Updated Roundup Schedule

Note that Cattoor Livestock is the only contractor being used for the remainder of fiscal year 2010- during the next 3 months BLM and USFS aim to roundup and remove over 6000 wild horses and burros from our public lands. Roundup Schedule 2009&10- Updated 7.12.10

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12 Responses to “Updated Roundup Schedule”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Please remember we have been commenting on at least four roundups to be done this Fall in Wyoming. They have not been put on the schedule yet. I expect BLM is concerned there may still be more postponements and changes to come… mar

  2. jan eaker Says:

    BLM wants to assure Cattoors continue in the millionaire status, yech!!!!!

  3. America Calls for a Stop to Bloody BLM Wild Horse Roundups « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] on past experience and the current rush to remove 6,000 wild horses in three months, The Cloud Foundation believes that the BLM’s priorities are […]

  4. Seven Mustangs Die in NV Roundup, Observers Barred Access « The PPJ Gazette Says:

    […] on past experience and the current rush to remove 6,000 wild horses in three months, The Cloud Foundation believes that the BLM’s priorities are […]

  5. BLM’S “RECKLESS AGENDA” KILLS SEVEN IN ROUNDUP « Reach Out to Horses Blog Says:

    […] ask for a freeze on BLM’s summer roundups.” Based on past experience and the current rush to remove 6,000 wild horses in three months, The Cloud Foundation believes that the BLM’s priorities are […]

  6. Sharon Kennedy Says:

    It amazes me that almost every President takes the oath of office with hand on the Bible including Mr. Obama, but ever since Reagan the environment has been destroyed and animals slaughtered for the purpose of making Corporations rich.

    When Christians keep silent and refuse to demand action from Washington we are failing God and we are nothing more than useless clay.

  7. Bernadette Says:

    This kind of blatant disregard for safe and humane treatment of animals is appauling. Every individual involved in the Roundup that killed those horses should be brought up on animal abuse charges. Where is the Humane Society of America? I mean we got the chickens more room in their pens! Why can’t we save the horses that are such a significant part of our heritage. Ken Salazar and his director of BLM need to be held accountable for their mismanagment of this disaster. I will contact my representatives from top to bottom and I will hound them until this is done. It is the cattle that is ruining the envioronment not the horses. Stop playing games and for once do something right!

  8. Heather Gibson Says:

    Even though Im an Australian I have always held a wonder for the American Mustang.
    I Only hope that they can be managed in a sustainable way so they arent completely wiped out.

    We are going through a similar debate with out Heritage Brumbies.

    Good luck for the future.

  9. Anna Says:

    hello; this is terrible the BLM wants to Round up Mustangs in Wyoming…

    way out in the middle of nowhere; they want to Round up !

    utterly senseless ! Anna

  10. Anna Says:

    The BLM uses our public lands to “Breed Wild Mustangs; then the BLM rounds them up and either “sells them or adopts them or sends to pasture…

    Then the BLM puts “about 25 viable Stallions back into the herd…why ?

    Why does the BLM put “25 Stallions back into each HMA AFTER the Blm rounds up a percentage of the mustangs…

    The BLM puts “25 Stallions back into each HMA after roundup to “Breed Mustangs in the wild so they can say:

    oh wonder where all these excess Mustangs are from ? AW
    (then the BLM can sell the Mustangs and pocket the cash $

  11. Anna Says:

    If the true pupose of the BLM is to “manage and reduce the herds to an appropriate level…

    then why do they “put Stallions back into each HMA Herd ?

    imo; the BLM puts Stallions back: “to make sure the BLM ‘breeds enough Mustangs to have a roundup “later…!

  12. Anna Says:

    “Clearly this agency is out of control. They were warned and advised not to move forward. Now at least seven horses have died,” states Craig Downer. “It is time for Secretary Salazar to stand up and stop this disaster in the making—the lack of good leadership in this agency is causing the death of America’s treasured mustangs.”

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