Tuscarora Death Toll Rises to 12

“In light of this devastating news, we call for an immediate stop to summer roundups,” states Ginger Kathrens, Director of The Cloud Foundation adding, “Tuscarora is another example of BLM’s reckless agenda.” from the New Press Release Online here.. The BLM has since disclosed that the death toll has risen to 12 horses and we hope more will not die – the 150 minutes of this roundup prior to suspension have been some of the deadliest in recent history. BLM suspended this roundup until further notice. Legal actions have been filed against this roundup before it began- read more from the Associated Press here.
Please call Secretary Salazar and your Representative and Senators and demand that they stop the tax-payer funded disaster in Tuscarora before more mustangs are killed.
Phone: 202-208-3100 Fax: 202-208-6956 E-Mail: feedback@ios.doi.gov (send free online faxes via faxzero.com)
BLM is posting updates on the horses here but no members of the public or independent observers have been allowed to view the horses of the roundup.

New Examiner.com article by Maureen Harmony with more details online here: “Five more Tuscarora mustangs perish in BLM custody


9 Responses to “Tuscarora Death Toll Rises to 12”

  1. Hearing Set for Bloody Tuscarora Injunction « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] Tuscarora Death Toll Rises to 12 (thecloudfoundation.wordpress.com) […]

  2. jan eaker Says:

    this is beyond belief, in their arrogance, they have killed another 12 horses, the dead foals break my heart. these people ARE heartless.

  3. Laura Houston Says:

    This is how many dead the BLM reported. Without live vids on the helicopters and on the corrals. I do not believe anything the BLM says. In their text writings 12 died. Look how they are trying to make heat stroke look like they didn’t run horses in 90 degree temps and run off 10 gallons of water in sweat on the horses. what was the horses temp? they overheated didn’t they blm and thus you killed them from heat stroke.

    How many died /dropped dead from heat stroke while on the 30 mile run? how many are out on the range dead or crippled? They said 8 miles from the corral. So how many miles did they actually run the horses? with out live vid proof and observers, I do not believe anything the BLM says.

    Hope at least one of the workers has the balls to report the truth.

  4. Laura Houston Says:

    92 mares and 45 foals made it to the corrals alive. And how many of those 92 mares have bags with milk and no foal? where are their foals?

    BLM you’re saying almost half the wild horse mares were barron with no foals?

    Lets see the pictures and reports *pre-round-up* to count the mares and foals.

  5. sandra longley Says:

    I hope one judge somewhere in this country has the intelligence to stop this before american citizens have to take matters into their own hands.

  6. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I sent this to feedback@doi.gov, above:

    We read of the Unnecessary and Expensive, pointless and lawless continuation of your abominable gather strategies.

    I hope and pray we will see the day when your Bureau is raked over the coals of justice and dismantled after being shown for the ghastly inhumane and incompetent management that you truly are.

    All at taxpayer expense.

    This is in regard to your Wild Horse and Burro program and the continued deaths of horses, day by day, and the incompetent and cruel though extremely well-paid contractors who remove them.



    I assume the DOI website will forward this email to one or the other of your offices, or not, and someone will or will not read it, and it will make no difference at all.

    I suggest you pencil pushers go out there and watch the contractors destroying those horses day after day all over the West by running them too hard, packing them cruelly into corrals, destroying wild family groups. Then follow a bunch of those so-called legally sold to slaughter-buyers and watch them being slaughtered. American tax money for this. It is truly disgusting and degrading what you are allowing to happen.

    IS THIS WHAT OUR VETERANS ARE DYING FOR OVERSEAS? Think about it when you pick up your next paychecks.

    Janet Ferguson

  7. jan eaker Says:

    in the latest BLM press release, they have included 2 pictures, 1 of a dried up water hole and 1 of a water tanker backing up to a dry water hole, with no time/date stamps on these pictures, why would one believe that these are from Owyhee, or if so, that they are from Owyhee as it looks today, also the makeup of the “review board” is pretty overloaded to BLM’s side.

  8. Mustafa Says:

    dalış malzemeleri zıpkın balık balik tüfek av malzemeleri avmarketi balıkmarketi

  9. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Catoor has this NV BLM created document on their website (Under Calico Roundup tab)


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