killing wire fence in the picture!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      The mining done for the gold is a very polluting process and it uses a lot of water. There are older posts where there is an estimate of water to the amount of ore handled. It is amazing to me that Nevada can allow foreign owned gold mines, still barely taxed in NV or Fed. to operate and use the amount of water they are in that area. We all talked about Barrick Gold over the winter… that is one of them. It is no wonder that 425 wild horses are off the Little Humboldt and Rock Creek HMAs because of the mining, traffic, pollution and noise. mar

  5. jan eaker Says:

    It’s amazing to me that ranchers are fencing off PUBLIC LAND and getting away with it.

    I am sure BLM is frantically trying to find out who told on them,

    if the horses could get to water, they’d go to the water, there are SO many lies from BLM; they can’t remember who they told what.

    • Linda Says:

      BLM … tell the TRUTH! Lies only beget more lies. It’s just like the people in the Gulf are saying. Doing the right thing RIGHT NOW just might turn your opponents into cheerleaders (Okay, Linda, let’s not get too extreme!). There’s no way to recover a missed opportunity.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yes, the horses know where the water is. They have been hazed for sure and put in position for the capture site run. I am sure they do this all the time… get horses collected and then bring them in in groups. mar


    This is not the first time that captured horses have been left without water. Go to Elyse Gardner’s site


    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yes, Sue Cattoor argued that mustangs can go 24 hours without water and not be harmed. That was when her water truck got stuck at Calico and new captive horses had no water for a day. mar

  7. sandra longley Says:

    The BLM is going to use this as “proof” of their repeated claims on every EA-that the wild horses across the west are in immenient danger of dying of thirst..If we don’t stop them here-they will win in court..everytime based on this roundup and situation..we cannot PROVE they pushed 600 head of horses into this one area..altho that is my belief…If the horses are dying from the drought and lack of water-then so should all the wildlife in that area…WHERE are those picures showing other affected wildlife???

    • sandra longley Says:

      In the tuscarora video put out by the BLM they state repeatedly, the horses are “daily pushing fences over to get into food and water..watch it and then look at the background…tall grass and willows along the stream beds..if horses were doing that..the grass and willows would be stripped..their own video is proof that they are lieing…use it in court…

      • sandra longley Says:

        Counter these claims in court..by showing the judge the MANY photos of dead and dying horses standing next to the barbwire fencing-with a waterhole on the other side…dying horses that did not push the fence over to get to the water.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Right on, Sandra… this is the path BLM takes and we know it is a lie and we need to get the evidence…. mar

  8. sandra longley Says:

    Video: The Tuscarora Gather. . .Extreme Terrain Requires Extreme Diligence
    Click here for the transcript of the video.

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      I could only watch about 2 minutes of this video. I really appreciate that you posted about it, but I just couldn’t swallow the PR spin without wanting to run to the bathroom to vomit.
      Very selective photos and video of dried up watering holes. Perhaps later in the video the BLM shows a clip of the hundreds of cattle behind barbed wire fences with plenty of water to drink. Maybe I missed it … but probably not.
      I know that not all BLM employees are bad people, but how brainwashed does the “narrator” of this piece of government propaganda have to be to present all of these “facts” with a straight face? I mean, what’s the guy been smoking?
      When several unpaid wild horse advocates go out to the HMA and report back that there’s water — just not available for the horses, THOSE are the people I’m going to trust. Not some guy whose career is on the line, who may even have gotten a bonus for deliberately misrepresenting the truth to the public.

  9. Laura Houston Says:

    The BLM always uses the “emergency round-up excuse” so they can round-up horses whenever they want to.

    They even create the ’emergency’ by fencing off water/food acess. cattle leases push the horses to the worse land and the BLM rounds-up those that survive the harsh conditions.

    I pray to god the blm will not be spitefull and vindictive and let the horses die of thirst.
    Tear down those walls of barbed wire BLM!
    Tear down the walls!

  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    They brought in a water truck and put water in the watering hole that they showed a picture of, yesterday… they had put out water troughs about 3 miles away from the horses… but they didn’t tell the horses. Idiots. mar



  12. Craig Downer Says:

    They are using water to eliminate to displace the wild horses and all very much contrary to the law because BLM has the power, the leverage, to negotiate for the water with the ranchers whose permit authorization they hold in their power. Perfect bargaining chip! Why are they abrogating their responsibility here to wh/b’s to US public of non vested sort?

  13. Carla Bowers Says:

    Hey, Wild Horse Advocates –

    As Ginger & Makendra know, I’m a avid WH&B advocate in CA & I’m volunteering to put together a national/statewide database of WH advocates/supporters for better communications with one another, organization & to offer more take-action suggestions. The first goal is to connect advocates together by state to build statewide teams.

    Please email your first & last name, organization affiliation (if any), email address & city/state to:


    I’ll be back in touch with you after receiving your info. Feel free to pass this offer on to other advocates you know.

    For the wild ones, Carla B

  14. Jan Says:

    frm a mustang blog saw there was another roundup today – wonder if any observers were told ahead of time by blm – doubt it

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