Take Action on West Douglas Zeroing-Out Plan by 7/19

Here are the Cloud Foundation’s comments regarding the proposed destruction of the West Douglas Herd in Colorado–TCF Comment Re West Douglas EA_7.10- word format and TCF Comment Re West Douglas EA_7.10 – PDF format

You can customize the sample letter and use the In Defense of Animals easy-action sender online here to make comments for West Douglas– this zeroing out has been prohibited by a federal judge and yet BLM aims to move forward with the complete destruction of one of the last remaining herds in Colorado!

Please send in comments by July 19th to:  wrfomail@blm.gov and melissa_kindall@blm.gov and bgantt@blm.gov or mail:

Bureau of Land Management — White River Field Office – Attention: Melissa Kindall — 220 East Market Street — Meeker, Colorado 81641


18 Responses to “Take Action on West Douglas Zeroing-Out Plan by 7/19”

  1. toni Says:

    Please do not destroy our last herd of free roaming horses…..without the horse this country would not be what it is today. Preserve their right to live in peace and not be another victim of human greed….

  2. jomarie Says:

    I guess the blm does not care what the people think,
    we need to stop them from taking the horses from their land, our land
    why is it necessary to take these horses from their freedom, just to prove a point to those of us that do not want them held in holding pens or sold to slaughter,

    what agenda does the blm have to take all the horses off the range??

  3. chris murphy Says:

    I am appalled what people will do for greed. There’s nothing to be gained by using OUR TAX DOLLARS to clear OUR PUBLIC lands of a natural animal doing no more harm than the bugs that crawl on the ground or the birds that fly in the sky. There are more animals, birds, insects that populate those millions of acres than there are wild mustangs. I guess I shouldn’t state that or else someone will be sent to spray for insects, and have a free for all shooting the birds & animals from the landscape.
    I beg that the Judges order be upheld & no more wild mustangs be horribly herded out of the only lands they know as their home. We have rarely seen buffalo in this country due to much the same reasons. It is a sad time for American history!
    Sincerely, Chris Murphy

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    So, where can we all get hair replacement to compensate for all the hair we have been pulling out over these roundups???

  5. J.T.Quinn Says:

    Some local gas companies also fear that the horses will lead to future limits on drilling. One firm, the El Paso Production Oil & Gas Co., filed a petition in 2001 urging the BLM to make good on its earlier promises to eliminate the herd. The petition said that wild horses had been a “destructive nuisance” on public lands.

    Could this be the smoking gun for the removal of the West Douglas Herd? Looks like El Paso, aka Ruby Pipeline, has been in bed with the BLM for quite some time.

  6. J.T.Quinn Says:


    This is the website for the above listed quotation.

  7. Liliana Velasco Ariza Says:

    We can all help by adopting Green Sunday (Eat only fruit and veg. one day a week), supply and demand is the root of the problem, and the more we eat meat the more acres needed for cattle! Please think about it, as long as there is a demand the atrocities will carry on. So many species are losing their habitat due to cattle farming. Apart from being one of the main causes of global warming, the land where they graze takes too long to recover! One day a week can make the difference!!

  8. sharon truax Says:

    i really don’t agree that you should still be going thru with the roundups! especially when there’s not even acount of how many horses remain! i do believe you all want to wipe out the mustangs just like they tried to do to the bison!!

  9. sharon truax Says:

    i wish you all whould leave the horses be and let mother nature take care of her own just like she’s done for hundreds of yearsalready! it’s hard to believe there used to be 2million horses free just a hundred years ago! now we’re done to about 60,000! and majority are in sad holding pens! makes me sick! there is plenty of open spaces for them! stop being so damn greedy!!

  10. anumpeshi Says:

    mustangs are sacredness in spirit and flesh,wakaya

  11. anumpeshi Says:

    ,They know before you do, what will happen next, they are of higher intelligence than any humans,they are more loyal,more loving and more sacred than you can ever imagine,would you kill GOD if he looked like a horse?How do you not know,they are gods from the thunder,according to ancient legends,they are thunder beings from the stars here to bring down the heavens,wakaya,how can you sleep at night knowing that you are a part of killing a sacred spirit,allwoing suffering and murder to colts and foals in this heat wave?would you leave your children out in the heat to be chased down to exhaustion and death from stroke?your pay will not get you to heaven, love will,compassion harmony and Peace will take you home to your universal mother,awaken your heart and live in compassion,2012 is upon us,this is a planet of karma, if you cause the suffer, you too shall suffer,wakaya
    Choctaw Horse Masons Prayer

  12. Michael Lockhart Says:

    Water is not the core issue, fences are……….

  13. What Judge? « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] Take Action on West Douglas Zeroing-Out Plan by 7/19 (thecloudfoundation.wordpress.com) […]

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yes, this new attempt at obliterating the herd is ridiculous! Judge Collyer specifically stated that the BLM was “subverting the primary policy of the statute (1971 Act) by capturing and removing the very animals that Congress sought to protect” in her decision last year! So, here we go again…





  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Is Valerie ready for this again? Good luck for the horses there. The ones I saw June 1st were beautiful. mar

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