Cold Springs (OR) Roundup update:

158 wild horses and foals have been rounded up over Monday and Tuesday. Another foal has died, this one at the Burns corrals. Avg 2 month old foals or less and their mothers were rounded up and then without adequate time to recuperate, trailered 3  hours to Burns, OR holding corrals. Roundup over now we suspect but do not have updates for today as of yet.  One mare and VERY young foal were apart from their band and were not rounded up as decided by chopper pilot but we believe the rest of their family was, putting them at great risk.


19 Responses to “Cold Springs (OR) Roundup update:”

  1. Andi Says:

    1 stallion came in to the corrals with a broken penis and was put down; that was not the fault of the gather.

    The foals I saw yesterday looked to me to be older than 1-2 months. We have an orphan foal whose mother was kicked by another mare and leg broken and I’d say she’s at least 3 months old.

    Does it really take 3 hours to get to the corrals? I know they did the gathers in the morning so it wasn’t so hot and when I got there at noon yesterday, they had delivered a load just an hour or so before I got there. The horses looked to be in good shape, no one was sweated up or stressed that I could tell and they were eating and drinking. They have a batch of mares and foals in a large pen hoping they all mother up and the rest are out in the other pens, sorted already.

    I really like the Cold Springs horses; this is a herd the BLM basically built back up from scratch when it was almost completely destroyed 20 years ago due to deaths and such. The horses are very level headed, very well built and very nice. I think they have a good chance of getting good homes and I know the few photos I took generated a lot of interest.

  2. sandra longley Says:

    I hate to see that mare and foal left out there by themselves, on the other hand-was trilled to see that they had followed roundup protocols..unlike Calico where they continued to drive and harass c rippled babies every inch of the way. Guess this wasn’t Catoor?

    • Linda Says:

      What happened to the wranglers on horseback slowly bringing in the stragglers, like the pictures of “kindness and concern” on the Cattoor’s website (among the many shots of cruelty).

      I’d hate to see this pair lose their freedom, but being separated from their herd really concerns me. Why couldn’t they have at least released their stallion for protection?

      The BLM is in love with power and the contractors in love with money! No room for morality!

    • Andi Says:

      Yes, it was Cattoor’s; I saw the truck.

  3. Debra Whitmore Says:

    The foal was probably just born or they would have run them both. The helicopter pilot probably saw that the foal was still wet from birth.

  4. Andi Says:

    For the record, the gather on Cold Springs is done.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Sorry they have been taken away… mar

  6. Elvira Janz Says:

    These abusive BlM people should all be fired right on the spot. They are out to destroy the wild horses and foals, burros and everything they can get their hands on. Where’s the law on this violent situation. Where?

    Somebody in high “authority” should clean up their acts and leave the poor animals the hell alone. You people make me sick.


  7. Elvira Janz Says:

    These people are liars of the worst kind.


  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Oregon wild horse lovers please work to save your wild ones. you do not have many left. mar

  9. true15 Says:

    Are observers “allowed” during this round up?

  10. DianneC Says:

    A friend was at the corrals and said the following:
    “I was at the corrals yesterday and the foals I saw were at least 2-3 months old. We took home one that was orphaned when another mare kicked her dam and broke her leg. The orphan we took home is about 3 months old would be my guess. The horses looked to be in great shape, not really “stressed” like some are when they first arrive. ”
    The BLM in Oregon is very different from Nevada. I’ve been favorably impressed by them.

  11. Andi Says:

    I was invited to go on the gather but had prior commitments and was not able to. It’s close to my house.

    We have the same number of wild horses on the range that we’ve had for 20 years … between 2000-3000 depending on the time of year. We’ve never had a lot and what we do have is very well managed.

  12. Margaret Says:

    What was the rush moving them from one sight to another??? They need to incorporate all aspects of roundups. Moving all those babies considering their age must not be in their best interest.

  13. Andi Says:

    The youngest foals were moved in a gooseneck trailer, not in the big truck and the reason for the gather is there are not that many livestock contractors out there that know how to properly gather wild horses so you use them when you 1) can get them and 2) have the budget for it.

    The horses all looked good to me and I will be heading out to the corrals again in about an hour. I’ll have more photos that I will post on my Facebook page when I do.

    I, for one, am thankful the BLM gathers them *before* it becomes an emergent situation. Horses coming in off the range starved and dehydrated is not a pretty sight. I’ve seen them on the range and freshly unloaded looking skinny and ganted up and it’s not something I want to see again!

  14. jan eaker Says:

    and another death @ PVC from Tuscarora, even by BLM standards, this has been a deathly 5 week.
    a 15 yr old mare w/o foal has died from dehydration “on her own.”

  15. jan eaker Says:

    deadly week, sorry

  16. Carla Bowers Says:

    Hey, Wild Horse Advocates –

    As Ginger & Makendra know, I’m a avid WH&B advocate in CA & I’m volunteering to put together a national/statewide database of WH advocates/supporters for better communications with one another, organization & to offer more take-action suggestions. The first goal is to connect advocates together by state to build statewide teams.

    Please email your first & last name, organization affiliation (if any), email address & city/state to:

    I’ll be back in touch with you after receiving your info. Feel free to pass this offer on to other advocates you know.

    For the wild ones, Carla B

  17. Andi Says:

    I would love to reply and be involved in this thread since I actually LIVE here and actually have FIRST HAND accounts of this HMA and the BLM here in Oregon but it appears my posts are moderated and not allowed to come through.

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